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Posted: Oct 28, 2008 5:37 pm
Doods. I watched this documentary on HBO last night (also avl On-Demand).

Oh boy. Talk about feeling HELPLESS. Sheesh. I know all elections have been fucked since day one -- but after watching this -- I don't understand why the MEDIA isn't talking about or even discussing electronic voting scenarios like in this doc. I think it's on the minds of millions.

Dana Gould (Simpson's writer) was recently on Bill Maher and he basically said the same thing I've been spewing to anyone who will listen -- the big, old and powerful Republicans are not gonna let this man get to office -- no matter what. He spoke about electronic voting corruption. I HOPE I am dead-wrong. But I just don't see this happening.

I also think election will go exactly as the 2004 election did -- it will be close and all kinds of bullshit will go down and people will call for a recount and we will all watch the election circus happen once again. But I HOPE that unlike Kerry who graciously bowed-out before an (long-drawn-out-probably-useless) official investigation could be initiated -- I HOPE Obama will AT LEAST do what Kerry did not. That election had the opportunity to MAYBE expose SOME of the bullshit election-machine corruption -- found in this documentary. It’s nuts what these ladies uncovered in this doc -- shit they found in the trash and through open records -- she found the (Diebold’s) election machine software program code on their own FTP server (??)/on the website for crissakes.

Should this election re-peat 2004 and go to hell in a hand basket and should there somehow be a mandatory investigation --- I know shit’s so corrupt that people performing any investigation will get paid off too just like the vendors selling the electronic voting machines. All of it’s so fucked -- makes me wonder why I care to do my part -- or why I’m disappointed in several of my buddies who refused to register to vote.

Anyways -- had to get that off my chest -- I probably shouldn’t have watched this a week before the election. Sometimes ignorance ‘is’ bliss.

Regarding the bolded sentence below in the documentary: a memory card that stores the counts for the Diebold machines was tested by some nerd who found the memory card had some ‘live’ software on it that changed the numbers. To the voter, the screen totals/selections/summaries were accurate but when they hacked the memory card later the totals were modified.

So. Sad. Alright -- laters -- gonna go join the Alex Jones cult.


Hacking Democracy

In the 2000 presidential election, an electronic voting machine recorded minus 16,022 votes for Al Gore in Volusia County, Fla. While fraud was never proven, the faulty tally alerted computer scientists, politicians and everyday citizens to the very real possibility of computer hacking during elections.

In 2002, Seattle grandmother and writer Bev Harris asked officials in her county why they had acquired electronic touch screen systems for their elections. Unsatisfied with their explanation, she set out to learn about electronic voting machines on her own. In the course of her research, which unearthed hundreds of reported incidents of mishandled voting information, Harris stumbled across an "online library" of the Diebold Corporation, discovering a treasure trove of information about the inner-workings of the company's voting system.

Diebold software, or other software like it, is installed in thousands of counties across 32 states. David Dill, professor of computer science at Stanford, says the problem is that there are "lots of people involved in writing the software, and lots of people who could have touched the software before it went into that machine. If one of those people put something malicious in the software and it's distributed to all the machines, then that one person could be responsible for changing tens of thousands of votes, maybe even hundreds of thousands, across the country."

Also: [url=http://www.hackingdemocracy.com/]Hacking Democracy[url]
Posted: Oct 28, 2008 9:14 pm | Edited by: bay area slasher
google video link
holy shit, man. i'm watching this now and it's blowing my fucking mind. i've never voted in the general election ever since i learned in high school about how much bullshit it is, but i always vote props that i feel strongly about. even tho it doesn't mean shit, this is the first year i'm going to vote for pres, and i'm 30... now i see this thing and i'm REALLY wondering why at all.

goner board is blowing my political mind!
Posted: Oct 29, 2008 3:12 am
most elections for prez have arm bending and graft, that's why you gotta win big to win at all. Truman did it but Dewey thougt it was in the bag and relaxed. I though for sure there would be a shooting for our current one and there almost was. But we don't wanna make it look bad do we?

Been reading a book of Q and A with Malcom X for lecture he gave a few months before the brothers did him in with "Shotgun".
Posted: Oct 29, 2008 8:48 am
So. Sad. Alright -- laters -- gonna go join the Alex Jones cult.

Nah, Alex Jones thinks Obama has already been selected by our evil New World Order rulers to win! So it's in the bag, no worries! If that's the case, they really do put on quite a convincing fake show.

Check out this website, it'll make you feel better:


It tracks all the polling data. According to polls so far, Obama already has the 270 electoral votes needed to win in the bag. If those states fall like it looks they will, even if McCain wins all the too-close-to-call swing states, he still can't win the whole thing. So check this out if you are feeling antsy. At least if they try to steal this election, it'll be much harder this time.

The web site is pretty fascinating anyway. It's fun to play with the map and switch the states around to see what could happen if x wins y state.

You can also look at every US presidential election in history and see how they stacked up. It's depressing, though, to see that every president in my lifetime has been pretty lame, and to see how many people voted for Nixon and Reagan. We're overdue for a truly great, historically awesome president. I "hope" that Obama surprises me.
Posted: Oct 29, 2008 9:42 am
even tho it doesn't mean shit, this is the first year i'm going to vote for pres, and i'm 30... now i see this thing and i'm REALLY wondering why at all.

yeah, when you live in a solidly blue or red state it's hard to get motivated to vote for president (and news like this doesn't help). Even so, I want to point out that even if your state isn't competitive for the electoral college it's important to make sure you show up and vote no matter how "safe" your state is, especially this year. Trust me, the Republican machinery is already on the move to paint this as a stolen election. But if Obama's popular vote is huge, the GOP will have very little traction in contesting the outcome.
Posted: Oct 29, 2008 10:29 am
yeah, when you live in a solidly blue or red state it's hard to get motivated to vote for president (and news like this doesn't help).

It's still your civic duty to vote. Notice I didn't say right. Local elections are more crucial for your day-to-day issues.
Posted: Oct 29, 2008 2:27 pm
There was a group tacking election fraud precinct by precinct in New Hampshire and some of the stuff was ridiculously blatant. With electronic voting there is little recourse. Welcome to life in a future third world country. The following group is trying to stop it.


So. Sad. Alright -- laters -- gonna go join the Alex Jones cult.

We'll have a fresh pot of coffee (made with non-fluoridated water, of course) ready for you when you arrive at the compound.
Posted: Oct 29, 2008 2:58 pm
Welcome to life in a future third world country.



I think the women of this doc created this org -- but maybe it was just mentioned a lot.

Happy Halloween, M!!!
Hope you have a great one!!
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