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Posted: Nov 4, 2006 11:19 pm
went to see them in birmingham al last night and they canceled fuck you and your sandcastle. then missed withcraft waiting on your slack asses. maybe if you got reatard's dick out of your collective pooper, you wouldn't have been "all partyed out" according to the detroit cobras merch guy. i guess i would rather make out with the black lips in atlanta than play a shit hole in bama, too. gas is expensive. black snakes are black.
Posted: Nov 4, 2006 11:53 pm
we popped a tire and couldn\'t make it. we are never partied out. sick sometimes, but we tour for life. if anything, it woulda just been cool hanging out with you, chad. don\'t listen to the haters. by the time we got here, the black lips were still in nyc, anyway.
love ya
Posted: Nov 4, 2006 11:58 pm
on top of that, we played a fun show in nashville the day after memphis and slept a bunch. we were ready.
Posted: Nov 5, 2006 12:02 am
If you'd had a magic carpet all of this could have been avoided.
Posted: Nov 5, 2006 2:42 am
yeah I missed you guys in Austin last weekend at the after show that never happened and drove 4hrs to Birmingham only to be punked out a second time. Arrrrgh! y'all don't deserve sleeves.
Posted: Nov 5, 2006 3:22 am
i knew there was a reason i couldn't shake off my pre-show powernap last night and wake up enuff in order to make the 8-minute drive to the nick - there was no show to see! i am oddly thankful.
Posted: Nov 5, 2006 3:27 am
... on account of the nick is just fucking awful. that's what i'm thankful for. king khan and bbq, pls to come back to bham someday.
Posted: Nov 5, 2006 4:36 pm
yeah woulda been fun partying with yall....i wish i had the money and time back that i wasted buying drugs for you guys from one of the most annoying biker retards i have ever met.

who are you??? i didn't know that i was an hour and a half away from a (potentially) like minded individual
Posted: Nov 5, 2006 5:11 pm
hey! i'm nobody you know. i don't think!

bham's actually been sorta not totally crummy lately. shellac, comedian zach galifaniakius and also the soul show at bottletree, black lips at the local kidpunk place last sunday ... other assorted stuff i've probably blown off, not known about, etc etc. and also stuff i've missed, like overnight lows?

next time something's going on here, drop an email contact on the board - i'll get in touch!
Posted: Nov 6, 2006 10:59 pm | Edited by: trey

you should have come to atl. they played two nights back to back this weekend including a free house show. you could have crashed at my place again. too late now.
Posted: Nov 7, 2006 3:07 am

you should have never moved from new orleans
and you could stayed at my house with them and
a bottle of nutella for two days. too late now.
Posted: Nov 7, 2006 4:12 am
I would go see bands but I gotta work 2 jobs just to live....life blows
Posted: Nov 7, 2006 3:55 pm
Welcome to New York.
Posted: Nov 7, 2006 11:08 pm
yo trey...where's my 7" i ordered???hmmmm?...thanks for the late invite

matt...thanks for continually rubbing it in. one day you'll be the king of the hollywood strip, and i will come visit. i just don't think the hollyweird goth/aqua net heads will be able to handle such a prized possesion, we'll see?!?!?


oh and mark...
according to ed oblivian.......yer lying to me.
i won't believe the haters though, i just can't bear to think that you would lie to lil ole me.
Posted: Nov 7, 2006 11:13 pm
you didn't order one. you just asked me to hold it for you. which i'm still doing. at least thats what i thought. am i wrong? email me.

and kkbbq are playing with spooks on thursday in ATL and then with black lips on friday in Athens if you want to make the drive back to GA.
Posted: Nov 7, 2006 11:37 pm
we had a nail lodged in our tire since dallas and shit happened. after all was said and done, we may or may not have been able to make the show and we had to make a decision after not getting the check (not cash) in nashville the night before (this was actually our fault but it left us with no money and it coulda been the same case in alabama). we had to make some shitty decisions on this tour. it woulda been nice to hang with the black lips in atlanta, too, but we also knew they were in nyc. being called a liar is a lot better than some of things we have been called and we can definitely live with the repercussions.
Posted: Nov 7, 2006 11:46 pm
and when folks told us joe dirty was telling people we were 'too drunk' (?!) to play in alabama, we thought it was a light-hearted joke. guess not.
Posted: Nov 8, 2006 12:40 am
trey......oops.just checked my paypal history and it looks like i never paid you, and i swear i did..."stop smokin weed you dummy" that's what my wife says

mark..i promise i'm not stressing or talking shit. i still luv you.
Posted: Nov 8, 2006 12:47 am
yo chad, it's cool to question us. no prob. we have done a lot of stupid shit.
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