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Posted: Nov 7, 2009 12:32 pm
65th & Foster SOUTHEAST.

MOFO = MOTO Cover Band (and they're real good at it)
Pity Fucks = Sickest Men of Europe or Beyond. Supposedly non-contagious.
Howie & Hotknives = Party Rock Extraordinaire.
Posted: Nov 7, 2009 1:49 pm
or not... Pity Fucks to sick to rock.
Posted: Nov 7, 2009 3:53 pm
hopefully o'malleys won't be under six feet of water by then...
Posted: Nov 7, 2009 4:17 pm
did i hear right that The Cobra is now drumming for the Pity Fucks? if so, that fucking rulez!
Posted: Nov 7, 2009 7:37 pm
that fucking rulez!
it does indeed! Kyle's been kicking ass...bummed as hell we,or I that is, can't play this, but this ear infection i've been dealing with for the last 4 days is no joke...hurts like fucking hell..like somebody told a tweaker there was copper pipe in my skull, and he's been trying to get it out with a flathead screwdriver...Hotknives and Mofo both rule, so get your asses down there and party!
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