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Posted: Oct 18, 2011 4:45 pm
@ The Funhouse

Tues 10/18
The Imposters (Ca) - http://soundcloud.com/the-imposters
Temporal Love (Ca) - http://soundcloud.com/temporal-love
The Buffalo Stagecoach
Jose Fang
9:30pm, $5

new record out on DEAD BEAT RECORDS
THE IMPOSTERS - 'Animal Magnetism' LP
-So many modern bands have has been described as surf punk, but almost all of them fall short. The one band that comes to mind that truly fits that description is Hermosa Beach's THE IMPOSTERS. Raised on bands like Agent Orange, the Adolescents, the Gears and JFA, THE IMPOSTERS impecably revive a sound that hasn't been done justice in many many years. Through snarling bouncy riffs and shredded wasted nights, THE IMPOSTERS carve out 13 nasty anthems of surf infected punk rock . If bands like the Simpletones, Sick Pleasure, Agent Orange, Red Kross or Negative Trend mean anything to ya, than this one's definately right up yer alley.
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