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Posted: Jan 30, 2007 2:00 pm
I am going nuts trying to figure out any information on the origins of this song I found digging through the local thrift store video dump. The clip is from some Cable Access Christian Puppet show in the D.C. area. The only thing I have ascertained thusfar is that it is a novelty tune from the turn of the century.
Posted: Jan 30, 2007 3:56 pm | Edited by: judge
charlie parker & mack woolbright - ticklish reubin; available on good for what ails you: music of the medicine shows. maybe the version in the video is by hoyt axton? can't find it anywhere.
Posted: Jan 30, 2007 3:59 pm
That is one cool video. Congrats on your score!

charlie parker

Obviously not "Bird."
Posted: Jan 30, 2007 7:42 pm
What was that one song that goes "I'm a nut, pfft pfft, I'm a nut pfft pfft"?
Posted: Jan 30, 2007 7:47 pm
you tellin' windys agin?
Posted: Jan 30, 2007 7:50 pm
Speak English you spic!
Posted: Jan 30, 2007 8:11 pm
That's a funny sandwich.
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