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Posted: Oct 17, 2007 6:20 am
Is it worth picking up for 8 bucks.. ( a nice copy).... Heard a few songs... That where good...but.....
Posted: Oct 17, 2007 6:31 am
i say yes
Posted: Oct 17, 2007 11:38 am
i'd say eighty

i've posted this before here and this is the third best song on the LP and this fucking song is one of my fave move songs

if you need to frugally save up for a fuckin' forty fo' friday lemme know....
Posted: Oct 17, 2007 3:12 pm
yes. the answer is yes.
Posted: Oct 17, 2007 4:07 pm
Yes. Be aware of the singles from this period as well ("Do Ya," "Down On The Bay," "California Man" etc...actually be aware of all Move singles -- at least from Blackberry Way through the end).
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