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Posted: Dec 15, 2005 2:11 am
Transit strike is indeed gonna fuck EVERYTHING up around here. How is everybody gonna be getting around? Remember, all bridges, tunnels, & all of Manhattan south of 96th st. are HOV 4 and the Williamsburg bridge is reversal rush hour traffic only. Meaning from 2pm to 8pm it's outbound traffic only. That completely fucks me up. Any advice? Joe/Christeene...what are you guys gonna do?

Check the story link:


Joe/Christeene, if you plan on not attending work, it's posible I could use yer help at the store/construction/livinghell if ya want. Call me.
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 2:32 am
fucking hell.... while i am glad i am not there to suffer that shit (i am a brooklynite as well)...i feel for you all. that is fucked up.

i guess if you have cars, you still can't really get around. its winter - do they expect you to ride bikes?

who has to cave to make the TWU go to work?
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 2:33 am | Edited by: jblundell
most of the "experts" say it isn't gonna happen, but the union guys say its dead serious. i don't know anything about NY, really, but i've been reading up on this thing. halfway expected it when it was all over the papers that the MTA had a BILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS. i'd be pissed if my company was advertising that they had an extra BILLION.

then, i found out that the MTAs average salary is nearly $60 grand and they have one of the best benefits packages around. the union wants 8% raise and the MTA says they'll only give 'em 3%.

what's the address of your record shop going to be dtrain?
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 2:34 am
d, tell jamie i have a hat for her. i bought it on a whim but it cannot be worn on my head-- i'm way too uptight. but she could rock it with style. i'll bring it down to the jobsite.
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 2:39 am
you have 2 feet. use them. c'mon, you can't walk some miles? get some nice exercise out of the whole experience. it'll do you some good.
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 2:39 am | Edited by: sixteene
dtrain, call me at home...i don't have the cell & your number's in there.
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 2:46 am
its winter! hell, i used to cross the brooklyn bridge on foot during summer to work the lard off my ass... but WINTER? forget it! can you say frostbite?
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 3:06 am
It's like ...16 fuckin degreeze today. I am NOT walking over the goddam bridge in this shit. The address is at Grand & Berry street in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I'm not exactly sure what the actual address is . I think it's 121 Grand Street. Yes.. I'm positive it is.
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 5:19 am
my job said today that people who depend on the subway can "work from home" and get paid... I'm rooting for a strike now!
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 6:16 am
Yo Dtrain...go on vacation... you can come here and see the Spits. Stay at the CVBV's... aka my crib!
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 6:21 am
yeah, always wanted to be a subway train driver or at least a toll collector and if you live in the big apple 60 k barely makes it for you..
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 3:17 pm
Thanks Dutch! Unfortunately, I've got a deadline on this record store that involve the buildings dept. Strike or not, I gotsta work. But thanks!
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 3:23 pm
I"ll be sitting at home with my right thumb up my ass, posting on Goner with my left hand. I really wouldn't mind a strike for a couple days. Work is soooo sloooow right now. Won't really be picking up around here until the new year.
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 4:01 pm
get on a bike you lazy fucks.
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 4:19 pm
get on a bike you lazy fucks.

fuck that. right now it's 26 degrees out. i have to get work at some point next week even if there's a strike, which means i'll have to ride my bike over the brooklyn bridge to the world trade center. i don't mind the bike ride, but at 7 a.m. in the cold is gonna bite.

dtrain, i meant to call you last night. i'm off regular work tomorrow and can help at the site. i'll call you up later.
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 4:28 pm
Jenna: THANKS! But I am not doing the construction thing anymore. My old job needed me back starting today, so..........If i recall correctly, union almost went on strike a few years back and RIGHT before the deadline they worked something out. So......
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 4:42 pm
great, i take the PATH train to work so i guess i'll be here all alone
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 5:01 pm
PATH is gonna be packed and crazy. They're doing a special WTC to 33rd line, like a mini subway for downtown, which is surely going to screw up the regular schedule. Not looking forward to the WTC to upper Soho walk in this weather.
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 5:19 pm
Posted: Dec 15, 2005 5:36 pm
jamie, i'll bring it saturday to the trash affair. if you're not there, i'll give it to dash to pass on.
Posted: Dec 16, 2005 1:38 am
Nice how the MTA would rather fuck the whole city and it's employees than just buckle down and pay people what they're worth. Things are gettin' sicker and greedier than ever these days.
Have fun walkin' y'all.
Posted: Dec 16, 2005 2:04 am
Sixteene's boss said he expects everybody to show up tomorrow if the strike actually happens. He said he'd pay for car service/ cabs, but the problem is that you have to have at least 3 passengers (going into Manhattan only) due to a carpool law that will be in effect in the event the strike is on. There's two of us and we work close enough to eachother that we could go together, but we don't know anybody else around here that we could take along to make three.
Posted: Dec 16, 2005 2:12 am
i work at a deli. And its union. SO.. I could go on strike...!!!
" Meijer dont pay us shit, and your insurance sucks.."

fuggin cheapskate dutch store owners.
Posted: Dec 16, 2005 2:56 am
Do you remember when this shit was on the verge of happenin' a few years ago? Bloomburg actually had the balls to get on tv and say he was gonna ride a bike to work. Horseshit! He turned around and gave the unused bike to some kid in Brooklyn. I swear, that guy is a lil' troll asswipe. I feel for you guys, seriously.... I might be comin 'up there this spring. Got a couch for a nig to sleep on?
Posted: Dec 16, 2005 4:54 pm
Jenna: I will not be at the gig on saturday nite. We have an Xmas party that was committed to a while back. Anyhow, I will see Tom on Monday for practice, so.....thanks!!! So thoughtful!
Posted: Dec 16, 2005 8:56 pm
Like Bloomburger ever rides public transportation even if it is working except to take a photo opp.
So... how are things today in the big onion?
Posted: Dec 16, 2005 9:18 pm
I hear he really does ride the train every day.

Thi8s is cool over here. We got a jump to 50 degrees today. I'm gettin' drunk with 16 and Dtrain tonight. Hopefully I won't puke again. I still remember our romantic Cisco puke in your old apt. That was awesome.
Posted: Dec 17, 2005 12:28 am
Eric H, please call me again as I don't have yer # in my phone for some reason. I think we are OK for crew right now but I'll let you know. Jaime will be sure to tell you how much funn it is.
Transit strike is pushed to Wedensday.
What show are you talking about tomorrow. There's a WLWL show tomorrow night at Balanza by my house at Lorimer & Maujer. I'm gonna DJ with Chris Teenager. See ya there!
Posted: Dec 17, 2005 12:35 am
It didn't ruin Stern's last day so I don't care.
Posted: Dec 17, 2005 2:02 am
the union wants 8% raise and the MTA says they'll only give 'em 3%.

Raise your hand if you work in the private sector and have ever gotten a raise higher than 3%.

New York's city workforce is something like a third the size of the entire federal government!!!
Posted: Dec 18, 2005 2:22 am
urine inspires us. if the trains are down there won't be any inspiration from urinating bums. don't make us think about that. we need to be inspired to write and fill the world with the joy of schlong, oops... song!
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 5:17 am
Looks like they're gonna do it.
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 8:29 am
The Strokes
Posted: Dec 17, 2005, 8:22 pm
urine inspires us.

have you guys been talkin' with kim fowley. all this urine talk... jeez
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 2:29 pm
Sixteene's boss is coming to pick us up, and we only work about 15 blocks away from eachother. So... we'll get to work (good, cuz my paycheck is there) but getting home might be a dilemma. Hmmmmm.....
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 3:34 pm
shit, i bet bazooks & xtine don't make it to work until around noon
shit is bananas
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 3:40 pm
4 layers, a sinus infection, and broadsided by a car on the way in. But I made it. just sayin.
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 3:51 pm
i seem to be the only person from my department at work today (thus far) -- i have no excuse since i'm coming in on the PATH train. it's going to be a fucking nightmare getting back home on PATH though -- gonna be filled with fuckers just going downtown.
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 4:36 pm
You know this MTA guy referred to the new employees as "The Unborn" in reference to them not being offered the same benefits as long-term employees. For shame.
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 6:15 pm
Just got in. Damn. We might be staying at 16's boss' place in Gramercy Park tonight. I hope we do actually. I don't wanna hafta deal with nothin' tomorrow morning.
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 6:26 pm
Howa come NY aint got him to hot-air balloons yet?
I can steal the Joe Balloon and FedEx it to ya. Fill it with helium and and float to work.
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 6:28 pm
Balloona Joe.
Joe Balogna.
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 6:33 pm
i'm so glad that i'm not up there this winter.
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 6:50 pm
Howa come NY aint got him to hot-air balloons yet?
SHIT. Proof-reading is for sissies and all... but I really need to start. Maybe I'll go to the care dealership later.
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 8:14 pm
what was the outcome of the stike 25 years ago? did it end with the MTA caving?

i'm glad i'm out of town for christmas, but i'm sorry for any of you NY'ers that have to deal with this shit.
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 8:22 pm
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 8:46 pm
no "bull" bazooka joe???
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 8:50 pm
damn! that site is awesome. DR. JIVE'S RECORDS!
Posted: Dec 20, 2005 9:02 pm
Gramercy Park eh Joe?
How does the other half live?
I once went to a decidedly un-swingin' party in Gramercy Park at the drummer from Foreigner's house. Don't ask.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 2:27 am
FOREIGNER!!!! You MUST tell!!!!!! Please!
I walked around a little todaybut it was too cold. So I went home & slept. Walking across the bridge is crazy in this weather.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 2:29 am
Hey Joe. Gramercy Park Hotel lounge has the best vodka martini in Manhattan. Live piano bar too. Check it out.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 2:56 am
before i was luxury de-controlled out of my landmark apt. building in gramercy park, i lived there for several years. it was the BEST place for celebrity sighting - esp. celebs doing the walk of shame! you could see that the other half lives just like you do!
i've seen julia roberts, gwenyth paltrow, winona ryder and various models do the walk of shame up irving place...

the only snooty/tony residents are the old ladies who actually live ON the park itself. everyone else is a lucky renter! most of the rentals on irving place are old buildings under the rent control... always nice! there are a couple stanford white buildings on the corner of irving/20th. richard tyler, the designer, owned those two. i used to have a bird's eye view of his assistant's office from my bedroom window. they had fashion shows in there and you could see during each fashion week, allthe limos etc pulling up and fashionistas of all kinds exiting.

the gramercy park hotel was a fantastic shabby chic dump. stiv and i lived there for 3 months in 1980... paul shaffer lived there at the same time. it DOES have the best bar. last time i was there, the bar to go to was on the top floor, rather than the one in the lobby.

NOW, however, the hotel is closed, unless it recently re-opened. its a what's his name... ian shrager place now AND you can buy condos in the hotel. a far cry from the rock n roll flophouse it was when i first discovered it in 1979

this is the NYC that i miss... the mix of rich and not rich on irving place... the always exciting stuff you can watch for free... there's NOTHING like irving place in the snow...

gramercy park itself - that gated one - had the crappiest benches forever. someone ponied up money recently, and replaced them. you can't take dogs in there, though. the old ladies who run the 'hood don't like the idea of having dog poop on their lawn

during the blizzard of 96, we cross-country skiied around irving place for recreation. it was a blast....
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 2:57 am
Made it home. With a GIANT bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label. Can't wait for tomorrow.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 3:16 am
i can't tell you some of the stuff i did/saw at the gramercy park hotel. just imagine the most wildest fucked up rock and roll shit you could ever imagine.
there was a room there. i can't say it. it's too good...
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 3:22 am
I noticed they are doing extensive construction/face lift to the hotel as I drove past a few weeks ago. What's up? They still got the bar Theresa?
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 3:24 am
Jenna just called me saying that taxi's wanted $25 dollars to go fom Essex & Delancey to anywhere in Williamsburg!!!! Crazings! Price gouging at it's best. They got us all by the balls now.....
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 3:51 am
you guys should know better than to live in a place dependent on public transport. welfare state babies!
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 4:02 am

My truck sucks gas. *sniff*
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 4:55 am
hardy fucking har....tha's why i moved away from that shithole....i hope the whole fucking thing emplodes....
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:55 am
dtrain - ian shrager bought the gramercy park hotel. its being turned into half condos/half hotel. i'm sure whatever bar he puts in will be a cool scene place however, i think the whole place is closed.

i loved the old school lobby bar as well as the hipster bar up on 17. but i doubt either of them are open.... unless he is doing to the gramercy what he did w/ the mondrian in LA - kept parts open during remodeling.

i lived in room 1702 in the summer of 81 when i worked on my first stadium tour. the following year, i lived in room 1712 during someone else's stadium tour. the year i was in 1712, i saw many a fun thing, rock n roll-wise. there's a great book of bands on tour in hotels stories i could write, but probably someone would have me killed before long...
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 6:19 am
Apparently Craiglist linked to pictures of transit workers sleeping on the job, and to the comments on the Transit Workers blog. They disabled the comments and took them down, but some people were clever enough to save them. Here's a sampling.

From the comments on the Transit Workers blog.

You guys really have a lot of balls. All you do is drive around in circles. Your job isn't hard at all. You get paid as much as cops and firemen, while much more as teachers. Something is wrong. You're asking for way too much here.


I am thoroughly disgusted with the TWU. Who are you to think you're above the law? Who are you to take well-paying jobs (for your education levels) serving millions of people and then hold us hostage by striking?

I have a 16 month old son who will be taken to day care today in his STROLLER. In 20 degree weather. I am paid hourly and will lose today's salary.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 6:25 am
Fuck your day job. Investigative reporting!
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:23 pm
[note: my post was for the folks who blamed new orleans residents for living in a swamp after Katrina. i'm all for public transport.]
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:26 pm
[shouldn't there be an "irony" icon? an icon for sarcasm? there are emoticons for just about everything else...]
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:34 pm | Edited by: andria
well, it didnt work, i was trying to post this reader's comment on the strike from the NYT -- this guy skateboarded down 50th Street from 9th Ave to the low 20s. the cops told him to watch his speed limit, but he says his ride "was blissful. like snowboarding on a mountain with no one else on it, and a while lot of spectators. this strike isn't so terrible after all. I just hope it doesn't rain or snow anytime soon."
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:43 pm
Skateboard does seem like the best way to go right now. I tried to bike over the Brooklyn Bridge today but the cops are making bikers walk. Skaters were the only ones making quick progress. Too bad my board is in Jersey.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:43 pm
Wow...I love that link Andria...pretty neat! Thanks!
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:45 pm
The thing with two heads walked 30 blocks to the end of the LIRR ticket line and waited in it for an hour. the train got us to Penn sdtation from Woodside in under ten minutes. Tomorrow we just hve to walk back to the station and get on the train cuz we bought tix through tomorrow night. Not too bad.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:48 pm
Never been to NY, but I would imagine the city was VERY-MUCH bicylce-friendly, but those comments tell a different story......however, the people that are able to bike have been really enjoying it.

Funny....someone got 'doored' -- never heard that -- but I knew what it meant....another bicylist had to dodge many people frantically waving for cabs....wacky-shit.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:52 pm
NYC IS bike-friendly, esp. in the summer - everyone's on a bike.

In Mid-town, however, where the traffic is congested like Hong Kong, messengers on bikes weave in and out and there are some drivers who find it sporting to make their lives treacherous. and that's on a daily basis. I can only imagine now - in the cold, with all that extra traffic.

Getting slammed by a door - when the driver doesn't think to look for cyclists is a serious and frequent occurence

I feel for you my long lost adopted city...
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:54 pm
Getting doored is the most common way of getting in an accident on a bike. It results in a broken knee a lot of the time. I'm always freaked out about that. Overall, New York is pretty bike friendly. They built a 'greenway' over the past few years that circles almost the entire island. It should be done in another year or two.

Today on the bridge was an exception because there's thousands of people walking across. Even if I'd been allowed to bike, I doubt I'd have been able to navigate through them all.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 5:58 pm
Good GOD! You people are some tough MF's! I can't standing walking to my car when it's cold [in Texas], yet alone walking to work!! Fuck!

Hope your holiday shopping is done.
Good luck, sweethearts!!
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 6:53 pm
Biking over 59th street bridge was not bad...slow, but you could keep moving amongst the walkers and people who just decided to learn how to roller-blade in the last day. Lexington from 59th to 42nd was hectic with all the cabs, but fun. I was moving faster than most cars, trying not to take my head off on the delivery truck side mirrors. Memories of having been "doored" did pop up. That is no fun.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 8:26 pm
my daily, post bike ritual during the winter time: soak my frozen ham-like feet in warm water until they come back to life. i can't feel my fucking feet right now.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 8:29 pm
Email read on New York 1 this morning:

"I love how courtious New Yorkers become in time of crisis. I had to rollerblade to work and people in cars were slowing down and actually getting out of the way for me."

Me responding:
"Yeah, they wanted to stop and stare and say "Hey! Look at the fag in the rollerblades!"
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 8:31 pm
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 8:32 pm
were you wearing short shorts too bazooka joe???
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 8:38 pm
Eat my caca poopoo.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 8:44 pm
Joe, did you rollerblade upright or on all fours?
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 8:57 pm
all fours with matt verta ray behind him!!!
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 8:59 pm
Get your daughter a new dad for christmas. She hates you.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 9:00 pm
And it's not like your wife isn't fucking a hundred niggers anyway.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 9:06 pm
like a month ago just as she was falling asleep my daughter looked over at me and said: "bazooka joe's going to kick your ass!!!" it was fucking awesome!!! almost as good as the time she told me she was going to cut my head off with a knife!!!
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 9:07 pm
one of my peeps got doored (here in detroit) earlier this year, and yes, his kneecap did break. sucktastic. don't think it was intentional, but damn.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 9:34 pm
get yourself some new material for christmas bazooka joe!!!
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 9:49 pm
Get yourself a dildo. I'm tired of fucking you up.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 9:49 pm
Wait, no I'm not, Nerd Gayden.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 9:57 pm
uh i think you used that one before.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 9:58 pm
Sorry, dickhead.
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 9:58 pm
HAHA! You're a fucking dickhead! You know how funny you look? You crack me up dude! Thanks!
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 9:59 pm
A DICKEAHD fer chrissakes! You cry jizz, dont you dickhead?
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 10:03 pm
Is that a turtle neck your wearing or is it foreskin?
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 10:07 pm
uh oh i think bazooka joes going to cry again folks!!!
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 10:09 pm
Cuz your head is a dick! It's hysterical! BWAAAAAAAHAAAAAAA!!!

I'm sorry dude, go look at yourself. It's funny!
Posted: Dec 21, 2005 10:18 pm
i still love you bazooka joe even though you're not funny anymore. poor kid.
Posted: Dec 22, 2005 8:09 pm
Posted: Dec 22, 2005 8:55 pm
Then get the fuck back to work!
Posted: Dec 23, 2005 5:37 am
Fantastic! Now I can pay to much for the train that comes late & is overcrowded & dirty & smelly. But at least it's faster than walking! YEA MTA!!!!
Posted: Dec 23, 2005 5:39 am
11:30? You must-a just got home fr work?
Posted: Dec 23, 2005 5:40 am
Yup. But I rode in the van. So that don't count. Trains aint runnin till tomorrow mornin...
Posted: Dec 23, 2005 5:44 am | Edited by: Whiskey Bent
Welll...I guess I was thinking of you working office hours...and...just getting home -- not as funny.

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