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Posted: Jun 11, 2009 10:17 pm
playing a gig friday at duff's garage with the OBLIVION SEEKERS and getting back to basics as a two piece for it. should be RIPPIN! starts at 9:30pm sharp!

it's gonna be a party!
Posted: Jun 11, 2009 10:21 pm

"Gothabilly proto-soul vampire funk."
Posted: Jun 11, 2009 10:23 pm

we gonna get crazy wild, child.
Posted: Jun 11, 2009 10:54 pm
a wee history lesson from portland, oregon...

"Mark Sten - vox/guitar/organ (was in King Bee with Fred Cole, Bop Zombies on the 10/29/79 record, plays keyboards on SadoNation's 7" EP, did engineering on the Neo Boys 12", worked with Louie Samora on engineering the Jackals' first LP, has played the organ backing Tres Shannon in the Miss U's [Portland's premier Rolling Stones tribute band], caught fire in Lucky Thirteens while laying down some insinuatingly greasy guitar parts, was a contibuting songwriter & musician in Fred Cole's Range Rats live band & in the Torpedos, Portland's lost all-star band with Fred, Dave Corboy, Mark Nelson & Louie Samora). Has been coordinating this band since about 1991 (no small task, I assure you), answering a challenge from Thor at Tim Kerr records to get a band together & make a record. Mission accomplished. A veritable bank of songs, both original & "borrowed." *** Heidi Hellbender - vox (was a vocalist on the Oblivion Seekers' first CD, was in M99 with Rob Landoll, Regina LaRocca & James Mahone - this band toured Europe & the states, recorded with Greg Sage & released a bunch of records including a couple full-lengths, has performed with Gothic Outhouse - a band that did folk-punk cover songs & released a CD to acclaim in the greater Portland area, has sung lead & backing vocals with several billion other Portland institutions, but has yet to be institutionalized, locally. Makes relatively incognito appearances in a c&w revue called Mutts on Fire and/or The Taillights *** Tina Purdy - vox (also appears in the Blueprints, and was in the Fabulous Pheremones along with Dave Corboy & Rob Parker, and let us not forget the late lamented Naked Lunch). Clubs are advised to reinforce their walls & patrons are occasionally jarred into a state of near oblivion, in an attempt to withstand the sheer power of this voice. *** Jeff ("citizen of this or some other planet") Larson - guitarrorism (a chequered past: including stints in Crash Landing with Dale Moerer & John Naylor, IBC - a hardcore idea gone horribly wrong in highschool, who played at Satyricon with Napalm Beach once and Slack several times, much to their chagrin, I'm sure... this band actually released a 7-inch EP on Fred Cole's Tombstone label in 1989... so I guess it all does revert to degrees of separation from the Cole Empire; served time in Nervous Christians, the Weaklings, the Procrastinators, started the Lucky Thirteens & used the name with Bradly, Jedediah & Sten a couple years later to more renown). Currently guilty of attempted guitar alongside the gentlemen of Eight Foot Tender in the band backing noted rocknroll impressario Scott "Deluxe" Drake *** Ivan French - bass (does the name Kentucky Fried Children mean anything to you? was in New Wave Hookers with Chester Stallings, Brian Zipper, Al Maly & the inimitable Derek Baron, did some time beating the senses out of an acoustic bass with Ellen & the Felons, spent awhile as "DUIvan" in Texecutioners, and is currently holding down the doghouse bass slot in c&w combo The Redeemed, along with Jason Ballard). Also anchoring the bass regions of Louie's new project. *** Louis Samora - drums (which bands has Louie NOT been in? In Eugene, the almighty Foamlords, then the Torpedos here in Portland, the Rats, the Jackals, the Flapjacks... played guitar alongside Steve Casmano's bass for much of his adult life - it looks like this year might see the oft-threatened band called East Side Speed Machine get off the ground; was the drummer in Chris Newman's post-pre-mid-Napalm Beach band project, the Divining Rods - played in the Miss U's, was the human drummer in the live version of Fred Cole's western-themed ensemble the Range Rats... and several million other lucrative positions in bands here on Earth and elsewhere). *** Jason Ballard - lead guitar. He's a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but plays mind-melting lead guitar in the meantime. Has a verifiable pedigree in several noted C&W combos around Portland, and probably a long history in locations now obfuscated by time. Also plays alongside Ivan in c&w combo The Redeemed. Total guitar hero. ***"

from their myspace page...
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