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Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:12 am | Edited by: Jackie Vinyl
find more rock.

nectar of the gods. you know the deal.

is anyone rocking to some really good rock?
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:32 am
Evil Army
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:33 am
He's right, you know.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:50 am
I mean, c'mon. You can't front on this:
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 5:08 am
Also, The Jeff Gunn Experience. But I wouldn't know because the second practice got cancelled, too.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 5:40 am
Tim Gunn Experience?
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 5:50 am
evil army rules.

end of discussion.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 5:56 am
Tim Gunn Experience?

No, sir. The Jeff Gunn Experience. I'm calling it that because I have no idea what the name will be. We haven't even practiced yet (not Jeff's fault this time; my gear was packed and I was ready for war). See also on wiki, "miss linda".
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 3:21 pm
When we were at Cool and Crazy last week I FINALLY found the "V-Lips Greatest Hits" comp after years of searching and only having a cassette. It's still there in the back until Friday whenI go to pick it up. Stop by and Tim should know where it is. Ask him to play you the Sound of Imker track. It's totally Jenna-fied ROCK.

Sorry you fags, it was the only copy.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:07 pm
that evil army is some sick ME-TAL. come east!

bj, will do on the V-Lips tip--awesome!

you know when you get that feeling for a new injection. it's like physical.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:08 pm
Just don't scratch it. I'll never find another copy.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:29 pm
that v-lips lp is one of my absolute favorite comps, i love that nederbeat shit. "your body, but not your soul", "when people talk", "please come home", "be mine again", said imker song - hits only. i didn't know that was out of print - but i bet there's some mailorders who got a copy left. so use google, or grab it here while you can!

i can't believe how nice i am today.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:32 pm
WOW! It's been outta prinf for a long time as far as I know. It came out over 20 years ago! I can't imagine it'll go for cheap.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:40 pm
I can't imagine it'll go for cheap

don't know about that, but i bet there's at least one newer pressing - i think i bought it off crypt/europe like 5 years ago and i often saw it at a couple of those 60's mailorders again since then.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:42 pm
Cool, but now I'm bummed I've been w/o it for so long and unnecessarily.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:53 pm
hahaha, i don't know man - maybe that was only a couple copies turned up again from back then, and us stores didn't carry it? i'd just go for that version.
Posted: Aug 2, 2006 11:02 pm
hey, i feel bad about probably having spoiled your find (that was not my intention), so i'll just let you know where to look in case you're searching for other stuff similar to that comp:

this is a GREAT hint for 60's reissues sold out elsewhere - you can tell by the look of that page that it's not too frequented. and then, check this place for other sold out, new stuff (last time i checked that guy still even had copies of the sore losers ost 2xlp...

and if anyone (...the dutch?) knows where i can pick up those op-art releases (beat express etc), of which i missed all except for 5 or 6, let me know as well. in a couple years we'll be glad about everything we COULD find, and i guess it's no problem to help each other out here now - that was my only intention after all.
Posted: Aug 3, 2006 1:26 pm | Edited by: ottawarockerdude
Double Pumpers - Waiting

it's a rock song
Posted: Aug 7, 2006 7:10 pm
finally getting into the Evil Army full length. D A A A A A A A M N ! ! ! ! ! !
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