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Posted: Jul 26, 2010 5:27 pm
it's been a while since we started making a racket together!! we are soooooo stoked to be celebrating with some of our favorite Portland pals!
The Bugs
Pure Country Gold
Dj Hwy 7
only at the Kenton Club Friday July 30th and it's Free!!

here's a link to an interview...

http://outsidermusicpress.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/thee-headliners-10- year-bandiversary/

Outsider Music Press interview...7/2010

July 23, 2010 by outsidermusicpress

Alt-country, garage duo, Thee Headliners, are gearing up to celebrate their 10 year bandiversary! Wowza! Time must really fly when you're drunk, having fun, running a muck making the best bastardization of Americana garage rock in Portland! To celebrate, Thee Headliners are going to rock the World Famous Kenton Club on July 30th. Outsider Music Press was honored to catch up with JT & Holly to discuss their legacy that keeps on a rollin' into the fiery sunset and a few skeletons that rattle in their closets.

OMP: 10 Year Bandiversary! Wow! What are some of the craziest things that have happened over the past ten years?
JT - Not that this falls under "crazy", but opening for such heroes as Wanda Jackson, Pierced Arrows, Mike Watt, Wayne "the train" Hancock and Tom Price has been awesome! Playing outdoors on mushrooms during a wild and windy dust storm was pretty insane...not to mention going on a 7 state tour in a rental van that wasn't supposed to leave Texas...without insurance!
Holly - the craziest thing that's ever happened to me is when we were in Austin for SXSW 2009 and the second night we were there a fellow guest at the house we were staying at OD'ed. That was incredibly sad and horrible, especially since he passed away sleeping in the living room, one coffee table away from where I was sleeping....but instead of his spirit leaving when his body died, he decided he wasn't ready to leave and decided to move into my body...I had immediate physical manifestations of his presence and it pretty much totally fucked me up HARD for almost 2 months. All of the problems that he had were overwhelming me. I was so paralyzed by it that I sought some outside help. I had to go to a psychic healer specialist friend who finally identified what was happening to me and was able to "depossess" me. It was insane!!! I always thought that being possessed was something that was all about evil, like in the movies, but he wasn't a bad guy, he just had demons that he couldn't handle. It was a really intense, difficult, eye opening experience that has changed me forever. Now I look out of two sets of eyes...that was very, very, very crazy shit!

OMP: Um. Wow! Alrighty then! Movin' on to the music portion of this program! How have your musical influences changed over the years? What were they when you first started? 5 years back? Present?
JT I would say that my overall fundamental influences haven't changed much over the years but I feel more influenced by the bands we play with, our peers and friends. Just the folks that are still slugging it out are a source of inspiration. I love that following music has become such a backwards journey- there are a handful of contemporary bands that get me, but a mountain of music that has come before and that intrigues me the most.
Holly - Hmmmm, well from the start, one of the things that drew me to JT was his ability to play guitar like Dex Romweber from the Flat Duo Jets. That fella, that band, are huge inspirations to this day. I've always been drawn to what I like to call "source music", like the first wavers of any new sound, but I also have huge respect for those that can soulfully recreate the kinds of sounds that happened in the past...Dex is a master of this! I tend to get new music from friends and thrift stores....I do buy stuff sometimes that's "new" but more often than not I listen to old shit. I was a new waver/bat caver back in my high school days but I grew up with a father who has a music obsession and have been exposed to tons of music from all sorts of places all of my life. I can't say I'm inspired by just a couple of bands or a particular genre of music...there is too much out there and too much yet to discover and I'm just stoked on so much of it! I just don't like commercial pap. Yuck. I like soul music...I will say that in the past ten years I've grown an appreciation for metal that I never had before.

OMP: What do you see as your biggest accomplishments?
Holly - Making records!! I love that we can rock a party for 3 hours and not even realize the time...playing with our musical heroes and having them compliment our sound. Wow!!
JT - I always wanted to be on a vinyl record and the fact that I'm truly not sick of playing any of our songs is a swell accomplishment.

OMP: It ain't no secret that yall used to be well... involved! Can you describe how music has "held it together" for you?
JT I think being in a band together makes there be a higher purpose that goes beyond our individual bullshit...and it's always a constant source for learning and understanding each other through compromise and collaboration. It's way better than being in an actual relationship!
Holly It saved our friendship by providing a platform where we could communicate and share the chemistry we have in a constructive way...

OMP: Currently, you have dropped back to being a duo. Any particular reasons? Do you think you will add another member in the future?
JT- Our musical connection is so complimentary. We understand each other so much it's hard to find that connection with someone else, for one. It's just the easiest combination, it's melody, rhythm and singing. If we added anyone else they'd have to fit just as easily...for I am a creative tyrant. I don't like having to explain what someone should do, they should just know.
Holly - Its like we have a psychic connection, cause when JT rips out some shreds I just listen in and fill in the cracks and we can go wherever we want, when we want. When we play as a two piece we always feels as if anything goes, we can crack out the jams no matter what. Practice or no practice!!! It's just raw and true. We have some sweet ass chemistry, I can't explain it but its a gift and I'm determined to make the most of it!! We like other instruments and are definitely going to rock with other people down the line but we're the heart of the band forever and always...

OMP: How has the Portland music scene changed over the years?
Holly If anything the scene is has just grown like crazy and is now kinda recognized in the bigger scheme of things as a place that bands come from...even though I have to say amazing bands have been coming out of Portland for decades!! There are SO many venues and SO many bands now it's impossible to keep track of what's going on around here! Everyone I meet is in a band, it seems.
JT - It definitely seems you can't throw a rock without hitting a band/bar/coffee shop/music venue/tattoo parlor which is nice because they make such great targets. There has been as much saturation as diversification in recent years that there's seemingly no such thing as a unified scene. I have a half baked conspiracy theory that the reason music is so widely encouraged in today's society is that it ultimately separates people into smaller social groups via whatever genre's fashion or ideology might be and ends up distracting the populace from what really is of importance in the world. I feel like Portland is becoming a little petri dish of this idea more every day. I know that's not what you asked, but I've always wanted to share my most depressing thought with someone. It doesn't stop me and countless others from following our dreams, though.

OMP: Any musical heros that are still prowling the scene?
Holly: There are definitely lots of old school folks that are active around town, lots of them!! Sam Henry of the Wipers is in a million projects around town, Fred and Toody Cole, of COURSE, Sten and Louie Samora that played with them in a number of past projects are non stop rockers...

OMP: Any Portland bands that have broken up that you miss dearly?
Holly: I miss Dead Moon, I miss The Real Pills, I miss the Silverkings and the Exploding Hearts. i miss Howie and the HotKnives!!
What's next for Thee Headliners?
JT- We're breaking up!!! hahahahaha! (not really...) We have a new t-shirt! We have a 45 coming out on Sonic Jett Records that spans our 10 year career on the two sides of the record. We have another song coming out on an all Portland vinyl comp on We Made These Records in September. We're finally writing new songs again after a year long creative hijacking. We hope to have another album out within the year. Ya know, basically all of the things we should have accomplished by now.
Holly- I can't wait to record the next record, we want to go really dirty and raw for the next one. It's gonna be our lo-fi special, the counterpoint to our last lush masterpiece. JT want's to call it "The Not So Sweet Smell of Sucks-ass". I also really want to do a coast to coast tour and I want to play overseas very, very badly. Plus we need to make a video!! New songs, new songs, new songs...

OMP: Now that you have your musical tenure, do you have any advice for people playing in bands?
JT - Quit before it's too late!
Holly Just plug away and follow your heart! My bottom line has always been first and foremost, I just want to rock out with my friends. Everything else is gravy!!

you can find more about us at
Posted: Jul 28, 2010 6:04 pm
WW Pick - Thee Headliners, Pure Country Gold, The Bugs
[GARAGE HEROES] For the past 10 years, Thee Headliners' Jeremy "JT Halmfilst" Terry and Holly "Hotbox" Morgan have cultivated a sound and ...an inter-musician communication all their own. The band remains one of Portland's best-kept secrets, charging out of the garage with a supersonic, airtight mix of gritty surf, doo-wop, soul, blues, grimy rock, psychobilly and everything in between as axeman Halmfilst growls with a swagger and drummer Morgan belts out a warbling and soulful siren song. The band's anniversary bash at the Kenton Club is indeed cause for celebration, and will hopefully turn more fans on to a sound that nobody should miss. AP KRYZA. 9 pm. The World Famous Kenton Club, 2025 N Kilpatrick St., 285-3718. Free. 21+.
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