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eric o
Posted: Jul 17, 2003 10:47 pm
from bobanddavid.com



Saturday, August 23
7:00 - 11:00pm

Hey do you like boozin'? Do you also enjoy cruisin'? You do? Then you might want to check out the first ever Tinkle Booze Cruise.

Hosted by David "Booze" Cross, Todd "Cruise" Barry, and Jon "Booze Cruise" Benjamin, featuring the music of Les Savy Fav, and a jetski's full of comedy acts to be announced shortly!!!

Boarding begins at 7pm on the "Queen of Hearts" at Pier 40.
(West Houston and West Side Hwy.)

$60 per person

Includes 4-hour open bar, snacks, music from Les Savy Fav and the Tinkle comedy show!

Tickets will be sold upstairs after the shows.

All sales are final.


questions? email us at info@tinkle.info

[oops, i guess Pablo Cruise is still tba- hope i didn't ruin the surprise!]

Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: Jul 19, 2003 4:16 am
You'd have to be drunk to pay 60 bux to see Pablo Cruise and Les Savy Fav!

5's ok,tho...

Gotta go switch my socks around, ifeel a hole forming in one of 'em!

Human Cheapness Disposal

eric o
Posted: Jul 19, 2003 12:08 pm
hey, pablo cruise was my sick fantasy... sorry for inflicting it on david cross' cool cruise... though i think it would be better with p.c. onboard.
eric o
Posted: Jul 19, 2003 12:09 pm
hey, pablo cruise was my sick fantasy... sorry for inflicting it on david cross' cool cruise... though i think it would be better with p.c. onboard.
Posted: Jul 19, 2003 7:32 pm
I actually met the guys from Pablo Cruise in the early 80's while i was street skating outside some timeshare condo bar in florida. They were loading in and told me they were in said band.
Then I left.
eric o
Posted: Jul 19, 2003 10:03 pm
i think you're leaving something out of that story.
Posted: Jul 19, 2003 10:14 pm
Pablo Cruse's PLAY THE GAME was the cutout bin staple of the 80s;It's that cover with the turtles playing ping-pong.
eric o
Posted: Jul 21, 2003 12:19 am
i don't think anyone has ever heard that record. maybe fans of turtles, or ping pong.

"25 or 6 to go" was in the classic surfing movie FREE RIDE.

gregg turkington's "pablo cruse hotline" bit on "telephuck you" is pretty funny.

"Now after some 13 years of hiatus, Pablo Cruise has returned to the stage and the touring life. Why? For the reason they started playing music in the first place, the sheer joy of doing it. The line up has changed, but Dave and Bud, the two main vocalists, are still fronting the show. These guys have stood the test of time and they’re still at it. They're like kids on stage all over again. Catch this band live and relive some of the feel-good moments you thought had disappeared from your memories."

Posted: Jul 22, 2003 2:38 am
i think eric glossed over the fact that bobanddavid.com also sez the 3rd season mr. show dvd comes out aug. 26. _and_ when you click on that link to amazon, you get a list of other hottt titles mr. show fans have bought - one of which was "run ronnie run." that shiznit is scheduled to come out sept. 13.

i just shot a commercial with a guy that played a member of the gay conspiracy. he said it was funny. and that's today's inside scoop.

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