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Posted: Dec 7, 2007 1:44 am
Looking where to get film...Where to send it ect....
Posted: Dec 7, 2007 3:14 am
You can't get R8 anymore I don't think...Super 8 yes...regular8 no...
Posted: Dec 7, 2007 6:08 am
it costs a lot more than non-professional users are willing to pay BUT a company called Pro8mm in Burbank, CA can sell you and can process you super 8 film in a wide variety of stocks. they also are the only place that still has a regular 8mm gate so you can transfer your r8 to other formats

Posted: Dec 7, 2007 2:34 pm
what is the difference between regular 8mm and super 8??? Thanks for the link..
Posted: Dec 7, 2007 4:04 pm

another link

super 8 has a wider frame
reg 8mm is just 16mm split in half
Posted: Dec 7, 2007 5:45 pm
reg 8mm is just 16mm split in half

actually, sprocket placement is different --- i once tried to split some 16 to make reg 8 and it didn't work in the camera.

i still need to videoize my reg 8 stuff, just never got it together. i always found reg 8 better color, more vivid --- and the wind-up camera was pretty much a pinhole lens --- no glass in there, just varying pinholes for exposure setting. COOL
Posted: Dec 7, 2007 5:50 pm

if you ARE going to buy super 8 film stock from this place, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND the VISION2/500T --- i beta-tested this and its the best color film stock i've ever shot with.

there's now a VISION3, but not sure if its been made for super 8 yet

super 8 mm film is also custom made from splitting 16mm film - i get a LOT of mine done that way and was doing it with the VISION stock until Kodak started making it in 8mm

its just harder these days to find a telecine (ie: film to tape transfer) with a regular 8 mm gate... and it'll cost a lot more to rent it for your session than any other gate
Posted: Dec 7, 2007 6:19 pm
actually, sprocket placement is different --- i once tried to split some 16 to make reg 8 and it didn't work in the camera.

there are places where you get this done - they have a custom cutting device w/ sprockets to give you the right size film for your cartridge

pro8mm has been doing it for me for 25 years.
i've ALWAYS shot 8mm w/ remainders of the 16 and 35mm motion picture film i have left over from "real movie" shoots

i also shoot w/ 35mm motion picture film in my still camera
Posted: Dec 10, 2007 9:22 am
i also shoot w/ 35mm motion picture film in my still camera
seattle film works made big money selling and processing that crap.

watched "The Mayor of Sunset.." on dvd liked Kim's bits, that guy is so extroverted he ought to have vd. You got that movie you helped make for sale on dvd yet?
Posted: Dec 10, 2007 5:05 pm
Just buy a super 8 camera. Getting Regular 8 resprocketed? Jesus Christ.

You can also get bith R8 and Super8 transfered at RAFIK in NYC.

Or if your rich, go to DuArt.
Posted: Dec 10, 2007 9:25 pm
Or if your rich, go to DuArt.

what's that place on the way east side on 42nd? they have a super 8 gate and don't have to rent it.
and i think magno (7th ave/49th st) has their own super 8 gate too
duart is magnificent but you can get a better telecine rate elsewhere

i always got stuff tranferred at RAFIK - but it's just a one-light, isn't it mike?

You got that movie you helped make for sale on dvd yet?
there's a couple of them ready now.... he's going to market them as a trilogy. we are finishing the last one now. shooting in holland next week. finished LA shooting on saturday
Posted: Dec 10, 2007 9:28 pm
Yeah single light. No pushin or pullin but cheap. Not shot off a wall or nuthin. Strait thru svideo into the digibeta deck (or whatever). E. 42nd place be gone I think...
Posted: Dec 11, 2007 12:10 am
i had a LOT of stuff transferred at RAFIK. i always wonder if you ever saw it when you were there!

iggy 1977 concert footage, queen 1977 concert footage, etc. that i shot and used in the various VH1 legends shows i produced on aforementioned "legends"

the one-light, no correction stuff kept it real 1977. i like it.
Posted: Dec 11, 2007 12:24 am
mark, your in PDX right? try calling gearhead grip and electric and asking for Greg Schmidt. he won't sell it but he might point you in the right direction.

or myspace my boy TG at

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&frien did=35054867

tell him RB sent ya.
Posted: Dec 11, 2007 12:52 am
Cool thanks.. I wanna do about a half hour or so Film on the bands I like in Portland...
Posted: Dec 11, 2007 2:16 am
when you get it processed, if you can't afford the film-to-tape transfer, you totally can project it on a white wall and then point your video camera at the projection and shoot that. i've seen it done very well - the last soledad bros. video was done that way. filmed and transferred and edited, etc by the guy who did the doc "it came from detroit."
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