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Posted: Nov 14, 2006 1:36 am
At least thats what John Von (4 Slicks) just told me in an email. Fuck.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 1:50 am
Who cares? That bands sucks. Also they're pussy faggots who are afraid of Wisconsin.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 1:58 am
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:45 am
That would be good news! I don't think they have anything to add to their great discography. The one time I saw 'em live, they totally blew me away! Amazing band.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:47 am
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 1:50 pm
brad also has a head the size of tom kirby's bass drum. ironically, i first heard the fatals yesterday, the day they broke up. how fittin. rip.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 2:44 pm
The first 3 singles were really good, but it's been same-old same-old ever since to a slower beat. Dug 'em at the Blackout, too.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 3:10 pm
Awww... I heard Piero wasn't in the band anymore but thought the rest were going to stick. I'll miss seeing those guys live.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 3:23 pm
awesome live, cant stand the records really
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 3:33 pm
I think both gigs and records are great ("yeah baby" is fucking awesome). The Fatals rule : they'd rather break up than become d diggler's next big thing.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 3:34 pm
1st single is perfect noise blast. I love the 10" too.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 3:47 pm
Yeah, records, static noise, but incredible live show...
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 4:25 pm
Best band of the new millenium! Number 1 records and number 1 shows, anyone who thinks different SUCKS!!
Everytime I hear a Fatals songs I get chills and goosebumps.
They indeed rule(d).
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 4:30 pm
Best band of the new millenium! Number 1 records and number 1 shows, anyone who thinks different SUCKS!!

Posted: Nov 14, 2006 5:11 pm
Did I mention these frogs are pussies? Who cares? Boring shit for faggot pricks.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 5:34 pm
If you think the Fatals made better records than the Hipshakes & Grabbies & Live Fast Die you're either deeef or a Euronigger. And while they were good at that Blackout, lots of other bands blew them away. Good band (for a while) that got tiresome really quickly, and yes, they are total pussies. And one of them knowingly stole gear from We March, so fuck 'em all around.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 5:34 pm | Edited by: Jasper de Wilde
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 5:38 pm
Yeah, just try and come back to Wisconsin you French Faggot Fucks. We March > your shitty taste in music.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 5:40 pm
Wisconsin is the gayest state in the union.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 5:43 pm
Do I smell some Europhobia here?
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 5:49 pm
Do I smell some Europhobia here?

No. I dress European (i.e. like a fag).
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 5:53 pm
Impossible, just showered. I'm getting ready for the first show outside North-America ever of the Leather Uppers! They're gonna have a great time over here because we treat foreign bands like guests.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 5:54 pm
the Leather Uppers!

Now there's the band we should be making fun of.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:02 pm
And one of them knowingly stole gear from We March, so fuck 'em all around.

Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:03 pm
I don't believe it for a second.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:04 pm
The Fatals were painfully loud! And We March are legit dudes! What does it all add up to?!? I dunno!
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:07 pm
I don't believe that We March would have any reason to be dishonest.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:10 pm
Yeah, they would only lie to me to get me in the sack. It's our little game.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:17 pm | Edited by: Jasper de Wilde
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:25 pm
It's a true story, they have no reason to fib at all & they're totally on-the-level dudes. It was one member of the Fatals, not the whole band. Ask 'em about it, Heir ick.

Livin In My Bed is a kick ass song. And yeah Jasper, I mentioned Euro band the Hipshakes because I hate Europeans. And I hate the French, who have raped my pocket for about 35% of new record purchases over the last couple years.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:29 pm
And they totally fucked up April's amp on purpose too!
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:49 pm
What does theft have to do with broken amps?

Just cause you like a band doesn't mean they're not theives. I mean, I've ripped off equipment in the past, it doesn't change how my music sounds.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:55 pm
What does theft have to do with broken amps?

I'm saying they've been blamed for other shit that never happened. I think I know them well enough to vouch for them, douche. Fuck alla you inbred fags.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 6:55 pm
I mean, I've ripped off equipment in the past, it doesn't change how my music sounds.

You're not stealing the right gear, then. Next time swipe some kazoos and one of those casio keyboards that makes the "Da Da Da" drumbeat.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:02 pm
He was even confronted about it more than once and they later saw him using their shit - I don't care if you "know them," I've known all kinds of thieves in my time.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:05 pm
I doubt that theft charge also. Doesn't sound right compared to the Fatals that I know.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:09 pm | Edited by: bazooka joe
He was even confronted about it more than once and they later saw him using their shit

Who is "he" and who are "they?"

I don't care if you "know them," I've known all kinds of thieves in my time.

I'm vouching for their collective character as stand up dudes.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:10 pm
You guys are bad judges of character. You're what we in the industry call "marks."
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:12 pm
You really are scum.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:15 pm
Come on todd, be a man, you're halfway there.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:19 pm
I'm saying they've been blamed for other shit that never happened

I was gonna stay outta this but fuck it. If what I've quoted is referencing the experiences my band had with them, then you only know one side of the story, BJ. I got no reason to lie about anything- I was there. They blew up not one but BOTH of our amps. The SECOND time one of them blew they refused to pay for what THEY broke. I had to pay for it outta my pocket, not the band's cash, so we could finish the rest of our tour. I won't comment on this shit anymore cuz I'm past it. Webshits... I been outta high school for nine years so I ain't got time for a buncha catty gossip. And BJ, don't bother emailing me off the board tryin to be my friend. If you don't understand why I don't respond, then you've erased more of your mind than you realize.

Alright, lets have a good time.
Somebody tell a joke.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:21 pm
how many frenchmen does it take to change a lightbulb?

NONE, they're too busy getting a bj from BJ
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:22 pm
Why did the amp croos the road?

Cuz the Fatals wanted to play it!
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:22 pm | Edited by: paulyjerkface
y'allz gotzza' case of fanboy syndromezz
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:23 pm
Somebody tell a joke.

Q: What do you call a member of the Fatals?

A: Frog pussy.

You really are scum.

Come on ya douche, do I have to start using laughing emoticons so you can tell when I'm just having a good time?
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:23 pm | Edited by: Mark Beef

I wanna cover you in mylar and put you on my shelf
and then argue about your rarity on this here thingamashit
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:24 pm
Curtis from We March blew up my guitar player's amp in my old band. Bastard.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:24 pm
Our guitarist Shaun just blew up his amp the other day. He won't pay to replace it. What a fucker!
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:26 pm
may the fatals take a liking to ya and blow you up real soon
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:27 pm
I'll fuck those French faggots in the ass and give 'em the GRID.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:28 pm
where's 911superNanne when you need him?
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:30 pm
What's funny is the first time I shoulda coulda woulda seen the Fatals my friend asked if they could borrow my amp last minute and I was kinda like , "Ehhh, I dunno" and he got pissed and we got in a big tiff and I didn't go to the show. Then next time they came through (w/ Rat Traps) I was playin somewhere else in town so I missed em again, but atleast my amp is still alive.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:50 pm
I did until it was made clear to me amoment ago that I fucked up our friendship. One less bro for me in the world.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:52 pm | Edited by: le chev
I bet the Fatals would've been a commercial success if it weren't for Bill O' Reilly...
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:53 pm
I love bill o'reillys music blog
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 7:59 pm
Emailing people cause you're affraid you offended them online is the definition of faggotry.

It wasn't online you fucking pollock's twat. Go fuck yourself and don't look for any emails from me. I hope I piss you off. Joe was actually my friend at one time.
Posted: Nov 14, 2006 8:01 pm
I hope you got slapped with a glove in real life then BJ

Posted: Nov 14, 2006 8:36 pm
Fatally gay
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 12:51 am
Piero's not a pussy. I saw them play in Toronto a few days before the Blackout. The guitarist swung around and accidentally hit him in the face with his guitar really hard. They finished a full set, and only then did Piero take care of the bleeding and swelling. He wore sunglasses most of the time in Chicago cause his eyes were severely bruised from the incident. My friend just played me some songs he recorded with them 2 months ago in Montreal. They sounded killer. I think it'll eventually come out as a split 12" with the Angry Angles.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 12:55 am
Joe T doesn't wanna be "high school" but instead of returning my emails saying "fuck off" he did it here. Neat.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 3:37 am
this whole thing is pretty high school. the whole world. which leads me to believe it's not like high school, it's just like people, and that's what high school is like. like people. i bet if there were no high school, people would still act the same way. but then it'd be a lot harder to describe those interactions. what the fuck.

another thing i thought about while reading this thread is that just because someone is cool with you, doesn't mean they don't suck to other people. same vice versa, right?
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 4:07 am
Absolutely on all points nickg. But as far as the Fatals being cool with me, it goes beyond that. They've stayed with me twice for extended periods of time and I know that they are genuinely good (and mature!) people who care more about the "scene" and music in general than anyone I've come across anywhere. They all have huge hearts and I have to defend them about never intentionally doing wrong to any one of us. I hope most of you can say the same about me. That's the only kind of people I want in my life. And d diggler too.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 5:31 am
Absolutely on all points nickg. But as far as the Fatals being cool with me, it goes beyond that. They've stayed with me twice for extended periods of time and I know that they are genuinely good (and mature!) people who care more about the "scene" and music in general than anyone I've come across anywhere. They all have huge hearts and I have to defend them about never intentionally doing wrong to any one of us. I hope most of you can say the same about me. That's the only kind of people I want in my life. And d diggler too.

yeah, but they're French and shit...
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 5:33 am
so mutch hate... ill go make myself a cup of tea!
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 6:49 am
oh god
pride of man
broken in the dust
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 7:07 am
I let the 2 different Fatals use my amp a couple of times of the past couple of years and dare them to try and blow it up. They couldn't (though I was worried for a second or two). Bless Leo Fender and his pals for making the HD 130.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 7:35 am
i have a music man 212hd130.....i found out if you turn every knob to 10 and play for an hour with a big muff turned to 10 running through it every thing blows up.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 7:50 am
Ahh...The combo.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 9:08 am
Ahh...The combo.

yep...both speakers, my pre amp, and my brother's big muff all died at once....pretty strange huh? but when i play in a pussy band that only plays 20 min sets i can get by with owning shitty gear. it's cool how things work out.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 1:15 pm
For the record, I've never left my friends in European bands without a place to stay when they play in Columbus. And they get pretty royal treatment as well. But I've been to Europe as a musician and have always wanted to repay for how we were treated there. The booking agents there were just as questionable as they are in the U.S., but the people and clubs were amazing. All the guys in the Fatals have offered to help us if and when we ever go to Europe. I don't have any American bands that are willing to do the same for a tour here in the states. Just sayin....
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 8:22 pm
Joe T rules. A man with utmost integrity

Don't chickenshit email me off line anymore either Bazooka Toe AKA Thing With 8 Chins.

Posted: Nov 15, 2006 8:27 pm
Hey Chris Sniper, I know you're totally hysterical and punk as fuck but try not to make light of this shit. It kinda means alot to me. Thanks.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 8:35 pm
oh come ON, Toe.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 8:36 pm
I know, heheheh...
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 8:36 pm
Mr. Everyotherwordfag can't take some ballbreaking.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 8:39 pm
btw, "Pollack's Twat." that's good stuff.
Posted: Nov 15, 2006 8:41 pm
I just emailed you, piss-sickle.
Posted: Nov 16, 2006 11:30 pm
Fatals are old friends, they are cool people and i (and everybody in my place, my wife and my dog )fuck you all, bunch of Beatnicks and bloody vegetarians.
Posted: Nov 16, 2006 11:35 pm
i fuck you all, bunch of Beatnicks and bloody vegetarians.

when? i don't like beatniks, but i do like dead animal.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 12:57 pm
special message for europhobics: just remember that you'r great parents come from europe too(or maybe you're an indian???) so, don't waste you're american time (because time is money) and go back to school...poor guy (gay).
of for those who spit on fatals, let them talk...theiy're just childrens.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 2:03 pm
The only person I ever met that was "Europhobic" was Ojibwe (Indian) and had some good historical reasoning. Otherwise, what the fuck are you talking about?
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 3:29 pm
alberto rules!!!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 3:30 pm
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 4:07 pm
trickknee sucks ..... a lot !!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 4:45 pm
I'm glad you created a screen name just to post that - you must be a genius!!!!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 5:26 pm
TFor the record, I've never left my friends in European bands without a place to stay when they play in Columbus. And they get pretty royal treatment as well. But I've been to Europe as a musician and have always wanted to repay for how we were treated there. The booking agents there were just as questionable as they are in the U.S., but the people and clubs were amazing. All the guys in the Fatals have offered to help us if and when we ever go to Europe. I don't have any American bands that are willing to do the same for a tour here in the states. Just sayin....

Most europeans bands i found are good people are super nice and shit, you would not have to sleep in a parking lot or do a night drive cause you don't have a place to stay. Maybe europeans and french canadians have a different vision of welcoming people and all....

Whatever, the fatals rules!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 5:49 pm
todd rules!!!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 6:20 pm
I think it sucks that a band could come all the way across the pond and have no one house/feed them, and yeah, most Euro bands I've met are nice as hell. Like Cheveu and their buttboy/travel partner Pascal. But that doesn't change the fact that there are some assholes in every country. And it doesn't mean that an entire band needs to be indicted for the actions of one or two members.

Do you currently live in Canada, dickmuncho?
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 6:24 pm
And it doesn't mean that an entire band needs to be indicted for the actions of one or two members.

So who was it?
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 7:01 pm
Where'd you get weed, Todd?
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 7:28 pm
At least I make sense, Nanne - you sound like a doddering old Parkinsons patient drooling on the checkers board because you blew your mind on drugs and self-loathing decades ago. I've defended your ramblings for long enough - you're useless and hopelessly paranoid and nobody listens to what you say because it's all gibberish mixed in with weird nationalistic flag-humping & heartfelt racial hatred (why don't you enlighten us again regarding your thoughts on "Arabs"). You'll turn the gun on yourself soon enough, but please have the consideration to spare us the unravelling of your "mind" in the meantime. It's the least you can do.

Joe - I shouldn't have dragged the fine gentlemen in We March into this thread in the first place, but I guess it's out now. You can email them (they're not the internet message board types) and I'm sure they'll give you the details. I've spent a lot of time with them and I trust them and their story completely. In fact, we had to drag the details out of them in the first place. I'm sure Heir Ick can back them up as well. They'd probably be embarassed by this public display, and I'm sure they'd be even more embarassed if I went on.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 7:30 pm
Ronnie, I've got a whole buncha' weed, and I'd be glad to share. I was even thinking of going to Pete's sometime soon...when's the next time you guys are practicing?
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 7:39 pm
(they're not the internet message board types)

I seen one of 'em post on Terminal Gaydom. Come on man! You're the one that said you were positive one of 'em stole something! Out the theiving Fraaahnch bastard!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:12 pm
AW root beer is pretty good. I like ICB better, though.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:15 pm
This thread is now better than the KK&BBQ thread.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:16 pm
ginger beer, that's where it's at
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:17 pm
I kind of wish I had Lionel Richie's "Truly" right about now...
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:19 pm
Three googly morgorts foobled the red step table for fucking arabs in eating grand mal station forked abbooble, TB.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:20 pm
I hope Camaro Wolf wrotes a song about this!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:25 pm | Edited by: Jack Stands
I hope Camaro Wolf wrotes a song about this!

Just substitute with "googly morgots and forked abbooble" and you'll be fine.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:26 pm
How did you know about Greg & Dharma??? Fuck, I'm drinking Sprite lite and thinking about G&D right now, hope that counts. Googly moogly!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:29 pm

That was my Alberto impression for the day. I'm the poor man's Alberto! Alberto rules!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:33 pm
I love any opportunity to whip out that mp3. I love that song. And Piero is awesome.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 8:44 pm
Todd -- Might go to Pete's this weekend, thinking of calling Devin over this evening for beers...interested? Call me if I don't call you first.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:01 pm
Yeah, sounds cool. Devin's in the area?

Fuck, I post all over the internet while running a 20-person department and juggling Sprite lite cans as I spin on Dharma's fucking googlehead. "Without doing actually something" would refer to a welfare Euronigger such as yourself who hasn't held down a job or written a scratch (your "profession") in years because you're so addled and emptyheaded. Have fun with that legal crazeweed, I hear it "fucks up your head."
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:01 pm
No ginger beer, but that stuff that women take to keep 'm able to crap.
You get great farts!

I must say though, they don't really smell.

And one of the great disapointments in life I find a majestic fart without a smell that can take it up against Elvis' morning turd.

Bummerism, we call that at home.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:11 pm
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:25 pm
Hey Rustbelt Goners, do they still make "Dogs 'n' Suds Root Beer?...
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:38 pm
Vodka & milk is a complete different story. My dad drinks it as a hangover cure and when that shit mixes with his beergas he comes up with farts that cleans our tube in one fuckin second. It takes hours before we can get back in.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:40 pm
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:40 pm
oops I mean the meatloaf review
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:43 pm
Sonic Chicken 4 does rule a googly!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:46 pm
Projection: Projection is one of the defense mechanisms identified by Freud and still acknowledged today. According to Freud, projection is when someone is threatened by or afraid of their own impulses so they attribute these impulses to someone else. For example, a person in psychoanalysis may insist to the therapist that he knows the therapist wants to rape some women, when in fact the client has these awful feelings to rape the woman.

Nanne's a rapist!
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:46 pm
According to Freud, of course.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:47 pm
Todd doesn't have opinions? Uh, I've got barely half an ass left over here from the damn critical chewings of this not so young man.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:57 pm
I was only critical of your ass, Kyle.

Jay, Nanne wanted me to ask you "how it felt" to be the target of his full-on nuclear assault, because he says it's "his hobby" and I guess he's good at it or something like that. Apparently, it feels real bad and stuff. He went to go play football right now, but he'll be back, mind you, in order to sling more rubber arrows and bash on some towel heads.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:58 pm
I don't have a gmail account and I'm nosy.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 10:00 pm
Yeah, my ass is kind of lacking in many ways, I must admit.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 10:25 pm
Okay I 'm just the messenger here, but my mum says that Freud is not really a good role model for us. Cause he was bunkers.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 10:42 pm
Nanny, I'm the last person to care what's "cool" or worry about what people think of me. If anything I'd rather play the contrarian. Whatever. It's evident to anyone who's been watching your head explode these last few years that you're crazy, and not in the good way. The sad, pathetic side of crazy where people you barely know shake their heads and wonder how long it's gonna be until the sad, pathetic muttering fool offs itself.

What happened to football? Did you forget that you shoved the ballbag up your ass? Quit waving your arms around and pull the fucker out.
Posted: Nov 17, 2006 11:33 pm
I don't have a gmail account and I'm nosy.

i have 50 invites if you want a few
Posted: Nov 18, 2006 3:26 pm
when? i don't like beatniks, but i do like dead animal.
When you want, bloody gay
Posted: Nov 18, 2006 4:28 pm
Yes i only created it to talk about you trikkinee !!
Posted: Nov 19, 2006 7:13 pm
trickknee est une bite


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Et chaque citoyen respire

Sous les lois de l'Égalité ; (Bis)

Un jour son image chérie

S'étendra sur tout l'univers.

Peuples, vous briserez vos fers

Et vous aurez une Patrie !

Aux armes, citoyens ! Etc.


Foulant aux pieds les droits de l'Homme,

Les soldatesques légions

Des premiers habitants de Rome

Asservirent les nations. (Bis)

Un projet plus grand et plus sage

Nous engage dans les combats

Et le Français n'arme son bras

Que pour détruire l'esclavage.

Aux armes, citoyens ! Etc.


Oui ! Déjà d'insolents despotes

Et la bande des émigrés

Faisant la guerre aux Sans-Culottes

Par nos armes sont altérés ; (Bis)

Vainement leur espoir se fonde

Sur le fanatisme irrité,

Le signe de la Liberté

Fera bientôt le tour du monde.

Aux armes, citoyens ! Etc.


O vous ! Que la gloire environne,

Citoyens, illustres guerriers,

Craignez, dans les champs de Bellone,

Craignez de flétrir vos lauriers ! (Bis)

Aux noirs soupçons inaccessibles

Envers vos chefs, vos généraux,

Ne quittez jamais vos drapeaux,

Et vous resterez invincibles.

Aux armes, citoyens ! Etc.


Nous entrerons dans la carrière,

Quand nos aînés n'y seront plus ;

Nous y trouverons leur poussière

Et la trace de leurs vertus. (Bis)

Bien moins jaloux de leur survivre

Que de partager leur cercueil

Nous aurons le sublime orgueil

De les venger ou de les suivre.

Aux armes, citoyens ! Etc.

Enfants, que l'Honneur, la Patrie

Fassent l'objet de tous nos vœux !

Ayons toujours l'âme nourrie

Des feux qu'ils inspirent tous deux. (Bis)

Soyons unis ! Tout est possible ;

Nos vils ennemis tomberont,

Alors les Français cesseront

De chanter ce refrain terrible :

Aux armes, citoyens
Posted: Nov 19, 2006 7:21 pm
faus losengier

fil a putain, del glouton souduiant

fis a putain, licheor plain d\'anvie

glos pautonnier

le lignage desloial et felon

lichieres pautonnier
Posted: Nov 19, 2006 7:30 pm
faus losengier

fil a putain, del glouton souduiant

fis a putain, licheor plain d\'anvie

glos pautonnier

le lignage desloial et felon

lichieres pautonnier

Re7] La digue du [Sol] cul, en revenant de [Re7] Nan [Sol] -tes (Bis)
[Sol] De Nantes à Monta [Re7] gu, la digue, la [Sol] digue,
De Nantes à Monta [Re7] gu, la digue du [Sol] cul.

[Sol] Lève la jambe, [Sol] Voilà qu' ça rentre
[Do] Lève la [Re7] cuisse, cuisse, cuisse,
Voilà qu' ça [Sol] glisse, oh! Hisse!
[Sol] Lève la jambe, [Sol] Voilà qu' ça rentre
[Do] Lève la [Re7] cuisse, cuisse, cuisse,
Voilà qu' ça [Sol] glisse; oh! Hisse!

La digue du cul, je rencontre un belle (Bis)
Qui dormait le cul nu, la digue, la digue,
Qui dormait le cul nu, la digue du cul.

La digue du cul, je bande mon arbalète (Bis)
Et la lui fous dans l'cul, la digue, la digue,
Et la lui fous dans l'cul, la digue du cul.

La digue du cul, la belle se reveille (Bis)
Et crie j'ai l'diable au cul, la digue, la digue,
Et crie j'ai l'diable au cul, la digue du cul.

La digue du cul, non ce n'est pas le diable (Bis)
Mais mon gros dard poilu, la digue, la digue,
Mais mon gros dard poilu, la digue du cul.

La digue du cul, si ce n'est pas le diable(Bis)
Refous-le moi dans l'cul, la digue, la digue,
Refous-le moi dans l'cul,, la digue du cul.

La digue du cul, puisqu'il y'est qu'il y reste (Bis)
Et qu'il n'en sorte plus, la digue, la digue,
Et qu'il n'en sorte plus, la digue du cul.

La digue du cul, il fallut bien qu'il sorte (Bis)
Il est rentré bien raide, la digue, la digue,
Il est sorti tout mou, la digue du cul
Posted: Nov 19, 2006 7:36 pm
french nigger

Pour toi, Bradx, mon camarade,

Y 'a que la peau de couille, pour conserver le tabac,
Voilà, voilà, voilà la chanson militaire.
Y'a que la peau de couille, pour conserver le tabac,
Voilà, voilà, voilà la chanson du soldat.
Moi je m'en fous, j'ai du poil au cul,
Ca me tient chaud l'hiver.
Et l'été je me les fait couper,
pour mieux respirer.

Tiens, Titine, voilà cent sous,
Pompe-moi le noeud,
Rends-moi trois francs.
Mais non monsieur, c'est bien trop peu,
Pour pomper un si gros noeud.

Poil au barbizon, mon cul sur la commode,
Poil au barbizon, mon cul sur le gazon.

Tripote-moi la bite avec les doigts,
Ah la belle biroute !
Tripote-moi la bite avec les doigts,
Ah la belle biroute en bois !
Posted: Nov 19, 2006 8:02 pm
shouldnt you be out rioting about jobs or something you lazy frog pussy?
Non, j'etais avec ta mére
Posted: Nov 19, 2006 10:42 pm
i ain't got no europeon in me (spare me the gay jokes, please). my familys been in this country for about 400 years an then before that only in the uk (english, scotch, irish). mix in a little early new england native american an voila-perfection!!!

ps frenchfrog rules!!! so do all the french bands who rip off myold music even though i can't actually bear to listen to their bands (sorry, i'm a purist). the wrong numbers rule!!!
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 7:56 am
bradx, your mother is dead on my cock...ah ah....poor little children....go to the square, this is the only thing you can do.
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 7:57 am
bradx !!!!!!! micropenis
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 8:10 am
trickknee n'a qu'une couille
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 10:07 am
trickknee, your half indian racist friend is an idiot, like you.
I'm talking about things you can't understand because you're just a children, like your friends.
no brain, no pain
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 12:09 pm
You're boring.
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 12:31 pm
You're boring.
You re une bite
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 12:37 pm
ttrickknee est une petite bite
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 1:06 pm
maybe i'm boring, but you're an asshole, too tight for my french dick.
stop talking shit here...
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 1:09 pm
i love longanis
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 1:40 pm
Err, I also love the "live at WFMU" single. This band had everything : great songs, distorted playing, a sound totally their own, the yelling, the boozing. Anyway that's how they will be remembered at my place, not as some thieving shits.
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 1:43 pm
I can talk shit anywhere I want & there's nothing you can do about it, pud.
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 1:51 pm
france vs. wisconsin. i'd pay to see that.
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 2:03 pm
oh sorry, i forgot that america is the freedom country.....
so you can continue to rediculise yourself...., little boy, piece of shit.
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 2:28 pm
so, i'm tired to ear this kind of retarded (USA and europe are not so differents, cause we got the same ones here).
so good luck and don't be cruel with childrens

Posted: Nov 20, 2006 2:46 pm
I don't understand why you guys are making everything into a Europe vs. US Death Match. In fact, it's kinda weird. They're "not so different?" DUH! Most people here are of European heritage, most traditions here draw from Europe, and most Europeans are strongly influenced by US culture (RnR, jazz, movies, etc.). The main difference appears to be a baffling defensiveness, rampant paranoia and a dour lack of the ability to laugh at themselves. Thank you for the cultural lesson, "frenchfrog," now go steal some more equipment from a hardworking American band.
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 3:16 pm
you dont understand nothing: i don't have problem with your country, but you got one (and your friends), i just want you to tell that fatals are shit, and no "french shit" or "frog pussy"...what's that?
so please, stop being stupid.
I love USA and i'm influenced by this culture... but i don't say "american pussy" or anything else, i just say that you're childrens, and i think i'm right. This is a music forum, nothing else.
have a good sleeping
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 3:21 pm
and frog thigh are very good, you don't know what you're loosing.
Longanis is good too
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 3:25 pm
If you want some other lesson, just ask me. For exemple, how to cook frog thigh?
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 3:42 pm
why you guys are making everything into a Europe vs. US Death Match

frankly, most of us don't give a fuck!!
(shouldn't we be united against them chinks anyway?)
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 4:04 pm
love longanis
I love you too.
Longanisse is cool with a good ricard too.
Fuck trickknee
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 4:24 pm
My feelings are hurt - I have been beaten. "Fuck trickknee" hit me where I live, man. Go eat a snail and smell like shit.
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 4:55 pm
Shhh, Pascal's sleeping. None of you people (resident of any geographic locale) have any manners.
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 5:03 pm
Pascal RULES!
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 5:28 pm
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 11:07 pm
hey brad---better than cable tv!!!
Posted: Nov 21, 2006 1:36 am
wheres wang chung?
i think he needs to be a part of this international discussion
Posted: Nov 21, 2006 6:21 am
My feelings are hurt - I have been beaten. "Fuck trickknee" hit me where I live, man. Go eat a snail and smell like shit.

Salut poulette,

Bali Balo dans l'utérus
Etait déjà si plein d'astuce,
Que dans le ventre de sa mère
Il suçait la bite à son père

refrain :
Ah-ah Bali Balo
Bali-Balo est un salaud

Bali Balo dans son berceau
Bandait déjà comme un taureau
Fils de putain lui dit sa mère
Tu bandes déja plus que ton père


Bali Balo dans sa poussette
Avait déjà une grosse quéquette
Pour satisfair' tous ses caprices
Il enculait sa vieill' nourrice


Bali Balo encor' moutard
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Encor' dans l' ventre de sa mère
Il lui léchait son gros derrière


Bali Balo monte à vélo
Mais il avait l'systèm' si gros
Qu'en pédalant vraiment à fond
La peau d'ses couilles s'prit dans l'rayon


Bali Balo à bicyclette
Ne faisait guèr' de kilomètres
Car avec sa longue pine qui traîne
Celle-ci se prend toujours dans la chaîne


Pendant la grève des tramways
Il montra bien ce qu'il était
Pour aiguiller les gross's machines
Il appuyait avec sa pine


Bali Balo est sur le quai
En train de se gratter la raie
Passant sa bite par une fenêt'
Il arrêta le train stop net


Bali Balo monte en bateau
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Il y avait des thons en bancs
Pendant des heures lui suçaient le gland


Bali Balo dans le désert
Se trimbalait les couilles à l'air
Arriva un nuage de grenouilles
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Bali Balo dans le désert
Suça la couille d'un dromadaire
Il la trouva un peu amére
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Bali Balo sur sa moto
Faisait du cent et du zéro
Et c'est dans c'putain virage
Qu'y s'l'ai prises dans l'embrayage


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Se tapa la mère supérieure
La vieille lui dit jamais le seigneur
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"Cochon", lui dit la soeur Alice
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-- Merci à Caliméro

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Qu'à 300 mètres dans l'atmosphère
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La servant' qui était sur le seuil
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Il a un b'soin à satisfaire
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Les deux autres se font des tartines
Avec le fromag' de sa pine


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S'arrachant la pine avec rage
Il s'en fit une canne de voyage


Bali Balo dans son cercueil
Bandait encore comme un chevreuil
Avec sa bite en arc de cercle
Il parvint à soulever l'couvercle


Bali Balo monta aux cieux
Mais son comport'ment fut odieux
Dès que l'bon Dieu eut l'dos tourné
Il essayait de l'enculer


Bali Balo au paradis
Voulut sauter la Vierge Marie
"A nom de Dieu" dit l'Eternel
"Tu prends le ciel pour un bordel"


Bali Balo fut tout confus
De ne pouvoir lui foutre au cul
Branlant sa pine de part et d'autre
Il aspergea les douze apôtres


Trois quarts de siècle après sa mort
Bali Balo bandait encore
Il n'avait plus que son squelette
Mais il avait toujours sa quéquette

Posted: Nov 21, 2006 10:03 am
the rape ape is a micropenis like his friends.
you're just a shit, so i march on you (with my left foot).
your mother is dead on my dick too.
fucking racist ignorant american shit .
come in france, you'll be welcome....little child. You just born and you still smell your mother's pussy ( you smell shit)
just die
Posted: Nov 21, 2006 3:11 pm
In related news, The Fatals broke up.
Posted: Nov 21, 2006 3:11 pm
Disbanded, even.
Posted: Nov 21, 2006 3:44 pm
you started something ...
Posted: Nov 21, 2006 4:13 pm
Posted: Nov 21, 2006 4:39 pm
I am very, very tiny.
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 6:40 am
If you think the Fatals made better records than the Hipshakes & Grabbies & Live Fast Die you're either deeef or a Euronigger.

(Trickknee, joining in, nov 14th)

I don't understand why you guys are making everything into a Europe vs. US Death Match.

(Trickknee, nov 20th)

How dumb is this guy really. I only know he released a few records, of which one (The CB's) was allright, but did he escape from some mental hospital or something?

(Good jokes though, just above.)
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 6:59 am | Edited by: paulyjerkface
Hipshakes are from England.. Grabbies are from Italy. Live Fast Die is the only US band. How is that US vs. Europe?
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 7:56 am | Edited by: Mark Beef
I think these Eurios don't read the american so goot

and the real battle is me against you, so who cares
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 8:00 am
hey rape ape, have you sucked a clown? who old are you? do you got pubic hairs?
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 8:03 am
Just asking. I think it's rather stupid to accuse all europeans of bad taste just because one seems to like the Fatals a bit too much according to this weirdo?
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 8:05 am
this is not US Vs. Europe, this is poor snotty-nosed kid Vs. normals guy (american or european).
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 8:07 am
message for french penis: if you send me your email adress, i send you a photo of my dick ( a panoramic photo, of course...)
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 8:07 am
the normals were involved
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 8:10 am
hi ding! how is the weather today? ah ah
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 8:13 am
fuckin damp
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 8:17 am
oh, is the same here. merde.
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 8:26 am
Gonna go fishin in a while. Love it. Even in this weather. X-file Swamp Waether. Gonna catch me Scully!
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 9:05 am
So the whole point is if you like the Black lips better than the DC snipers, LiveFastDie and the Normals yer either deeeeeeeaf or a yankeejew, right?? I'm outta heeeeeere.... (go see the Normals)
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 9:45 am
Damn, about them Black Lips. Great band, but if they had sent around the life at WFMU lp of this year as a first 'demo', nobody would have ever signed them.
The whole point to me - don't hold your breath - seems that a difference in taste is quite a topic amongst some nitwits here.
Fuckin' Yankees seem to think they own The Taste.
Really Star Wars.
May The Taste be with you Trickknee!

I'm off too.
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 11:51 am
I hate Robert Goulet and love Edith Piaf

I are so confused
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 11:59 am
Josh Carbona telling Piero to take a bath was one of my Blackout highlights this year. He didn't even know he was French.
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 12:03 pm
please, don't understand "the normals" but a "normal" guy. and i khnow that using the word "normal" is difficult. I think i'm not very normal too, but , sure, i'm not a racist genital atrophy like those guys.
have a nice day
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 12:10 pm
i love bernard menez
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 1:17 pm
I'm happy this thread is still going. I love "wild and crazy guy" English!
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 2:25 pm
Josh Carbona telling Piero to take a bath was one of my Blackout highlights

like he bathed the whole tour or somethin....
Posted: Nov 22, 2006 3:36 pm
So very, very small.
Posted: Nov 25, 2006 12:02 pm
Quelle est la différence entre un américain mangeant du chewing-gum et une vache qui rumine ?
- Il y a une lueur d'intelligence dans l'oeil de la vache.
Posted: Nov 25, 2006 1:53 pm
(US) America is on a downhill slope. Going downward.

It don't have the tallest buildings anymore (now Taiwan), it ain't gots the financial capital of the world (now London, probably moving to India or China)...

History will not be kind to the jive turkeys who elected George W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger; and that means YOU, motherfucker: you, with the Fritos bag jacking off to your MyFace page.

If the Holy Quran is correct (and it ain't missed a motherfucker since 200 years after Jesus), your grandchildren will be emmigrating to Israel/the Mideast, and you don't even know where that is; so, g'head, shoot your loudmouths off now while there's still time.

You all best hope ta' shit, the Mayan Calendar catches us first (2012). The final Texas chainsaw log death match doen't even involve the US.

I have four Fatals 45s and the 10".
Posted: Nov 25, 2006 6:58 pm
Va te faire enculer
Tu es fils d'un gay et d'une pute
Le cerveau il etait en option chez toi
Tu pues tellement de la gueule que t'attire les mouches
Je suis fier de mon cul quand je vois ta gueule
Tu pues le rat crevé
Suce moi et fais moi jouir
Tu pues la merde!
Va te faire foutre, trouduc
Residu de capote
Enculé de ta race entière!
T'est qu'une sale pute qui se met des godes et du poulet dans le cul.
Tapes-toi une queue et va niquer ta mère espèce de connard qui se lèche le cul chaque matin en fumant des gauloises pour le petit-déj'
Si les cerveaux étaient de l'essence, ils ne seraient pas suffisants pour faire tourner un kart de fourmis à l'intérieur d'un beignet.
Essaye cette manoeuvre: Prendre 50-60 pas en arrière. Prendre plusieurs souffles profonds. Sprinter en avant à toute vitesse. Faire un triple saut périlleux en l'air et disparaître dans ton propre cul.
ta maman est si grosse que quand je lui digité, j'ai perdu ma montre et 2 anneuex
Tu as une plus petit noeud!
Posted: Nov 25, 2006 7:04 pm
people who don't speak american are stupid. america rules!!!
Posted: Nov 26, 2006 4:09 am

Posted: Nov 26, 2006 4:12 am
mark beef=fagburn. busted.
Posted: Nov 26, 2006 6:01 am
Jasper...can you e-mail me KINGCRAZY@MSN.COM or myspace me?
Posted: Nov 26, 2006 8:25 am
Holy Christ, you fuckers are dumber than a sack of hair:


It's the 13th baktun: that's 2012, you hamhock.

So, you "underground rock 'n' roll" fans are just football coaches with record players and MySpace pages, aren'tcha?
Posted: Nov 26, 2006 1:46 pm
Well, that and God's chosen people.
Posted: Nov 26, 2006 8:49 pm
So, you "underground rock 'n' roll" fans are just football coaches

as long as you're not talking that amputated arm sport of fagball over in ye olden country

and I have no idea what a "fagburn" is Nedders?
is that what you got on your face after Monster Magnet was done with you
Posted: Nov 27, 2006 9:26 pm
people who don't speak american are stupid. america rules!!!

Marcel Proust, Du côté de chez Swann, Ed. Gallimard.

Mais (surtout à partir du moment où les beaux jours s'installaient à Combray) il y avait bien longtemps que l'heure altière de midi, descendue de la tour de Saint-Hilaire qu'elle armoriait des douze fleurons momentanés de sa couronne sonore, avait retenti autour de notre table, auprès du pain bénit venu lui aussi familièrement en sortant de l'église, quand nous étions encore assis devant les assiettes des Mille et une nuits, appesantis par la chaleur et surtout par le repas. Car, au fond permanent d'œufs, de côtelettes, de pommes de terre, de confitures, de biscuits, qu'elle ne nous annonçait même plus, Françoise ajoutait - selon les travaux des champs et des vergers, le fruit de la marée, les hasards du commerce, les politesses des voisins et son propre génie, et si bien que notre menu, comme ces quatre-feuilles qu'on sculptait au XIIIe siècle au portail des cathédrales, reflétait un peu le rythme des saisons et des épisodes de la vie - : une barbue parce que la marchande lui en avait garanti la fraîcheur, une dinde parce qu'elle en avait vu une belle au marché de Roussainville-le-Pin, des cardons à la moelle parce qu'elle ne nous en avait pas encore fait de cette manière-là, un gigot rôti parce que le grand air creuse et qu'il avait bien le temps de descendre d'ici sept heures, des épinards pour changer, des abricots parce que c'était encore une rareté, des groseilles parce que dans quinze jours il n'y en aurait plus, des framboises que M. Swann avait apportées exprès, des cerises, les premières qui vinssent du cerisier du jardin après deux ans qu'il n'en donnait plus, du fromage à la crème que j'aimais bien autrefois, un gâteau aux amandes parce qu'elle l'avait commandé la veille, une brioche parce que c'était notre tour de l'offrir. Quand tout cela était fini, composée expressément pour nous, mais dédiée plus spécialement à mon père qui était amateur, une crème au chocolat, inspiration, attention personnelle de Françoise, nous était offerte, fugitive et légère comme une œuvre de circonstance où elle avait mis tout son talent. Celui qui eût refusé d'en goûter en disant : "J'ai fini, je n'ai plus faim", se serait immédiatement ravalé au rang de ces goujats qui, même dans le présent qu'un artiste leur fait d'une de ses œuvres, regardent au poids et à la matière alors que n'y valent que l'intention et la signature. Même en laisser une seule goutte dans le plat eût témoigné de la même impolitesse que se lever avant la fin du morceau au nez du compositeur.
Posted: Nov 27, 2006 9:35 pm
I understood the following words:

Posted: Nov 28, 2006 5:27 am
Posted: Nov 28, 2006 9:50 pm
Comme tous les soirs, un grand poete français. A demain les enfants...

Voyage Au Pays Des Vivants (Johnny Hallyday)

Le jour de ma naissance Un scarabée est mort
Je le porte autour de mon cou
Fleur de porcelaine
Au parfum interdit
Je n'accepterai que les fous

Je ne recommencerai jamais ce que j'ai fait

Jouets de soldats morts
Poursuivants des enfants
Ils courent dans ma direction
Trêve de musique
Aux couleurs de cristal
Qui réclament ma Protection

Je ne recommencerai jamais ce que j'ai fait

Les bras du soleil
Aux ondes de diamants
Ont capturés mon esprit
Sous un ciel de feu
Mes souvenirs d'amour
Réclament ma protection

Je ne recommencerai jamais ce que j'ai fait
Posted: Nov 28, 2006 10:00 pm
goddamn! 5 dollars for shipping a fucking 7"????

seriously. does it really cost that much? can ebay do anything about shipping gouging?
Posted: Nov 29, 2006 2:11 am
costs about a buck and a quarter
after the shipping envelope and bubble-wrap and the time it takes to go to the post office, shipping a 7" is worth 3 bucks (that's how much that Fatals/Evolutions split says shipping cost on it too, not 5)
Posted: Nov 29, 2006 2:24 am
my bad
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