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Texas Rollergirl
Posted: Jul 3, 2003 11:15 pm
Hey Kids -- an AUSTIN Update!

Please enjoy these few updates for tonight, this weekend and the near future, itís a lot of info, but worth the read!

TONIGHT! Thursday, July 03, 2003 at 9:00pm - Austin Time
Comedy Central will airing Dave Attellís Insomniac trip to Austin where he an his crew came a filmed a scrimmage of Austinís own rollergirls. Please see if you can spot some of your favorite TEXAS ROLLERGIRLS (like me--probably not--but maybe!). For those of you who just canít seem to make it to a bout, (THANK YOU to those of you who attend regularly-I-LOVE YOU!) here is a chance for you to see what rollerderby madness you are MISSING! Check out Dave Attellís Austin photo album, click on ĎAustiní (http://www.comedycentral.com/tv_shows/insomniac/). If you miss the show tonight, mark your calendar for this Sunday, July 6th @ 10:30pm OR just watch it a second time!!

Early Friday Night, 7-9pm, 4th of July BABEEE at BEERLAND, Texas!
Come on down for the early show MS. RAE AND THE ROYAL FAMILY (featuring -- our second homeís owner, Randall Stockton, Sweet Ray Pride ((fr the CRACKPIPES -- http://www.thecrackpipes.com/) who were recently heard on a new episode of the OSBOURNES-wow, way to go!)) and five other fine folks--thatís right 7 folks piled on that little-squishy-soggy-stage). Rumor has it they taste like the Detroit Cobras with a side of Big Brother.

Late Night - Friday Night, witching hour, 4th of July BABEEE at BEERLAND, Texas!
Do not miss the LAST-EVER-(youíll-hate-yourself-if-you-miss-it)-SHOW from our beloved JEWWS! JEWWS JEWWS! Also, donít miss the infamous BOBBY TEENS (http://www.bobbyteens.com) featuring three SERIOUS babes and one rock star drummer boy, named Russell Quan (hearts, baby, heartsÖ.in my world, anyone that was in the MUMMIES (and MANY others) is an INSTANT celebrity). What do you get? Pretty, Snotty, Trashy, Punk-Rock-Rock-N-Roll!! Opening the show will be the fabulously disastrous Dirty Sweets! (http://www.ripoffrecords.org/bands/ds/home.htm) Penny Tration and her evil stepbrothers keep her locked up in the closet for such long amounts of time that when she IS let out sheís gonna make sure everyone gets their asses kicked, donít miss out and donít forget your dancing shoes!

Friday Night, 4th of July @ EMOS!
Kodiaks return from a two-month hiatus! Come out and see the only band worth mentioning on the inside stage and check out Mike Combsí new moves -- or the lack there of -- maybe he will show you his I-hate-life-cause-I-canít-skate multi-shades of purple busted foot. Check out Those-(just-off-tour)-Peabodys on the outside stage!

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!! July 6th at 12:00pm - Tubiní down the river
Come celebrate Gill & Caseyís birthday the best way we hungover peeps know how -- tubin. As new Austin transplant Joe (one of first-time-to-go-tubin-folks) said, ďI love sports that include water and beer-drinkinĒ aaahhh yeahÖ.who could not love having a numb ass and numb brain? Please join the whole gang as we depart from my house in South Austin --NO LATER THAN 12:00pm Sunday --- (which means be there earlier!), we consolidate cars/carpool and caravan to San Marcos. We usually get home around 8:00-8:30 pm (45-50 min drive to SM) It costs $10 to rent a tube, byob, and donít forget the suncreen! Please call 912-8126 if you wanna go! DESIGNATED DRIVERS are treated to dinner at the traditional on-the-way-home stop for coffee and grub at Dorsetts Truck Stop.

Sunday, July 6th, Emoís
Last and certainly NOT least, please donít burn yourself out this weekend so you can do some whiskey shots with the TYRADES. Dance and jump-jump-jump around with some of the coolest and rockin-est folks from Chicago. Featuring Jim Hollywood fr the Baseball Furies on bass, a whiskey drinkiní honey of a mama lead vocalist, a cutie of a drummer and a guitar player that went face down off the stage at the Blackout, left for stitches on the forehead then returned to rip it up with us for the phenomenal SPITS! SPITS! SPITS! Do yourself a flavor and get there early for MANIKIN, (http://www.supersecretrecords.com/) cause I know you wanna get all limbered up dancing with them, so you can rip it up with the TYRADES then get your dance-on with the EASTSIDE SUICIDES (http://www.theeastsidesuicides.com/) and stay for the NEW DISCIPLES!

I hope to see you ALL every night!
a.k.a Riff Scandell
Donít miss our next bout:
Sun, July 20th w/ the Pink Swords and the Applicators!!
For more info, visit http://www.txrollergirls.com and sign up for our newsletter of all the VERY special events we have planned!

Texas Rollergirl
Posted: Jul 3, 2003 11:22 pm
Hey is there ANY chance some REALLY NICE person could post this on Garage Punk.com -- I can't fucking remember my password and sign on!

Pretty Please with sugar on top???

Also it would be nice if anyone could post anywhere that folks would want to see a clip from 70 tough chicks in short skirts kicking ass in the rollerderby!

Thanks & Punches,

Texas Rollergirl
Posted: Jul 3, 2003 11:58 pm
Could someone be a REAl sweetheart and post his to Garage Punk.com -- I can't remember my fucking password and username!!

PLEASE?? Thanks loads!!

Also post anywhere ANYONE would want to watch a clip from austin rollergils league of 70+ tough chics on short skirts kickin some serious ass on the rollerderby!!

Texas Rollergirl
Posted: Jul 3, 2003 11:58 pm
SORRy -- I posted twice -- damn REFRESH button!
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