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Posted: Feb 23, 2006 2:29 am
What do you fellow vinyl addicts store your 45s in? I have a BUNCH of those record totes with the funny TV show/band/cartoon characters on them and a few platter paks. I'm not 100% sure but I think I have at least one of every single one of those record tote variations. If there's one I don't have, I've never heard of it.

So, what are yours in?
Posted: Feb 23, 2006 2:42 am
stacked in piles
Posted: Feb 23, 2006 2:44 am
in a cardbord box. along with everything else i own.
Posted: Feb 23, 2006 2:48 am
a shelf
Posted: Feb 23, 2006 5:28 am
Nobody else has a Welcome Back Kotter record tote? I'm either ridiculously cool or ridiculously not.
Posted: Feb 23, 2006 5:35 am
WHerever they fit in my house. Tucked into corners. Closets. Entertainment center.
Posted: Feb 23, 2006 5:37 am
a small prepuce-lined tin trash can works great.
Posted: Feb 23, 2006 5:47 am
What the fuck is "prepuce"?? I didn't want to look dumb so I looked that word up on Websters and got this definition:" a similar fold investing the clitoris" and that's the only defintion. Maybe you meant something else, maybe not, but I don't wanna see your trashcan, Mr. Dahmer.

BTW, you know how when someone has been somewhere before on a computer and it remembers the searchwords (I don't know the technical name for that)? Someone here at work was searching for the Webster's online dictionary before and typed in "wesbters dictionery". Just thought that was more than ironic.
Posted: Feb 23, 2006 6:09 am
I have an ICP clown make-up bag that I converted to hold records.
Posted: Feb 23, 2006 6:23 am
Again, please stop confusing me with the ICP dope, okay?? We're obviously not the same guy.
Posted: Feb 23, 2006 6:27 am
All over the floor.
Posted: Feb 25, 2006 1:50 am
Until you can afford shelves or organizers, shoeboxes work pretty well. Put the lid on the bottom of the box to give it more stability.
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