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Posted: Jun 21, 2009 4:11 pm
It really was. Detroit and Europe have fun!
Posted: Jun 21, 2009 6:48 pm
Oblivians great.

Gories not so great
Posted: Jun 21, 2009 9:14 pm
Gories not so great

I was hoping they'd be dressed as mods again.
From the video I saw, it didn't appear to happen.
How did they sound?
Posted: Jun 21, 2009 10:40 pm
The entire weekend was magical. The Artisan hotel was a happening spot for late night pool antics. I enjoyed the Gories thoroughly.
Posted: Jun 21, 2009 11:12 pm
kick ass weekend.

gories were off because mick's voice was shot. or was it the sound? and they were a little rusty the first night (understandably). everything improved on night #2. really - it was the gories & thus both nights were awesome. i'd given up hope i'd ever hear all my favorite gories songs live
Posted: Jun 21, 2009 11:26 pm
pill popper, leather, i'm not a sicko, show me again - all played on both nights was killer fuckin diller.

part of the plan on friday made my weekend. quintron on saturday was icing on cake.

all well worth the 10+ drive from columbus. i think i lost 10 pounds sweating day & night.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 1:01 am | Edited by: Uptight White
By the 4th song on the first night the Gories were on. It was a thrill to see them live after years of loving their records. Perhaps the earth didn't move, but they still rocked.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 1:18 am
The Gories came across as being a cover band of themselves. Boo.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 2:51 am
I was too busy watching SImon and Simon on BETA, bought the entire collection for 4500.oo.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 9:02 am
Friday night/morning took the rest of my weekend hostage. It was a great time and I really enjoyed meeting those of you who know who you are.

It wasn't as hot as it good have been, say, if this show happened in August.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 11:44 am
The Gories came across as being a cover band of themselves. Boo.
they haven't played in 17 years!

but yeah, had they been wearing the suit jackets ... things mighta been different!
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 12:05 pm
Man, I'm still reeling over this weekend. I'll jot down my feelings and share them with you all later.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 1:14 pm
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 2:12 pm
monday be alone :(
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 2:36 pm
monday be alone for real. i'm havin a little bit of a hard time gettin goin today. hahahahaa. man this weekend was fun though.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 4:16 pm
monday be alone :(
I had an almost complete breakdown before work today. My luggage was destroyed at the airport last night, happy that I left my records to be mailed from goner. Everything inside was dirty and gross. Shoes worn to the show will never be the same. I'm sun burnt and hangover. I will be eating fruits and veggies for the next week.

Gories seemed a little tense on Friday, but much better on Sat. Dan singing was good. hell, adapt.
Oblivians great both nights. Maybe better on Friday. Or I was drunker.

The bad? That club would have been too hot with only 15 people in it, so that would be my only gripe.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 4:53 pm | Edited by: sugardaddy
Gories not so great

I was hoping they'd be dressed as mods again.
From the video I saw, it didn't appear to happen.
How did they sound?

ehhh, they just kind of plodded along the first half. the crowd was really into em. they seemed to feed off the crowd and picked it up a bit, but it was a bit disappointing considering i like the doll rods, dirtbombs and screws. i went sat. night.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 6:21 pm
My weekend actually started on Wednesday. The Gories needed a place to practice, so we let them use the studio. Just Peg and Dan that night, and Mick was supposed to fly in on Thursday. They got into it and started remembering songs. Then went to the Buccaneer after for a night cap.
Left work at five the next day to let them in again, but Mick's flight was a little late, I think. Waited on them instead of going to the Buccaneer for the Oblivians "live practice". Eric and Jack later taunted me, saying I'd missed out on their Rush medly; Fly By Night, Trees, and all the hits. I told them I hated them. Anyway, Mick and Peg and Dan finally made it, got them all situated. The only amp I had to set Mick up with was a tube Peavy head and a modified Marshall half-stack. But I did hook up the Tapco 4400 reverb for him, and I guess it worked out. Mick also mentioned that his throat wasn't feeling too great...
They practiced for awhile, some film crew showed up handing out Ice Cream, they did an interview, they played for a little longer and they left. And I didn't record any of it. Booo.
Friday morning, I went to work, couldn't really think about work and left early, because I didn't really want to be at work. Went home to change and ran down to the studio to load gear. Begin beer number 1. Got there, got everything together with Kyle, packed up, and got some extra gear for the Gories. I also packed some game beers. Later we got to the Hi-Tone and started to set up. Joel, the soundman, said his back wasn't feeling too good, so I proceeded to bug him for the rest of the night if he needed anything. The Hi-Tone made some pizza. Let me tell you, the Hi-Tone makes REALLY good pizza. It wasn't even dark outside yet. Begin beer number 7.
Oblivians did a soundcheck. Let me say here, that this is one of my only regrets of the weekend: neither Kyle nor I pressed record during the soundchecks. I say regret, because the Oblivians had begun working on a cover of the Rolling Stones "Under Cover of the Night", complete with disco whoops. If they wanted to, they could have very easily slipped into Ram Jam's "Black Betty", but they didn't. Nope, figured that "o.k., they'll probably do this later tonight and we'll get it then". They didn't.
The Gories did soundcheck for a bit and then they opened the doors. Got to mix and mingle for a bit, but mostly stayed in the back room with the gear, telling jokes. By the way, Kyle had a good one: Why can't sailors read? Because they can never get past the sea. Get it? Sea, C... Get it? The alphabet, retard... DO YOU FUCKING GET IT?
Ran into several folks I hadn't seen in awhile. Acobb, gore, Joe, Useless Eater and Dutch, Martel and Sarah, Bateman, Twinkle and Talbot (two of the ONLY good reasons for Oxford), Bill and Lisa (and let me tell you, she was pretty before, but motherhood has made Ms. Lisa downright adorable; or maybe she just grew her hair out a bit, I don't know).
Gories went on. The set was good, but Mick's poor voice was having a little trouble and I don't think the heat and humidity were helping. Could have been worse, I guess. I'm a smoker, but I imagine if the Hi-Tone were still a smoking venue, he would have gotten full-blown laryngitis. Dan belted out as many as he could, and I thought it sounded pretty good for a band that hadn't played together in 17 years. I think the next night they were even better. I did manage to get out to the floor and see a little bit of them.
Between bands, the back room started to fill up. I had been out of game beers for a while and had started buying the tall PBRs. I had given up on the beer count by this point. Lots of people back there, and lots of drinking. And lots of people waiting for the bathroom. Ah, memories and smells of Gonerfest; again, out-of-towners, pace yourself on the bbq and chicken when you get to Memphis. You don't have to do it all in the first day. Other folks drift in and out that I hadn't seen in a while. Found out the merch table had the Oblivians '95 LP in. Went out and got one for Kyle, one for the studio and one for me. Opened it up, purple vinyl. Nice. I had a long conversation with elle about wrestling.
More folks drifted into the back, and it was getting super hot back there. And we all drank some more. And then the Oblivians went on, and the room became a ghost town with just Kyle and me and the occasional bar-back grabbing cases of beer at a time. I don't know why, and I'll have to go back and listen, but I think the first night Oblivians was way more intense than the second night. The second night certainly was great, but that first night, for me anyway, damn... I got to hit the floor for that more than a few times and hung out with gore and the gang. Ultimate dudes, every one of them. I'm pretty sure I drank some of Matt Muscle's beer, and he said he just got back from Thailand, so I probably have S.A.R.S. now. I was actually pretty surprised he was in the Hi-Tone. No new songs from the Oblivians (and I know they were working on some from when they practiced at our place back in April; I hope you all get to hear Jack's "Choo-choo caboose" song or the "backstreet dropout" thing, or Greg's two or Eric's new one in some capacity in the meantime, I have them, and you don't. Ha, ha). Then came the attack of the Lime's Shawn Cripps. Oh, he'll make them do an encore, you bet. That's where that "Guitar Shop Asshole" from the "What" thread came from. I later saw Shawn resting on a couch at the front of the bar with a bear rug across his chest. Then I realize he only had his shirt open.
The show was over, but everybody was hanging out, either in the back room or in the parking lot out back. I don't really remember what I was drinking at that point. The whiskey bottle in the back had disappeared. People were drinking. Peggy was a hot mess, and I am her biggest fan.
I went home, listened to the new LP, uploaded the track and passed out. It was starting to get light out.
My wife let me sleep in. And I slept a little too late, but took the family to my nephew's birthday party. Bowling rules soooo much more than Chuck E. Cheese in that condition.
Got home. Was going to mow the lawn, but I decided it was just too damn hot. Loafed around the house, then grabbed some game beers and headed back to the Hi-Tone. Quintron was there and he and Greg were working things out on stage. Jack and Eric got there a little bit later and lo and behold, they got Quintron to play the "Under Cover..." song. Did I hit record? No. Did they play it later? No. Stupid, stupid, stupid me.
Since everything was in place from the night before, I had more time to wander around and see and talk to folks. Tirefire in the house again. Jay was there. Abeola, Richwad, Joe again and his friend who I call "Carl", but I think her name is Elizabeth or something, DCR, the Ice Cream guys were back again. Tons of great folks. And God bless the HiTone folks. Kyle and I ordered another pizza. Did I mention their pizza is really, really good? John and Dan and Aaron and the other Dan and Patrick and Shawn and the lovely Hi-Tone Ladies, well, they all rule. Hands down.
Gories started up around 10:00. I thought Mick's voice was still a little rough, but much better than the night before. And I think they were even tighter. I bet they'll be crazy good by the time Detroit and Europe roll around. But night two was definitely my favorite for them. People had been drinking all day and were still drinking and Dan yelled into the microphone "We just played that one" more than a few times. Can't wait to listen to the set again. Peggy was still a hot mess, and I am still her biggest fan.
Oblivians came on and blazed through the set. Night one is my stand-out, but night two was really good for them, too. Memorable moments were opening with Motorcycle Leather Boy, Drill (my request!), The Leather (with the lines "Hit me at the Artisan, hit me in the parade"), Greg's "music lesson" (during "Never Change", I think?) and of course Quintron at the end - especially the organ onslaught in "If Mother Knew".
Throughout the night there were several other crazy moments, but I'll keep most of those to myself; including buying the case of beer at the Circle K and me loving on a bag of ice. And almost getting some folks lost later on trying to lead them to Alex's Tavern.
Anyway, we broke everything down and loaded up for the evening, said goodbye to everyone who was left. If the Hi-Tone reads this, I may not have paid my tab. I don't know. But I did try to make up songs for and sing to everybody I saw. I'm sorry.
Fun weekend, dudes. Thank you all. I forgot to bring my headphones back to work with me today.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 6:39 pm
they seemed to feed off the crowd and picked it up a bit,

This was true Friday night too. And yeah, I thought Dan's singing sounded good...I know people were let down, but shit, do what ya gotta do.

Oblivians had begun working on a cover of the Rolling Stones "Under Cover of the Night"

I gotta hear this. When will the Eddie Money covers bust out? Has Jack finally done these?
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 6:47 pm
When will the Eddie Money covers bust out? Has Jack finally done these?

He already did it with the Cool Jerks. Completely senseless and stupid.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 6:55 pm
Oh yeah, I heard him do that loooooong ago sitting in with the Neckbones. I think Take Me Home Tonight would be a much better choice, but hey, I can live without it.
Posted: Jun 22, 2009 6:59 pm
The World can live without Mahoney.
Posted: Jun 23, 2009 1:40 am
You forgot the theme of our weekend..."Hey, dude. When you go out there, look for Bill and Lisa."
Also, you keep fucking up the punchline! It's "they always get stuck on the C."
Posted: Jun 23, 2009 2:14 am
baby Ronnie, Ronny...??? brand new girl...in a front style parachute carrying apparatussss.. good job Cococoma Couple!!
Posted: Jun 23, 2009 2:46 am
pace yourself on the bbq and chicken when you get to Memphis.

I've witnessed the pork BBQ hangovers from countless tourists who "saved up their appetite" too many times to count. These are especially brutal to experience on hot summer afternoons.
Posted: Jun 23, 2009 9:56 am
We had a total blast! Great to have been back in Memphis - even for just a little while... It felt like a family reunion! BUMMED we didn't get to go to Payne's - NOT EVEN ONCE... but we DID get some Gus' chicken, which has probably got to be what heaven tastes like... glad everyone got to meet Ronnie!

My highlights:
-ALEX & ALYSE! - sooprise appearance at the Goner store on Friday! RULED! (I love you guys!)
-pancake breakfast at the Ives' house - STELLAR!
-Mick telling everyone that they "sounded just as shitty 17 years ago -- so much for mythology" - HA! It was definitely pretty rough on Friday, but 'Nitroglycerine' sounded UH-MAZING.
-the motherfucking MAGIC KIDS - holy shit! VACATION POP!
-JOE TAMPOFF! Greatest dude ever!
-Oblivians playing 'Drill' (that was my request too, Jack!)
-actually, the Oblivians at any point during either one of their sets. THEY DESTROYED THE PLACE. WHOAH.
-almost getting into a fight with some drunk guy who was being totally obnoxious in a hot, crowded, HiTone - don't touch my wife, MAAAAN!
-getting to finally meet Ty & the Moonhearts - GREAT GUYS (and lady)!!!

I miss you all already.
Posted: Jun 23, 2009 12:44 pm
gories sucked... isn't that the point. i can't believe people are saying they could have been better, that shit was awesome and it was even better that they didn't have everything perfect. there are tons of other bands i could go listen to that have played to perfection, but i don't because those bands suck. i hope more shit goes down when they play the rest of the dates, like all the strings on mick's guitar break and he still plays or the drums explode so peg has to play on trash cans and boxes OR BETTER YET! mick and dan lose their voices and PEG has to sing everything with scratchy ass backing vocals from the boys!!!
Posted: Jun 23, 2009 12:47 pm
I HATE TO SAY BUT, I HATE YOU GUYS!!! No one even invited me.
Posted: Jun 23, 2009 1:15 pm
jeff gunn and i scaled the back wall and snuck in, ate peyote popper stir fry, and pissed all over the walk-in cooler at the hi-tone. gories = bories. should've had the dirtbombs play. the oblivians were truly in the best form i've seen them. git your asses out to oakland, im cookin up a new batch of gogo powder for you eric-o.

now it's time for a man with gun lives here reunion or copout. fat chance that'll happen. reunions are for old people.

river city hardcore > greaser fags
Posted: Jun 23, 2009 1:37 pm
I've witnessed the pork BBQ hangovers from countless tourists who "saved up their appetite" too many times to count. These are especially brutal to experience on hot summer afternoons.

you cant say youve been to memphis unless you get a severe case of the meat sweats
Posted: Jun 23, 2009 11:41 pm
I'm with callmekevin the Gories were sloppy perfection. Yeah Micks voice was blown, oh well. They were fucking great! For every hater on this board there were 20-30 smiling, singing along, super psyched motherfuckers sweating their fucking asses off and happy as a clam to witness their swamp voodoo blues ESQ shenanigans both nights! GORIES!!
Posted: Jun 24, 2009 1:13 am
total blast. i'm going to bed. 2 days of 13 hour driving are over.
Posted: Jun 24, 2009 6:58 pm
Dutch, I thought I saw you several times but didn't say hi cuz I figured for sure you'd be going to the Detroit show instead. Whoops. Saturday day show was great. Twinkle Van Winkle blew me away. Thanks Memphis! See you in September.
Posted: Jun 25, 2009 12:58 am
My opinion on the shows (let me know if you agree/disagree). Lots more energy from both bands on Friday night. I think the heat took it's toll on Saturday as both bands played shorter sets. Friday the Gories played for a solid hour and the Oblivians at least an hour and a half versus just over an hour on Saturday. Both nights were great but the Oblivians had a better song selection and a fire in them on Friday. The Gories were about the same both nights though Mick's voice was better on Saturday. My opinion, if you only went to the Saturday show you missed out.
Posted: Jun 25, 2009 3:58 am | Edited by: clif
So, if I see the Oblivians in Spain and ask them to play "Undercover of Night" they would? I really want to hear that.
Posted: Jun 25, 2009 8:38 am
Completely senseless and stupid.

Alright...that was fairly fuckin' lame.
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