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Posted: Jun 22, 2011 11:11 pm

check the link.
it's a twist on the Mountain Rock that the Spits talked about, cause it's by a mountain...HOWEVER this shit is free of jam band douche baggery and the shit gets dirty, but not in a hippy way. rock and roll all the way, greasy and drunk! it's a party for the kids that come from nowhere.
Here's a sneak peek at a unique music festival in the middle of nowhere! Now in it's 2nd year: Saturday July 2nd 2011 at the Friend Schoolhouse - Friend, OR. 14 NW Bands, Cheap Beer, Local Food, Free Camping, Free Water, all for a $5-$10 donation!

Here are a list of the bands that will be playing this year: Brotherhood of the Black Squirrel / The Singing Knives / Ghostwriter / Otis Heat / Ben Ballinger & The Dalles / Thee Headliners / Lana Rebel / 15 Mile Militia / Right on John / Katie Brennan / Barley Draught / Bob Connoly / Ape Machine / Drugstore Cowboy

[u]and then...[/u]
these are the shows we have booked at the Kenton Club this summer.
every last Friday of the month, THEE HEADLINERS are gonna rock it up- we'll see you there!!!

Fri Jul 29 2011
we are rocking it up with THEE HEADLINERS, THE ROYALS and THE TAXI BOYS!!
punk rock, slop rock and roll! with members from JR.'S GANG and more!!
Fri Aug 26 2011
another rad free party with THE SNAP(featuring ex-STUCK UPS and GLORY HOLES!) from Seattle and Portland's own HOODED HAGS(featuring members from CAT FANCY and HORNET LEG)!!
Fri Sep 30 2011
Flash Flood & The Dikes, THEE HEADLINERS and the kILLER-dILLERs
we are back rocking with one of our Portland faves, featuring ex members of the DRAGS! plus THE kILLER dILLERS from Seattle, featuring ex-BUFFETS and more!!

come and get it while you can, because we're planning on taking a break from playing shows after this until next year...no foolin'! September will mark our 2nd full year of having this evening be our standing gig every month.

we've been touring, writing songs and honing them....but for being a band this long we haven't put out that much music. so we're looking forward to recording more for a while.

we've been around for over 10 years and have had 2 full length releases(one on vinyl!), a bunch of tracks on different comps and plus a self produced ep and cassette tape come out.
our first 7" is finally being released in June on Portland's own Sonic Jett Records.
all of our info and sounds can be found at:


we are on Facebook too.
Posted: Jun 22, 2011 11:17 pm
oops i meant that 7" is supposed to come out in July!
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