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Posted: Sep 12, 2007 2:20 am
Have to go there for a few days to a conference and after being banished from all cultural references post 1999-2000 (that is about where we are hovering here in the Tampa Bay 95% of the time), I am VERY EXCITED.

Museums, shopping, eating (please do not say Howie's restaurant, Food Gang), bands, bars...rack em up.
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 3:05 am
is there somewhere on the beach where they roast a pig??? that would be fucking rad.
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 3:12 am
I don't think anyone at their beach eats.
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 4:23 am

Posted: Sep 12, 2007 4:29 am
How did I know that cocaine would be in the top 5?

But OF COURSE jerryd, I mean, duh.
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 5:15 am
its been 8 or 9 years since i've been to miami
but i suspect south beach is still all the rage
when i was there, the south beach morning/afternoon hang on ocean drive was the NEWS CAFE.

i'm guessing the delano hotel has some fabulous dining and people watching
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 6:06 am
i'm guessing the delano hotel has some fabulous dining and people watching

Yes, and $10 can Heineken's and $20 to sit in a chair on the beach...at least when I was there 8 years ago also. That place is gorgeous, though. Topless 14 year old supermodels everywhere! Since we stayed there (for 1/2 price) but couldn't afford to eat there, we went accross the street and down the block to a walk up Cuban food window. That damn chicken in some kind of rich, white (haha!) garlic sauce and rice....I still have dreams about it. I don't even know what it was called to look for a recipe...arrrghhh, it was so good I could slap somebody!
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 6:08 am
i don't know what that stuff is called - but i've had it and it IS pretty heavenly. maybe i'll ask some pals who eat cubano all the time if they know...
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 7:43 am
go to the wolfsonian design museum on washington ave in southbeach. they have a fantastic permanent collection of american indstrial design, amazing propaganda posters from all over the world, unbelieveable worlds fair memorabilia, etc... i thought it was really amazing.


if they still have the fuzzy chairman mao piggybanks let me know.

also, the MAC:


fuck, there was an amazing cuban place. i'll have to get the details from my friend who stayed hear there during the last art basel.

i also got off the wrong exit one day when i drove down from palm beach. i think it was the 59th street exit. or maybe 60 something. do that too. sketchy-ish 'hood with the most amazing shop murals lining the streets. i wish i wasn't driving, cause i would have a picture of everything there.

also, just go to southbeach, park your car near the beach and sit around watching the scene unfold in front of you. see how many nightclub invites you can collect. admire the art deco hotels. the pastels. the music. that place is totally bizzarre.
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 8:50 am
Go check out the Little Havana on Calle Ocho and eat at Versailles. That place rules! And in Miami Beach it's all about Wolfie's Rascal House for deli that almost approaches NY quality.
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 9:03 am
versailles is certainly the shit! you ARE the inhuman eating machine!
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 2:47 pm | Edited by: saispas
when i was there, the south beach morning/afternoon hang on ocean drive was the NEWS CAFE.

i'm guessing the delano hotel has some fabulous dining and people watching

I too was last there in 1996 and both of these places were great; I had (still not) never seen anything like the Delano bar and pool. I used the bathroom there. YAY! News Cafe is cool as hell; supposedly the guys there opened a new jazz bar/cafe on Lincoln.

Versailles is fucking incredible. There is a similar Cuban restaurant in Ventura County, CA; I swear it is also called Versailles...does anyone know what I am talking about???

We will have to try that Wolfie's place. Also, Joe's Stone Crab kicks ass. Miami does rule...we are thinking about picking up and going further south actually at some point. It is just a wee bit too retired here for us right now. They are trying to make this place better, but I am in no rush to truly be AARP yet.
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 2:51 pm
And I totally forgot to acknowledge the wonderful suggestions by jblundell--THANK YOU!
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 7:15 pm
jblundell or Hugh (or anyone for that matter)--

Can you reccommend a decent South Beach hotel for under $150/night? We are gonna stay on our dime an extra night and we definitely ain't staying at the shite conference hotel by the airport again.
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 9:41 pm
lotsa cuban food. yeah...
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 9:44 pm
Cuban food is easily becoming my fave. We went to that La Teresita place in Tampa the other day and lawd, lawd. Ever had Cuban Carne Asada?!?!?! Yums.
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 9:44 pm
There is a similar Cuban restaurant in Ventura County, CA; I swear it is also called Versailles...does anyone know what I am talking about???

yes- its actually in woodland hills - or maybe there are 2. ventura is closer to me, so i will have to check it out. i'll do so and get back to ya!
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 9:49 pm
TK--you must go. It has that same tacky signage as the one in Little Havana. You will absolutely freak at how much food they will put on the table so go hungry!!!

(PS--got the weeklies--thanks!)
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 10:21 pm
I live in miami - and can recommend just about any kind of restaurant you be into. i vastly prefer other carribean/latin food to cuban. and since my wife is a member of a chinese restaurant clan/family -- I can definately point you to all the good asian food in town.

in north miami: the roti shop is cheap and amazing carribean/jamacian food. cafe nuvo is very reasonable hatian/carribian fusion and wonderful and capt. jim's has the best fried shrimp on earth. in the downtown area garcias( is a fun seafood joints on miami river (though you can get that in tampa). in the design district, sheba is killer ethiopian food, and much more flavorful than what you;ll get in most of the country.

i went to oishi in North miami beach last night, excellent thai.

what part of town are you staying in? when are you coming?

south beach is worthless except for mac's club duece and a couple fancy restaurants. if you wanna drop a lot of $$ on dinner, mark's south beach is very good.

the punk/rock scene is based around Churchill's Hideaway in little hati. the only record store worth a damn is in the back of it. the alt dance club is circa 28 in wynwood. a nice concert venue is studio A in overtown (just north of downtown) sometimes cool stuff plays there.
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 10:23 pm
for cheap hotels - go to hotwire.com

as long as you go 3 stars and over, you cant go wrong with them.

and make sure you rent a car. youll need one if you want to leave the beach.
Posted: Sep 13, 2007 1:13 am
what part of town are you staying in? when are you coming?

By the airport in some nondescript, likely very halfass joint. BUT we'd like to switch to a better hotel on our last night when we go out to eat and wander. I thought South Beach might be good for that, but do you know of any other areas of town that would be a good base for exploring? We'll be there near the end of October.

We are into any restaurant reccs that aren't your typical Florida Cracker seafood joints...cos, you right, we have those here.

We are actually scoping out the area for a potential move, so any and all hints are welcome.
Posted: Sep 13, 2007 6:38 am
right by the airport is catch of the day, which is a cool cuban seafood joint with a great happy hour.

for hotels -- coral gables is chock full of them ( on hotwire you can probably find a 3 star for under $80) -- has a lot of great food, a few decent bars and has a ton of galleries, and unlike south beach is fairly centrally located and you can park. south beach is worth a day trip, but for people who dont like 90s trance dance garbage is pretty much a wasteland.

the design district and outlaying areas are another good place to check out food/art and there are a few clubs over there that occasionally are ok.

if you go down 8th st, las taquerias de mexicana is pretty killer mexican food, though my fave is in the hood just north of the hospitals -- los tres amigos.

what you will leave behind in tampa besides the Taco Truck is affordable housing. prices here are INSANE - even with the bubble bursting.
Posted: Sep 13, 2007 2:21 pm
Yeah, I checked the rents and lawsy, but decent places are overpriced here as well. We pay as much here as we paid in PDX.

I'll check out Coral Gables for some hotels...as I recall it is really pretty easy to get around. I thought it might be fun to stay in the quieter section of South Beach though.
Posted: Sep 13, 2007 3:40 pm
there are some nice hotels in south beach, you might wanna try the raliegh, but it will be tourist season, and thus not cheap
Posted: Sep 13, 2007 3:55 pm
Holy shit. That place is PERFECTION. Cheapest room is $375. One o' these days; off season.
Posted: Sep 13, 2007 5:30 pm
I had a few beverages at The Clevelander once. It was fun.
Posted: Sep 13, 2007 5:39 pm
an even better place would be the mandarin oriental on brickell key -- but im sure thats gonna run $250
Posted: Sep 13, 2007 5:43 pm
i just looked on hotwire south beach -- and on oct 26 they have a 3 and a half star boutique hotel with a spa for $149 -- id jump all over that, it could be the raliegh or delano.
Posted: Sep 13, 2007 5:47 pm
ok, its not gonna be those, as apparently they now have a 5th star in the ratings, but for what you are looking for, looks good nonetheless. they also had a 4 star by the airport for 109
Posted: Sep 13, 2007 5:50 pm | Edited by: saispas
Our hotel at the airport is a 3.5 star and it is a DUMP!

The St. Augustine looks good to me--4 stars, far enough from the action to be quiet but still walkable to cool stuff; I am going for it. The Raliegh will be for a special occaision next summer or something.

Give any and all Mexican suggestions. My husband has been missing the West Coast Mexican something fierce; Taco Bus is great but a hike for us to get to (we are in St. Pete).
Posted: Sep 15, 2007 5:27 pm
right by my house in south miami there is poblano, which is fancy, ciudad mexico style fod. its pretty good and reasonable. my favorite of the two i mentioned is los tres amigos. very cheap and freaking great. the neighborhood is a little dicey tho. its on NW 20th st and 14th ave? google it. not that far from your hotel. you can take nw 7th straight down.
Posted: Sep 15, 2007 6:03 pm
Los Tres Amigos looks great--good to see a place doing breakfast. But all I ever want is chile rellenos anyways!

Thanks for your tips. We even found a good coffee shop that serves Intelligencia coffee (bad ass roasts). It will be very difficult to not wanna pack up and leave after this visit.
Posted: Nov 12, 2008 1:48 pm
Any new Miami suggestions for drinking, hanging out, eating etc? We are headed out momentarily!
Posted: Nov 12, 2008 2:19 pm
We stayed in some motel in Hollywood, it was right OVER the ocean!
not too expensive either.
good thrift stores up there, and a dog track and jai alai.

Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach apparently has just undergone a fantastic renovation so go lobby gawk
Posted: Nov 12, 2008 3:40 pm
We are in The Hilton downtown. I wonder where all the Republican governors are? Sarah Palin's here!
Posted: Nov 12, 2008 7:18 pm
Sarah Palin's here!

you so have got to stalk her!
Posted: Nov 12, 2008 7:35 pm
I stayed in Miami Beach for a few nights several years back and had a great time walking around digging all the groovy Art Deco hotels. Also ate breakfast at some famous place I can't remember the name of where the Rat Pack guys used to go.

Only music I could find was a Rod Stewart impersonator, though.
Posted: Nov 12, 2008 7:52 pm
look for crocket and tubbs.
Posted: Nov 13, 2008 5:40 am
look for crocket and tubbs.


Posted: Nov 13, 2008 8:51 am
Posted: Nov 13, 2008 3:31 pm

you so have got to stalk her!

Downtown is FULL o' cops. She is still here for another 2 days and on the news pontificating about this n that non-stop. It is funny cos I am at the Harm Reduction Coalition with politically active prostitutes and junkies cleaning needles out in the motor lobby. This happening mere blocks from La Palin.
Posted: Nov 14, 2008 1:41 pm
La Palin

go find Iggy in Little Haiti and hook them up. She needs some of what he's packing.

whoa. just flashed on the two of them together. mebbe not such a good idea.
Posted: Nov 15, 2008 2:44 pm
Bought books beside Russell Banks and got a smile and head nod from Anthony Bourdain at the Miami Book Fair. I can come home now!
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