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Posted: Feb 7, 2007 8:33 pm
Posted: Feb 7, 2007 8:43 pm
anal cunt made the list?

that's a great band name
Posted: Feb 7, 2007 9:20 pm
Traffic belongs on that list. And a buncha bands from Portland that I will not name now.
Posted: Feb 7, 2007 9:46 pm
The Sausage Party isn't on the list. I was told that was the worst.


Give this lame ass a comment and tell em' what you think.
Posted: Feb 7, 2007 11:01 pm
Posted: Feb 7, 2007 11:03 pm
the underthings should easily make the top 50 worst band names ever.
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 12:28 am
Urine Nation
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 12:29 am
Skankin' Pickle
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 12:30 am
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 12:31 am
Ugly Kid Joe
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 12:31 am
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 12:34 am | Edited by: Haunted George
Flock of Seagulls
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 12:34 am
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 12:41 am
hoobastank should have definitely been on that list for certain. not only is their name faggy as fuck, but their music also ranks up there in homoness. someone please kill these guys.
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 12:42 am
I think it was there elle.
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 12:48 am
I think it was there elle.

it sure was. HG is dead on again. Psychofunkapus. Fuckin' a.
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 3:20 am

This made me remember...

Posted: Feb 8, 2007 3:33 am
There was an old Sydney band called Methrapunge - "because we play a mix of metal, thrash, punk and grunge". I can't think of any band name as bad as that.
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 3:34 am
Whoops I left out rap between thrash and punk. That's the clincher.
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 3:50 am
That was the worst 50 worst band names list ever.
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 3:25 pm
What about the Wrong Numbers? That is a pretty bad name.
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 3:37 pm
you're a pretty bad name.
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 7:53 pm
Gay Baby was number 51. or maybe 52.
Posted: Feb 8, 2007 11:08 pm
What about the Wrong Numbers? That is a pretty bad name.


That WAS a pretty bad name.

Posted: Feb 9, 2007 10:00 am
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