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Posted: Jan 21, 2007 11:59 am
Got pissy drunk at a few bars last night, woke up at 5.00am on a hard iron bench in a train station waiting room- an early outbound freight was pulling 80 or so empty boxcars past, man it was loud.
I rolled over and noticed a pigeon picking bits of rice & stuff out of a puddle of vomit- oh yeah that was mine, it was on my shirt too. Shifted a bit to ease my sore back, then went back to sleep.
Got woken again just before 6.00, some prick who was opening up the ticket booth. "You can't sleep here", he said. "Well, it wasn't easy, but yes, I can, actually." I replied. Motherfucker called the cops...they told me to move on, even though I tried and tried to explain I'd missed my lift home, and was waiting for a train.
Went over the road & found a laundrette that was open, threw my shirt & tshirt in a quick wash and went back to sleep. The Vietnamese woman who runs the joint came in around 11.00, woke me up (yeah, that makes it three times in one morning) and would only let me use the drier for like 10 minutes. Shirt still damp, but put it on anyway.
I left, went looking for a beer and something to eat. Realised I had lost my mobile phone- no, wait, I lent it to someone last night. Hopped a tram & went to get it back, banged on the door too hard and had a big shouting match. End result- phone thrown, hit me & split my eyebrow. Fuck. Ouch. And now it doesn't work properly.
Took some of my rent money out of the ATM, went to a pub for lunch. Had a beer & a burger, stuck $10.00 in a poker machine, won $20.00, had more beers. Took more rent money out, had more beers. Went home.
Puked in the shower, went to sleep.

Is it just me, or does this sort of thing ever happen to anyone else?
Posted: Jan 21, 2007 2:35 pm
Wells, went to a party w/ an old friend, hit heavy duty on a blonde gurl who ended up leaving 15 mins later, drank mo' beer, left w/ friend, went to ex-girlfriend's apt. to drink mo'/watch TV, stumbled home drunk at 4am, wrote's a little...you knowing. CRAZING. I have no idea if this answers yr question but that was my....SA SA SA SATURDAY NIGHT>>>>>>>>>>
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