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Bongo Bongo
Posted: Aug 10, 2003 3:49 am

The fuckin' Jenny Jeans, the off yer ass and in the trash sounds of the CARBONAS, and the cheaper than rehab hooks of the Overnight Lows at Martins in Jackson, MS. AUG 16th.
Posted: Aug 10, 2003 5:35 am
OK- sooo the Carbonas are definitely playing in Jackson on the 16th. I guess that's what I get for taking the word of a pothead that they needed a New Orleans show for Saturday the 16th.

I'm guessing they need to play here on the 15th then - same day as the Jenny Jeans. Talbot, Scott... Ya'll mind if they play at the Circle Bar with ya and the Fontanelles? Actually, I say give the Fontanelles the boot.

Somebody straighten this out for me.

CS Eunuch
Posted: Aug 11, 2003 5:53 pm
OK, so the Jenny Jeans are Tyler Keith, Scott Rogers and Talbot, right? Am I leaving anyone out? Plus, what's Talbot's whole name? (it's for the paper in Jackson)
Posted: Aug 11, 2003 9:09 pm
Talbot "More Than A Feeling" Adams
Posted: Aug 12, 2003 3:11 am
...AND Twinkle Van Winkle on the drums!
Posted: Aug 19, 2003 9:51 pm
I woke up this morning, and the sun was gone, put on some music to start my day....oh sorry
Chris Alienator
Posted: Aug 19, 2003 11:19 pm
eric o
Posted: Aug 19, 2003 11:30 pm
...AND Twinkle Van Winkle on the drums!
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