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Posted: Mar 20, 2009 3:25 pm
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 3:30 pm
NO!!! Bocage RIP
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 3:39 pm
Not a good year for NOLA legends...
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 3:49 pm
Another great one gone...sigh. R.I.P.
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 4:01 pm
OH no, damn. - R.I.P.
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 4:04 pm
My wife just called and told me. Sad news.
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 4:05 pm
Well, shit. Gonna check my bucket tonight. I'll always remember him at the 2001 Mystic Knights of the Mau-Mau Last Night I Got Loaded Halloween Costume Ball, playing Pass the Hatchet with Earl Stanley and waving a hockey stick around. I think Chilton was playing guitar, too. Also many later Stomp appearances. RIP Eddie.
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 4:27 pm
Wow. Sucks. He was one of the greats.
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 5:05 pm
holy shit. damn.
Posted: Mar 21, 2009 1:50 am
Posted: Mar 21, 2009 12:46 pm
Posted: Mar 21, 2009 5:45 pm
very sad news.


Posted: Mar 22, 2009 2:08 pm
bummer. so many great tunes, "Hook & Sling", "Lover And A Friend", both those Explosions singles...dude was dude.
Posted: Mar 22, 2009 10:03 pm
2 different radio shows out here in Seattle did tributes to him today.
Awsome stuff!!
Posted: Mar 23, 2009 9:47 am
Posted: Mar 25, 2009 12:14 pm
loads of eddie bo tracks up now as a tribute: http://funky16corners.wordpress.com/
Posted: Mar 25, 2009 12:22 pm
that b george song is killer

i have the Sue Record Story Box Set

she cooks
Posted: Mar 25, 2009 12:31 pm
that b george song is killer

the flip of it is a killer version of "Something You Got", it features a typically poundin' Eddie Bo arrangement...

but yeah, so very very sad RIP
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