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Posted: Jul 30, 2003 11:00 pm
Shangri-la Projects and Shangri-la Records announce a boffo blowout garage cd release party Labor Day weekend August 30th at the Hi Tone. A veritable night of stars & unending rock 'n roll revue hosted by mc dj Ross Johnson, esq.
Confirmed talent includes
'68 Comeback
Compulsive Gamblers
Royal Pendletons
Greg Oblivian & the Tip Tops
Lorette Velvette
Jack Oblivian
Cool Jerks
(still checking on a panda bear in a cage availability)
Make plans to spend an evening throwing down old school style.
Posted: Jul 31, 2003 12:06 am
Alex C
Posted: Jul 31, 2003 12:19 am
Is this just a DJ throwing down some great music, or are all these bands actually going to be playing?
Posted: Jul 31, 2003 4:08 am
Talent. Live talent.
Posted: Jul 31, 2003 4:19 am
Fuck Off.
Posted: Jul 31, 2003 5:56 am
Par usual for Memphis really! Sounds like a good time...
Posted: Jul 31, 2003 10:08 am
Aren't the Neckbones in as well?
Posted: Jul 31, 2003 7:32 pm
Jesus H! Why doesn't that show Rolling Thunderize itself and march on up the East coast. You need to bring that show to the people, as at least one of those people's shitty car will not make it 15 hours to memphis.
Posted: Jul 31, 2003 10:46 pm
Love to have the Neckbones. Can't get hold of Tyler. (901)359-3102...
Posted: Jul 31, 2003 10:53 pm
Sounds great and all, but it's no SoCal Hootenany.
Posted: Aug 1, 2003 11:33 am
I'll have him call you. Oh yeah, as far as the Cool Jerks go it will simply be live. No talent.
Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 1, 2003 4:38 pm
Your modesty impresses me. Please speak for yourself...ha!
Posted: Aug 1, 2003 11:30 pm
Also, will there be advanced tickets for this one? Or can I reserve 4 tickets? Just don't wanna drive 20 hours to stand outside a club of a sold out gig...
Posted: Aug 1, 2003 11:40 pm
rev dan, save me a space in the car!
i'll ring you up
Posted: Aug 2, 2003 12:35 am
Paddy, the slot is yours! That's if you are still wantin' to go if Cat can't go... If you waana go if she can't, we need to find a fourth person... Yeah, now if we can be assured tickets... 20 hours to Memphis!! Woooohooooo!!! I haven't been since '99. I'm lookin' forward to this!!!!
Posted: Aug 2, 2003 12:36 am
dan! i'll go! i'll still be in nyc be then and yeah, i reallly wanna go.
Posted: Aug 2, 2003 12:45 am
Well, trash, we'll see. I'm waitin' to find out if Paddy's wife is gonna go. If she doesn't wanna go, then it's yours. Sooo, I'll find out in the next day or so from him. We're lookin' at the car rental being about $61 a day (which is cheap 'cause everywhere else for that weekend was like $129 a day). I don't know if that price includes car insurance or taxes, but it does mean unlimited miles and it will be a Grand Am or an equivilant. So it's not gonna be a small ass car. I'll keep you posted.
Posted: Aug 2, 2003 12:58 am
Will have advance ticket information up on Monday.
ed oblivian
Posted: Aug 2, 2003 10:23 am
Just so nobody gets the wrong idea. Tip Tops will really only consist of me and Lacey(as my wife the original drummer is in a family way presently) playin'4 or 5 songs and the Compulsive Gamblers will not really be playing but Jack and I will do a Gamblers song or two maybe with the Cool Jerks or something. Definitly not a full set or anything.For a show thats shaping up to be 10 bands strong this should not be a deterent. You'll be thanking me for our brief participation when your all hung over the next day. Plenty of other great rock n roll to be had though. Should be a hoot! Wonder whos gonna be in 68 comeback?
Posted: Aug 2, 2003 2:45 pm
I can't say that this development doesn't put a damper on things. With no disrespect to any of the other bands involved, the thing that made me jump when I read the lineup was the Compulsive Gamblers name along with the prospect of seeing yourself and Jack do solo sets. Any chance of Reigning Sound playing somewhere during that weekend?
Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: Aug 3, 2003 5:42 am
Who's in the Pendletons for this show...mebbe Kondor?
Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 3, 2003 7:00 am
Yes, you cretins! If all of us can remember the songs (including the 8 and 3 yr olds), why can't you? Here I am planning a road trip through the South with my children - which on it's own could redeem y'alls negligence anyhow. But what damned excuses the two of you could think of to explain why you can't play those songs -- I can't feature.

With the positive and lovely change in life the Compulisive Gamblers brought to me, to say it'll be a song or two rates piss poor with in my book.

I might add that that the Reigning Sound was not a better stand in than any other when they masqueraded as the CGs. We all know it was a studio genre, doesn't matter who fills in, Ed. Let it go. Play some lovely tilted music for us, we'll pay for it, twice if that's what you want.

Your Fan,

Posted: Aug 4, 2003 4:50 am
Great news to add to the line-up:
Oxford's Neckbones
& Memphis r&b instro kings Impala (possibly with original drummer Jeff)!!

Just to follow-up on inquiries: With this many bands, it would be impossible to have full sets. This is a rock n roll revue & party! A taste of the best, if you will. (Unfortunately Reigning Sound are not on the cd compilation and therefore not on the show, although members from that band are in several of the other bands performing) Show will begin at 10 p.m. and go til Dave makes the bands quit. 5 hours of awesome rock n roll. $7 admission. You do the math...

Advance ticket info. on Monday.

Posted: Aug 4, 2003 9:44 am
This is the first I've heard about the Cool Jerks sitting in as the Gamblers, but I'm pretty sure I can speak for the rest of the guys and say we'd love to.
Posted: Aug 4, 2003 9:46 am
Fuck, we'll be '68 Comeback too if need be. Jeff, you listenin'?
Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 4, 2003 10:31 am
I'm certain, you're up to the task, Scottie, aye. Perhaps I'll have to steal the babysitting money to entice the naysayers to make more than one or two. My mother has always said "I poo poo the naysayers..." It's sort of a credo for me. Although I do cry sometimes when I lose out, many times the poo pooing naysayers run the roost.

Sherman may weigh in on this, as he has offered the babysitting connection - I promise no breech, Sherman. Either way, I'll personally pony up to sponsor at least, please god willing, 6 compulsive gambler songs (happy with two, but one can always dream.)

OK, I admit it, it's the only reason I'd spend 5 hours at a time in a car with a cranky 3 yr old princess (ah the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...it can be quite annoying). The redeeming factor, if I'm disappointed, might be spending the night in Hot Springs on the way and back.

But you gotta unnerstand, quite by accident, the Compulsive Gamblers waked me up from the climbing drudgery of professional life, breastfeeding, and housework like big wonderful slap in the face. They reminded me why I made the sacrifices I had so my Blow Top husband could be free to do his thing, too. I know I was late coming to it, but not too late to be saved by it.

In the interim, all those lovely CDs and records he received gratis were simply noise to me...honey I been adding up very long columns of numbers all day and doing complex algebra with them so you can play that poor man's sax...please turn off that noise (I didn't realize that could be my very relief!...and this after being a punk rocker since 1979...).

We all have choices in life. Perhaps this one has to do with sacrificing the personal time and communication for the greater good of those who love your art. Well the only logic I have for those ethics is some personal green. Anybody willing to sweeten this pot, lemme know and we'll all throw in for (now do we get to request our faves? Walking the Balustrade...might not be the actual title, no insult intended...has always been a fave of mine, along with Sour and Vicious Man. But then there's Hand Full of Burning Sand, which always leave me and mine laughing so hard we're rolling on the floor.) Oh please, if it's one or two, stick to the earlier stuff. I've been married too long to fly into the fancy of daisy chains etc. At this point we need depth in the lyrics, and there seemed to be plenty of it early on.

We could call ourselves the kick-in crowd. We kicked in, now play it loud. Not fair perhaps to the other bands, but their own fans could do the same thing.

If this is all about frat garage rock...sign me a GDI, which is what they called girls like me in college, with a woeful sigh, God Damned Independent.

lacey underwear
Posted: Aug 4, 2003 7:48 pm
Someone shoul've told you
it's 2 every 8 hours
not 8 every 2 hours
Posted: Aug 5, 2003 2:59 am
Anyone who cares, advance tix should be available soon at www.hitonememphis.com

then click on "buy tickets online"

Posted: Aug 5, 2003 3:19 am
is this all bullshit? seriously...is this bullshit? i don't have the funds to come down in august AND october. fuck man. this is suddenly the summer of wow.
Posted: Aug 5, 2003 7:52 am
Come down in Aug. and STAY til Oct. Should be cheaper than traveling twice.
Posted: Aug 5, 2003 8:15 am
I feel it should be noted(for people who aren't sure if they wanna come or not)that there will also be events in town the night before AND after the Shangri-la CD release party. Friday night is Othar Turner's annual Labor Day weekend picnic. Sadly Othar won't be there this year, but I understand the Rising Star Fife and Drum Band is still going strong. It's an event not to be missed. Sun. night (don't forget it's a holiday weekend, and ya gots nothing to do on Monday) the Final Solutions and the Dutch Masters with other special guests will be playing at an as of yet undecided location. Don't worry though. We'll let you know where in plenty of time to either attend or avoid as you heart dictates. Hope you all make it to town.
eric o
Posted: Aug 5, 2003 8:21 am
though the final solutions / dutch masters show is still in the making, with 3rd great band tba, it is looking very, very good.
Posted: Aug 5, 2003 5:54 pm
Posted: Aug 5, 2003 6:32 pm
The night of the Final Solutions show is also the night of Vending Machine CD release and Bloodthirsty Lovers. How is Quinn gonna play 2 shows?
Posted: Aug 5, 2003 6:57 pm
good point. quinn you're fired for your own good.
eric o
Posted: Aug 5, 2003 7:09 pm
ahhh... oops. i knew there was a catch. hold on.

Posted: Aug 5, 2003 9:49 pm
hey TRASH -- i'm riding with dan but i'm on my own so there is room for you in the car (rental car that is)
Posted: Aug 5, 2003 10:34 pm
if we just set up the times of the shows accordingly, it should be fine. quinn could probably use somebody else's guitar amp at the solutions show, and our set is only 19 minutes if we can get zac and jimmy jewlz to stop blabbin. quinn's a young buck, he can handle it.
Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: Aug 6, 2003 2:17 am
Asked before,askin' again- Who's in the Pendletons for this show?
Posted: Aug 6, 2003 4:35 am
They don't know yet
Posted: Aug 6, 2003 5:46 am
new Pendletons lineup: Goubler, Fonseca, Broadway Joe, Mike Williams... and Big Daddy.
eric o
Posted: Aug 6, 2003 9:20 am
whoah. that could be a show!

Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 6, 2003 10:55 am
Goubler may find himself kidnapped and brainwashed ala Patty Hurst if I am present. I'd force him to register Democratic voters..with the bullet belt and cute hat and outfit of course...

I don't believe I would like to be present anyhow. Besides I wouldn't know who to abduct. So nevermind, but perhaps someone else is up to it.

Posted: Aug 6, 2003 11:13 pm
Whadda ya think, Zac, Eric...Buccaneer?
Posted: Aug 7, 2003 12:12 am
FS/Dutch Masters looks like a go at Murphys for Sunday night. More details soon.
eric o
Posted: Aug 7, 2003 2:46 am
Murphys! they don't panic when you order a beer.

i do love the Buc, don't get me wrong. but Murphys has the booze, too.

Posted: Aug 7, 2003 3:00 am
can i still fire quinn? i don't mind if we rehire him right before the show. I just like firing people. It's my schtick. jay likes quitting, i like helping people quit.
Posted: Aug 7, 2003 5:44 am
Die Rotz should play if the "3rd great band tba" isn't set yet... So me (and Zac) can quit getting harrassed by Paul "Die" Rot. Eh?

I didn't wanna bring it up here, but since no one ever return my phone calls like immediately...

Posted: Aug 7, 2003 9:44 am
Is Vending Machine playing 1st or 2nd? I believe the Final Solutions are playin' last. So...where does that leave Mr. Powers?
Posted: Aug 7, 2003 4:40 pm
Quinn Schwinn.
Standing Alone
Posted: Aug 7, 2003 6:46 pm
1st - Andy (1045pm)
2nd - Vending (1115pm-1150pm or so)
3rd - Lovers (midnight to whenever)
ed oblivian
Posted: Aug 8, 2003 1:08 am
Sorry Helen but your strange brand of flatery will get you nowhere. We will only play 2 songs and they will be brandspanking new. No old stuff. They will be hip hop in nature and will feature our newest stand-in Chris Aleinator on vocals. He assures me they will be so so fire.
Chris Alienator
Posted: Aug 8, 2003 1:17 am
I like to take Dr.Suess rhymes and substitute the word "Cat" for "Gat".
Posted: Aug 8, 2003 1:32 am
Do you still have those Rokker and Eater 12"s laying around? I will be in Memphis Labor Day weekend.
Posted: Aug 8, 2003 1:33 am
Do you still have those Rokker and Eater 12"s laying around? I will be in Memphis Labor Day weekend.
ed oblivian
Posted: Aug 8, 2003 1:36 am
I gots'em for ya. See you then.
Posted: Aug 8, 2003 5:17 am
eric o
Posted: Aug 8, 2003 6:25 am
damn! No, Bo! we all love the Buc... but maybe shows there are special 'cause they're special shows. this is just a damn run of the mill labor day sunday show. Dutch Masters at the Buc was perfect.

Just wait until you hear us through a real PA and the floor isn't bouncing up and down- we will definitely sound terrible. that's why we need everyone to do some bizarre shooters and get messed up before our set (first, i assume).

eric o
Posted: Aug 8, 2003 10:24 am
i mean, it's gonna be a great show!
Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 9, 2003 2:30 am
I'm sure I'll live, and enjoy it.
Posted: Aug 9, 2003 4:48 am
Damn. I didn't think anything could ever make me wish I still lived in Arkansas...
Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: Aug 10, 2003 3:39 am
First,a shame on you if you thought i was serious aboout veggie nazi Raid really playin! They just seemed like the most ridiculous choice out of the MRR-informed memory bank of old Mempho bands i knew about!

The obvious choice to open the show is of course the mighty ATOMIC JEFFERSON!

Now you KNOW i'm kidding...

Posted: Aug 10, 2003 5:05 am
I would kill to see Atomic Jefferson. Have you talked to Rob and Eddy Bo lately? Apparently they live across the street from each other in B'ham.
Also I have it on good authority that the line-up for the Pendeltons will be Matt, Mike, Louie, and Tommy. Genuis!
The FlyrodsRIP
Posted: Aug 11, 2003 2:04 am
Jenny Jeans & Dutch Masters both born in my basement. And, whaddya know? Sounds like the JJ's are down there rocking it out even as I type. Go see 'em in New Orleans and Jackson next week 'cause they sound really fucking incredible. Great, great great!
Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 13, 2003 12:28 pm
I will be counting, Ed. Two, and no more. Perhaps. My understanding has always been that strange flattery could get you anywhere, but your message is succinct and well understood. I will hope for one, no matter what it is, and then I'll be delighted if there are two...but I'll be ecstatic if there are any, because anything can happen in Memphis between now and then.
Posted: Aug 15, 2003 3:02 am

dutch masters
final solutions
die rotzz

Dutch Masters, Memphis's hottest new band, will be hard-pressed to beat their Memphis debut at the Buc last month. Rumors of stretch pants have everyone intrigued.

Final solutions take punk posturing to boring new levels each time out. Drummer Jay recently completed a west coast tour with his better known hip-hop band, fresh sounds.

Die Rotzz is making the drive from the Big Easy. Harmonized yelling and banging and squeal guitar never sounded so good. Ta-dow.

at Murphy's the next night (SUNDAY). No advanced tickets needed. what a weekend.

Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: Aug 15, 2003 7:26 pm
Doggone it! only now do i realize that my AxJx post was on the wrong thread! It was supposed to be on the Oblivians...Halloween thread! Oh well,at least it doesn't look too crazy outta context here.

BTW,don't kill to see us,the judge would give you 300 Life Sentences and the Death Penalty if ya told him/her ya killed for THAT!

Posted: Aug 16, 2003 11:26 pm
Not if it was the judge I killed.
Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: Aug 17, 2003 4:06 am
True that!
Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 21, 2003 7:17 am
Please Compulsive Gamblers, allow only Greg and Jack to play guitar on your songs - (this would seem to be a natural decision).

The Cool Jerks have a much different tenor than the Reigning Sound. (Need I state the obvious?)It will be interesting to hear the difference.

Although she is very conflicted over having to choose, Emma Lou has confirmed that she prefers Greg songs to Jack songs, however, she sometimes says "Jack being silly, Jack funny." Then she laughs alot. Guess it's tough being 3.

Posted: Aug 21, 2003 7:10 pm
the compulsive gamblers need more requests. they don't know how to play their own show. please anybody with an opinion or a cute kid quote please let them know what they should play, how long, and with what lineup, and don't forget what time, or even where! hell there's other options, they could play outside the hi-tone, or in the circle k parking lot next door, with a couple of circle dogs on each amp.
lacey underwear
Posted: Aug 21, 2003 7:38 pm
lacey underwear
Posted: Aug 21, 2003 7:39 pm
I mean, that's funny JUst-Ice.
Posted: Aug 23, 2003 7:38 am
is anyone driving back to NY after this shindig in Memphis? I need a ride!
Chris Alienator
Posted: Aug 23, 2003 7:40 pm
Helen wrote:
Although she is very conflicted over having to choose, Emma Lou has confirmed that she prefers Greg songs to Jack songs,

It's confirmed! 9 out of 10 women prefer Greg songs to Jack songs

Chris Alienator
Posted: Aug 23, 2003 7:48 pm
but where's the female Eric constituent? a voice in my head is saying, don't ask. I hear alot of voices, She's a hole is a great break up/ make up song.
Posted: Aug 23, 2003 11:14 pm
So Helen Lovejoywheels wants to make me the next Patty Herst? Well,I've always been a fan of that cool SLA snake-logo,but I got a better idea..I kidnap Helen and dump her in North Korea or Cuba; that way, she could live out her philosophy! Too bad the khemer rouge ain't running Cambodia any more, she'd really fit in there.
Posted: Aug 24, 2003 1:06 am
that's going a little overboard don't you think alienat. . . i mean goubler.
Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 25, 2003 7:33 am
It's all right baby, dems just words on a screen. I kinda like the idea of being dumped in Havana, I hear a person with knowledge of simple auto repair on old cars can get along great there. But tell me ahead of time so I can bring some parts for them. I hear they lack simple parts like spark plugs, filters etc.

I could be dumped anywhere, of course...alive would be better. And if I were dumped alive anywhere, I have no doubt I'd prove my value before I would suffer.

Forgive my suggesting that the performing artists consider the requests of their fans. Why, to do so would be punk-rock blasphemy, of course. Blasphemy in the world of punk rock...gimme one please...

If it is a rule I have broken, would that not be tasteless and defiant by definition? Are not tastlesness and defiance part of the nihilistic punk, garage-rock credo?

And what does it hurt? And why does it matter?

It's so nice to know you care...

Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 25, 2003 7:53 am
Oh, and Chris, in case you need a short math lesson: That would be one out of two girls prefer Greg songs to Jack songs. That is after considerable reflection on the part of a three year old.

You seem to enjoy her commentary, so I'll add that she bursts out laughing listening to Woodie Guthrie imitate car sounds in "Take me Ridin' in the Car."

And really it all depends on what day it is, and whether or not Christian said HI to Lily at the playground - on those days, she favors Greg.

Sides which, Lily appreciates depth. She has named her recent improv jazz recording with Walter and Wade Driver "The Birth of Evil." If you're lucky enough you'll hear it sometime. She's on piano. I would have named it "Something's gone wrong at the Baptist Church."

You know, when and if you make music, you gotta be ready for everyone who listens to it to enjoy it or not, respond to it or not, and to comment regardless of their age.

Or,in your pristine view, should I not be playing this music for children, perhaps I should stick with Burl Ives and the "The Big Rock Candy Mountain."

I am certain the problem with this is not mine. (But I seem to know how stir up a heap a trouble with you (y'all)...there's my real domain.)

Guess I'll have to wear my combat boots next weekend.

Posted: Aug 25, 2003 7:35 pm
Allow me to interrupt this fascinating discourse, if I may...

Final line-up/showtimes for this Saturday's cd release/rock n roll revue at the Hi Tone
10:00 p.m Snakehips
10:25 p.m. Grundies
10:50 p.m. Lorette Velvette
11:15 p.m. Impala
11:40 p.m. Greg Oblivian & the Tip Tops
12:05 p.m. Compulsive Gamblers
12:30 a.m. Jack Oblivian
12:55 a.m Cool Jerks
1:20 a.m. 68 Comeback/Jeff Evans
2:00 a.m. (until) Neckbones
Unfortunately Royal Pendletons had to cancel due to an illness in the family.
We're still negotiating with Reuben's people to see if he'll judge the limbo contest.

Chris Alienator
Posted: Aug 26, 2003 12:00 am
Helen I was just saying that most girls favorite song is "Bad Man" and I figured some people would pick up on that....I was joking about your daughter, I was comparing her to grown women....It's a fact, Greg songs are a chick magnet! And don't think I side with Goubler on anything...I don't...
Chris Alienator
Posted: Aug 26, 2003 12:04 am
I like both of you equally.

(it be easier to post things if I wasn't helping a customer every 10 friggin secs)

Posted: Aug 26, 2003 8:12 am
Man, I hope you start gettin' more customers!
Posted: Aug 26, 2003 9:43 am
My wife likes Jack's songs...
Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 27, 2003 6:44 am
To begin, I appreciate both Jack and Greg, I think they are both exceptional musicians and songwriters. There are many songs I could point to by either one that would represent the fine skills of each for the crafting of lyrics and music. I find their talents divergent in a way that is really inspiring when it comes together.

That sed, I have two older brothers who always laughed and made fun of the soggier side of femininity (I had two older sisters also). One brother, Angus, liked to laugh at a song about menstruation by a band named "Moxy," and made me laugh about it too. I think I have a somewhat tenacious grip on the male perspective toward females and the overuse of emotion. But Angus could advise me quite accurately which boys/men really liked me and which just wanted it, so it's not as if they didn't believe males could have real emotions for females.

So they got my bullshit sensors primed. Many too-too sticky sentimental songs make me sigh a long silent dry heave and wish the singer would just go get a room. This is a matter of personal taste on my part, I realize. And I also had a big sister who told me that boys just want to fuck you, and especially if they offer you a quaalude, you should be suspicious. So love songs as sheer as a pair of cheap pantyhose, a quaalude of sorts, if you will, certainly stir me to exit.

But I do adore early Doug Sahm love songs. Harlem sessions. He knew how to be sentimental without being offensive or leaving the feeling there was either some deception or a certain lack of candidness involved. And the New York Dolls song about the Great Big Kiss does not strike me as too saccharin, either. There are good love songs.

I feel that when one treads upon the waters of emotion in a song, one must tread lightly, lest they plunge through the tears that make the salt lake they walk upon, or lest they step into a pool of something else, and then fall through.


Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 27, 2003 7:04 am
Oh yes, dangerouspinkie! That's a brilliant idea you have. An acoustic compulisive gamblers show in the Circle K parking lot (no amps, no circle dogs), fantastique! 9 pm of course, so that Lily can go. Emma would only cry at the spectacle.

I'll keep dreaming, no point in givin' up now.

Hell, if I'd wake Lily up to watch Godzilla v. Mothra at 2 am, I'd certainly let her sleep a couple hours and roust her to come the Hi Tone. I am her mama after all.

Chris Alienator
Posted: Aug 27, 2003 10:33 pm
If your wife likes Jacks songs...I like her psychological profile...let's hook up.
Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 28, 2003 12:44 am
You can hook up with my husband anytime.
Posted: Aug 30, 2003 8:25 pm
Old school garage videos (circa '96!) begin at 9:00 p.m. Snakehips kicks off at 10:00 p.m. http://gomemphis.com/mca/hot_sounds/article/0,1426,MCA_507_2220147,00.html
Chris Alienator
Posted: Aug 30, 2003 9:48 pm
Helen, what does that mean? If he doesn't talk as much about politics as you do that's fine...what do you mean by "Hook Up"...

I was just joking that any woman who likes Jack songs must be crazy....stupid joke.

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