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Posted: Jul 27, 2006 12:37 am
My buddy hipped me to this free program, NeoOffice. reads microsoft office files, and microsoft office will in turn read these. need osx 10.3, and its still a little slow, but what the fuck. it'll get better, and that shit is free. no more finding hacked versions of office to travel between pc's and my mac. killer. anyway, just thought some of you'se would be interested.


Posted: Jul 27, 2006 1:51 am
THANK YOU. I hate having to translate every file to Appleworks and it looks ugly.
Posted: Jul 27, 2006 1:58 am
yeah, for all the design work mac puts into their products, you'd think appleworks would look half-ass decent. i hate that fucking program. i guess this program will get an update on aug 1, so keep checking back to their homepage.

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