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Posted: Sep 16, 2006 4:48 am
tomorrow 11-6 at the renegade craft fair. www.renegadecraft.com
Posted: Sep 16, 2006 12:01 pm
So whatcha selling and how do folks find your booth? I'm pretty sure my wife's planning on checking this out today.
Posted: Sep 16, 2006 1:54 pm
Lisa is selling really awesome tee shirts and I am selling baby stuff. We're booth #58!
Posted: Sep 16, 2006 2:57 pm
today! (and tomorrow)
Posted: Sep 16, 2006 3:04 pm
pffft. i thought i was gonna finally see those cans.
Posted: Sep 16, 2006 3:10 pm
who knows? - at that last minute Sunday afternoon sales crunch, "wares" could me a whole lotta different stuff...too bad yer in NYC.....
Posted: Sep 16, 2006 3:21 pm
if you had gotten the utruns single you'd have those two topless in no time, bill. it's a fuckin aphrodesiac fer the ladies!!! (whoops. now everybody knows...)
Posted: Sep 16, 2006 4:27 pm
whats a utrun?
Posted: Sep 16, 2006 5:55 pm
What is your company name? Do you have a website?

***Any suggestions for a good gift for our one year old nephew? He is a happy, bright kid with the body of a linebacker, with brainiac parents who love him to have interesting, unusual toys etc.***
Posted: Sep 16, 2006 7:20 pm
If that Lekkner chick is there someone buy me a shirt. I will send $$. Preferably one with some new mexican lookin wolf on it.
Posted: Sep 17, 2006 4:27 am
F'arts & Craph'ts !
Posted: Sep 17, 2006 6:34 am
me: www.sheriffpeanut.com

billisa (I can't believe it took me so long to call you guys that): www.blackholepress.com

Sarah, i will look tomorrow. text me the size.

fiery, if you have some bling and want to get him cool toys go to www.mahardrygoods.com and tell them I sent ya. If you want clothing, talk to me, babe.
Posted: Sep 17, 2006 5:16 pm
Oh my god--that Yeti doll is so great, as are the hooded monster towels...but yeah, yikes with the cash. I'd pay $40 for the Yeti though. Thing is I just got him an Ice Bat and those are kinda similar.

Clothes are probably a bad idea cos he is so huge and grows really fast, but I will check and see. They are the types to go to Old Navy for bebe clothes, really (which I'd do to if I actually had to worry about a kid growing out of everything fast).
Posted: Sep 17, 2006 5:25 pm
You're an Ice Bat.
Posted: Sep 18, 2006 11:19 pm
2 things:

1. norah, i might need a pillow with a horse on it
2. billisa, what are the chances i can get one of those john cage musicircus shirts?

email me!
Posted: Sep 18, 2006 11:26 pm
we actually have a couple sitting around...don't talk to bill about it, he still doesn't respond well to bringing it up...it was the most pain in the ass order we've ever done but they look great...you wear and Large right?

the guy that designed it put the wrong year for the quote on the back (one of many reasons the order sucked) so hopefully you're not a John Cage quote perfectionist or boy will you be pissed.
Posted: Sep 18, 2006 11:39 pm
Lisa is selling really awesome tee shirts and I am selling baby stuff.

Babies are gay.
Posted: Sep 18, 2006 11:48 pm
wrong john cage quote date gets you banned from most babywear festivals around these parts.
Posted: Sep 18, 2006 11:53 pm
Not only that, but, Bill and Lisa, you're out of the Rotary Club.
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 12:01 am
WE DIDN"T DESIGN THEM!! and also we were rushing to get them done because we were going to stupid memphis for stupid gonerfest! so
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 12:02 am
I said you're out. Hand in your Lions Club badges, too.
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 12:04 am
you're a lions club badge BITCH!
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 12:06 am
you're also gay.

Posted: Sep 19, 2006 5:02 pm
yes large...i emailing you about it
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 6:42 pm
Did anyone stop by the Jenny Hart booth?
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 7:11 pm | Edited by: Windy
can't remember but i dug the t-shirts w/ chicago landmarks on them - made from original photography.touristy, i know. forgot to go back
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 7:12 pm
I bought a zine called Mean Zine Submarine, made by a five year old kid named Herbie.
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 8:05 pm
Did anyone stop by the Jenny Hart booth?

Our bandmates gf was helping her out, so I stopped by for a sec.
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 8:37 pm
I bought a zine called Mean Zine Submarine, made by a five year old kid named Herbie.

damn, we must have missed you! didn't see you there.
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 8:41 pm
Argh, I think your stuff is so cute. I had looked at your site awhile back and I was just telling my boyfriend about your bibs. He's made a teddy bear for my neice, a fish puppet for our friend and he just made a monkey puppet made to look like Michael Nesmith for another friend.

The Nesmith puppet turned out so well he's considering doing this as more as a full time thing to make extra money (that's when I told him about your bib makin' biz). I'd love to be able to get him in contact with you when he decides to as I know he'll have questions.

First, I have to buy him a sewing machine for his birthday though.
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 8:46 pm
The Nesmith puppet turned out so well

i need to see a picture of this
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 8:47 pm
sewing machine for his birthday

oh yer datin a fag???
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 8:50 pm
i'll post pics when I get 'em from my friend who took 'em, Lisa. Yeah, it's really cute (he took pics with him coming out from behind a tree and everything).

(oh yeah, Argh, if you wouldn't mind answering Q's, that is. I think he'd be able to make extra cash for sure if he marketed it right)
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 8:52 pm

Our bandmates gf was helping her out, so I stopped by for a sec.

I heard she was less than hospitable on the SS part of caftster, then they took the post down. I was just being nosy.
Posted: Sep 19, 2006 8:52 pm
him coming out

okay. i got ya. say no more. (wink. wink.)
Posted: Sep 20, 2006 5:28 pm
Posted: Sep 20, 2006 5:31 pm
Posted: Sep 20, 2006 9:57 pm
I heard she was less than hospitable on the SS part of caftster, then they took the post down. I was just being nosy.

I don't know what this means. SS? Shit Sandwich?

Posted: Sep 20, 2006 10:37 pm
I have robot t-shirts left too. since your all in a buying mood.
Posted: Sep 20, 2006 10:42 pm
I'll buy a suit... a suit of DRUGS!
Posted: Sep 20, 2006 10:59 pm
Sublime Stitchin...mistaken identity, oh la la.
Posted: Sep 21, 2006 7:22 pm
what happened what happened.
Posted: Sep 22, 2006 5:33 am
that Monkey Nesmith is too much.
Posted: Sep 22, 2006 6:45 am
too much what?

it's too fuckin' awesome is what it is.
Posted: Sep 22, 2006 5:28 pm
Exactly! It's totally awesome. Is there a Peter Tork in the works?
Posted: Sep 22, 2006 9:03 pm
no! i wish! hopefully next time i post something about this, "Harris' Puppets and Other Cute Shit" online store will be up and running.
Posted: Sep 22, 2006 9:10 pm
When my friend first had his child years ago and my girl and I were running a patch/shirt distro we made his kid an Anal Cunt bib with the AxCx logo on it.
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