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Posted: Apr 20, 2008 7:05 pm
Monday, April 28th, 2008

FDH Records is proud to bring you a very special
show with DIGITAL LEATHER on Monday, April 28th!
This will be Digital Leather's only East coast
date before leaving for a full European tour. The
first 50 people at the show will receive a copy
of Digital Leather's "Blow Machine" CD
compliments of FDH Records.

Poster for event:
http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h228/miettepourlavie/?action=view&cu rrent=042808-1.jpg

Somewhere in sunburnt Arizona sits a melancholic,
romantic young man yearning for the rainsoaked,
English Midlands of the 80’s to match the chaos
within his dark soul. He daydreams of walking the
dead, industrial, barren landscape as some sort
of Mad Max or Bladerunner, revels in his decadent
fantasies of sophisticated, lace and leatherclad
boytoys spilling their semen on his tied-up
tortured body, of the humiliation and
dehumanization. His parents, art school drop-outs
in exile, are fairly concerned about him,
wondering if maybe this has something to do with
their excessive cocaine consumption during his
mother’s pregnancy, and in an attempt to cheer up
their boy, his mother gave him all her old
records of Dead Or Alive, Deutsch Amerikanische
Freundschaft, and Sisters Of Mercy, thinking
maybe this would set him straight. Instead he
stole money from her purse and bought himself a
crappy old keyboard and drum machine to create
his own masterpiece of dark, erotic, angst-laden,
gothy EBM. Parents, in cases like this, you need
to give your children hardcore, lots of hardcore,
to cheer them up and get them thinking positive
thoughts. This ain’t gonna help any, you know,
and now Oprah Winfrey has to do the cleaning up.
(Review of "Monologue" from Lowcut36) Records out
on Goner, Shattered and FDH Records."
Hear the Raveonettes remix he recently did for
http://www.imeem.com/theraveonettes/music/KAyTL2Lh/digital_leather_dea d_sound_cover/
or an original Digital Leather song:
http://www.imeem.com/digitalleather/music/mfO0vfly/digital_leather_sty rofoam/

Raging explosive punk rock in two minute doses.
They have been tearing up Philadelphia for the
past few months playing shows with the likes of
Jay Reatard, Be Your Own Pet, and Japanther.
Quickly becoming know for their ability to make a
party out of any show. 7" coming out in June on
FDH records.
Hear two new unmastered songs from their
forthcoming 7" here:
http://www.imeem.com/people/Rpsj4kp/music/xPx0XJzz/women_own_the_night /

Electroscum Noise made by a social retard/loner
from Omaha, Nebraska. Traveling to Philly just
for this show!! Album out on FDH Records.

Faux Slang are about having a good time. They
play boozy bar rock designed for basement
parties. Vocalists Rick and Ian take turns
shouting out songs designed to be shouted along
too. Former and current members of This Radiant
Boy, Barking Spiders and Horrorshow.

The M Room
15 W. Girard Ave.
8pm 21+
Only $5
Free Digital Leather CD to first 50 attendees.
Posted: Apr 27, 2008 11:09 am
The show is tomorrow. Here is a writeup from Victim of time about what to expect.

Monday night in historic Philadelphia at the M Room, kick the week off with an absurd and pulverizing show, baring the ugly underbelly of the electronic punk noise movement, and implementing what looks like an official FDH Records showcase. Digital Leather is one of America's most underrated, yet prolific shape-shifting bands who seem to be endlessly releasing interesting new material, along with a heap of bizarrely great side projects to fill in the gaps. With a wide range of synthesized tone bending capabilities and a nasty disposition, Digital Leather make it all look so easy, and piece together impossibly simple pop songs out of thin air. Check out their latest LP, Blow Machine on FDH for the most recent dose of their eerily undulating, throbbing message of self-deprecation, and don't miss the chance to soak in this morally bankrupt unit in a live setting. Local Philadelphia hellraisers, Women, bring back a snotty and fresh twist on the lightning punk formula, but they might stick out as the odd band of the night, as the staccato post punk ass shakers Faux Slang proudly show how effortlessly they can construct catchy pop in an off-center world primed for aural conformity. Either end of the spectrum that suits you, it's two great examples of why all the bands shouldn't sound the same, and it's the variety that really makes a show like this work.

Openers el Diablos Bloncos from Omaha, Nebraska obviously drill their own holes and string up a sound so minimal and blown out, it makes Digital Leather sound like Sparks. With a Big Black influence gutted from the inside out and an incessant vexation as their strong points, these guys could just be the next junk-punk band to blow your socks off. Check out their releases on FDH and Loveskull for more mind bending spewage of the wandering glue-wave nature, and don't be late as they kick off Monday's show at the M Room.
Posted: Apr 29, 2008 6:52 am
how was it???
Posted: Apr 29, 2008 8:41 am
yeah anyway
if it would have been a friday or saturday show i would've gone.
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