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Posted: Nov 3, 2003 6:37 pm
didn't get to go
watched Maximum Overdrive
not Oblivians
Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: Nov 3, 2003 7:50 pm
First i was gonna go to Memphis,then it turns out we had to tour so i couldn't afford to do both.Then i was gonna go to Portland just to kick it w/ friends and then i couldn't do that 'cuz we were suppoased to practice,so i stayed in town where i went out and got dissed by some bitch that thought it was funny to act like she was interested in me all week on the phone just to blow me off when we hung out again!!!!

Worst Halloween Ever. I hate Seattle...

Posted: Nov 3, 2003 8:05 pm
You need to come col' kick it live with me an' Sixteene.
Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: Nov 4, 2003 12:08 am
Yes ah do! Probably by next spring i'll be making a trip to the NYC,touring or otherwise... I Love NY!

I saw those pics from the Hot Dog Party too...*sniff!* So many Goners,enjoying their Hot Dogs... *sob!*.... i coulda almost been there... IT'S JUST NOT FAIR,DAMMIT!!!!

Posted: Nov 4, 2003 12:13 am
Fuck that gay-assed movin' to New York talk. Son, ya need to get back to your roots! You need your recommended daily allowance of Bar-B-Q(and hot dogs)! You need to get your sorry ass to Memphis! See you soon.
Posted: Nov 4, 2003 12:16 am
Damn Scott! I just meant for him to visit us, there ain't enough room in the city for the HGD to move here anyway!
Posted: Nov 4, 2003 1:04 am
HAHHAH!!! Yup, HGD, you should come out and party it up out here in NYC. It would be good to see you again! I'm just pissed I didn't make it down there myself. I had my ticket for the show, but no ticket to get down there!!! Shitty.....
Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: Nov 5, 2003 1:01 am
Yup,just to visit,i'm not leavin' my NW Donx high and/or dry on a whim!

Memphis sounds good too! It's not quite as close as my actual roots,but it's better y'know (i'm not one of those fake ass wannabe "soulful" cheesdicks that claim to be from "New Orleans" when they're from Diamondhead or Waveland,i'm really from Gulfport,Miss!),though the last time i was in G-Port/Bilocksi it actually wasn't half bad,even if it's a closed-down stripmalled shell of its former self! What the hell though- i can deal w/ G-Port having a Starbucks (in the Barnes And Noble,no less!)if there's places for me to see faux-Death Metal bands without having to put down $$$ to rent a VFW Hall,just don't ask me to live there!

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