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The Chopper
Posted: Aug 28, 2003 9:46 pm
The Break-ups are playing Tourist fest. This sunday 8-31 on Beale St in beautiful historic Downtown Memphis. 8:00 at the Old Daisy. Joining them will be virtually incredulous no-name new-metal bands that you wont like, but might be so bad you will think its very funny.

Be sure to break-out the flask for this 'cause them drink prices will be off the hook!

Posted: Aug 31, 2003 3:44 am
Hey Chopper, tell me, will it be a prognanimonistically brutalitismatic shatter-fest?
The Chopper
Posted: Aug 31, 2003 10:24 pm
Yes, For lack of a better phrase, I would say "shatter-fest" aptly describes it.
Posted: Sep 1, 2003 2:41 am
I'll be there. I need a good shattering.

Hey, I hear Meetwagon is playing accross the street.

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