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Posted: Dec 21, 2009 12:12 pm
Never buy a blackberry with a track ball. Drop it once, and that shit is shot.

Better yet, don't deal with T-Mobile. I have been given six different prices as to what it would cost me to change my plan and get a new phone. And, when I called to get a manager on the phone at the call center, he could not even explain to me how they came up with the pricing. Fuck em. Moving on to some other cell provider.
Posted: Dec 21, 2009 3:01 pm
Ha! Thank you for bolstering my side of this argument.

However, it is quite easy to replace the trackball and they can be purchased online, i.e. http://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Blackberry-Trackball-Green-Matching/ dp/B002IADC6E

Same thing happened to my old lady's blackberry pearl. went to a t-mobile store trying to get the replacement part.. they laughed at us like we were morons, and then tried to sell us a brand new blackberry for $400 or something. fuck them.

tried to convince her to add a line to my verizon plan and get a new droid phone for like $100 or whatever.. "no, I like t-mobile, they have great customer service"... uh-huh.
Posted: Dec 21, 2009 3:16 pm
Posted: Dec 21, 2009 3:28 pm
...is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. George Lucas will be stopping by shortly to collect his royalty payment.
Posted: Dec 21, 2009 3:56 pm
Posted: Dec 21, 2009 4:23 pm
Do not try to order the replacement on ebay that is $4.95 with free shipping. They don't mention that it is shipping from Hong Kong. My new fucking track ball has been in the bowels of some ship for weeks now. On the good side, my broken one just started working again a few days ago.
Posted: Dec 21, 2009 5:53 pm
Better yet, don't deal with T-Mobile.

right now i'm sticking with tmobile. my unlocked iphone is doing fine, though it tends to not like the roaming carriers outside of tmobile. stick with tmobile and get a quality unlocked phone. tmobile phones are GARBAGE.
Posted: Dec 21, 2009 7:22 pm
man, i'm eligible for a blackberry upgrade etc deal..this Jan..I'll have to buy a ipod protector type case for it...I like to drop stuff.
Posted: Dec 21, 2009 7:23 pm
don't deal with T-Mobile.
have ya tried Sprint?
Posted: Dec 21, 2009 7:49 pm
My new fucking track ball has been in the bowels of some ship for weeks now.

gha, don't you know how international shipping works these days? its in the gut of some "mule" who who's locked in a shipping container in the bowel of a ship. you'll get that dead china man on your doorstep in 6-8 weeks. hope you've got latex gloves.
Posted: Dec 21, 2009 11:27 pm

YES! Best phone I've had yet! Smooth as buttah..
Posted: Dec 22, 2009 9:32 am
I got an Apple IIc, it's bigger than the Iphone!
Posted: Dec 22, 2009 9:42 am
Hercules, I was with sprint for years. I had a family plan that with my mom, my sister, my dad, my phone and my work phone that I had all on one plan. It worked well for years, then one month I got a bill for $600 out of the blue. I refuted the charges, they gave me a hard time about it, and then I cancelled the service. I moved on to Helio, which was actually pretty handy. The service after I moved north was terrible, so I switched to sprint.
I had an unlocked iClone phone that worked pretty well, but was clunky to text, etc with. The browser was shit and I used it for work email as well, so I had to get something better. I got the blackberry pearl, and all was well until the fucking thing started falling apart on me.
As of last night, I spoke with a CSR call center manager and was given the seventh price for a blackberry 8520 that I have received. So, service has been cancelled. The people on the phone are nice and my phone has never had any type of call drop problems except for some areas out in the sticks. But, they can't seem to get their shit together.
And, how does an unlocked iPhone work? Would I use a sim card? Gimme the scoop, as I may try that out.
Posted: Dec 22, 2009 9:42 am
Wait, scratch that last bit. I would need to still use t-mobile to deal with an unlocked phone.
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