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Posted: Aug 23, 2006 10:24 pm
Posted: Aug 23, 2006 10:24 pm
I'm still waiting on the restraining order details, my man

And all it took was mentioning Dee Dee, Lou Reed, and Danny Fields to get Dirk to drop the fag routine? I'm hired too, bitch!
Posted: Aug 23, 2006 10:29 pm
the goner board hasn't partied like this in a long time. PARTY!
Posted: Aug 23, 2006 10:35 pm
I know, right, those goddamn yuppie downstairs neighbors are gonna call the cops soon!
Posted: Aug 23, 2006 10:40 pm
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:15 am
oh I see...I felt bad when I realized Ned truly is delusional and insane and thats why his grasp on reality is so tenuous as shown on the internet.....that's why I'm to blame

sorry Ned, I'll shut down the rays I've been projecting into your home to warp your mind. I'm very sorry I did that, but I got paid a lot of money from the government.

Okay you may have your brain back now
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:22 am
Where you at beef?
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:23 am
are you here?
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:23 am
do you see me?
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:25 am
I'm making you touch yerself, jerky
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:25 am
now eat a chip
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:25 am
okay put your right leg in
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:26 am
now put your right leg out
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:26 am
now put you right leg in
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:31 am
now solve this equation
Trecon= 5 /Ta2(-- ) 3
v 12
Posted: Aug 26, 2006 1:39 am
can you make scott disappear??? permanent-like...
Posted: Aug 28, 2006 6:15 pm | Edited by: CrucialDude
screw it i'm gonna play bass for these guys
Posted: Aug 28, 2006 8:35 pm
looks like bazooka joe couldn't hack the $199 investment in a bass so he's back to management. mike sniper fax me...
Posted: Aug 28, 2006 9:29 pm
wait a minute...i thought i was gonna play bass.
Posted: Aug 28, 2006 9:30 pm
If this band turns uut to be anythng like the Action Swingers you'll get your chance.
Posted: Aug 28, 2006 9:37 pm
no fags with beards.
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