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Posted: Nov 9, 2006 1:58 pm
Killer damaged, fuzzed-out, garage punk rocknroll from France!!! DO NOT MISS!

Sat 11/11

THE MAGNETIX (Bazooka Joe endorsed rocknroll)

LOS BLANKITOS (NYC stripped down Gories blues trash)

EDISON ROCKET TRAIN (Ex-Raunch Hand, delta blues, Beefheart swamp rants)

at Magnetic Field - 97 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
Doors - 8PM - MUST END by 11PM sharp!
$6 cover

RocknRoll Soul Stomp


Sun 11/19 w/ Live Fast Die, Golden Error, Hunchback @ Cake Shop

Mon 11/20 w/ Awesome Color, Imaginary Icons, Coach Fingers @ Glasslands

Posted: Nov 9, 2006 3:27 pm
THE MAGNETIX (Bazooka Joe endorsed rocknroll)

Nuff said.
Posted: Nov 9, 2006 7:32 pm
I can't seem to find where their other tour dates are posted?
Posted: Nov 9, 2006 7:47 pm
please bazooka you poseur fagadouche. the day you go to a show or have the nerve to endorse one is the day you and your old fart nerd friends stop farting dust on your overpriced 45s.
Posted: Nov 9, 2006 7:52 pm
If you're just pissed that I don't go to any DC Snipers shows there's a good reason for that.
Posted: Nov 9, 2006 7:53 pm
I can't seem to find where their other tour dates are posted?

Mark Sultan was helping Magnetix book tour so maybe he knows???
Posted: Nov 9, 2006 7:56 pm
whomever these "DC Snipers" are, I am sure they are too rich for your low T-cell blood.
Posted: Nov 9, 2006 8:09 pm
I can't seem to find where their other tour dates are posted?

probably of no help to you but the boston show is 11/13 @ great scott.
Posted: Nov 9, 2006 9:26 pm
Fuck, forgot to ask off of work.
Posted: Nov 9, 2006 9:35 pm
dates coming up in a snap. sorry.
Posted: Nov 10, 2006 7:43 pm
NYC gig tomorrow night!!!!
Posted: Nov 10, 2006 7:48 pm
FUCK YEAH! Make sure I dont do anything stupid.
Posted: Nov 10, 2006 8:09 pm
not a chance. you are stoopid, AIDS tongue joe.
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