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Posted: Oct 28, 2003 9:03 am
Hey Folks,

Got a couple great shows in NYC during the WFMU record fair. So come to the city, blow some dough and see some GREAT BANDS:


Friday Nov 7

Cheater Slicks (Columbus, OH - First NYC appearance in over 7 years!)
The Black Lips (Atlanta, GA)
Tyler Keith and the Preacher's Kids (Oxford, MS)
The Fevers (Minneapolis, Williamsport, PA)
The Spittoons (NYC)
plus DJ sets by WFMU's Dave the Spazz
At North Six - 66 North 6th Street, Williamsburg
doors at 8:30, first band at 9pm
$12 night of show/$10 in advance

Saturday Nov 8

Tyrades (Chicago)
Semiautomatic (NYC)
Sweet JAP (Minneapolis)
Spooks (Atlanta, 3/4 of the The Black Lips plus Theremin!)
Mob Stereo (NYC)
The Weekenders (NYC)
at The Local - 351 Kent Ave at S. 5th Street
doors at 8:30PM, first band at 9pm
$7 cover

As you may have noticed, I am NOT booking Metal Urbain that night...lame thing happened and the show got pulled from me...come to the Local instead for a killer night of bands.


Posted: Oct 29, 2003 6:02 am
Posted: Oct 29, 2003 8:38 am
And I should be DJing. Dave the Spazz ain't gonna rock the Necessary Evils, Fireworks, Beguiled, Bad Times, Reatards, Black Lips, Country Teasers, DM Bob, Bob Log III, 68 Comeback, Teengenerate, Oblivians, and Biz Markie. C'mon Tom...get yer head outta yer ass.
Posted: Oct 29, 2003 8:39 am
And normally I would play the Cheater Slicks like two or three times, but not when they're playing.
Posted: Oct 29, 2003 9:21 pm
Hey Joe,

Have you ever heard Dave the Spazz spin???

And yeah, I'll get you to DJ again, just gotta spread the wealth, er um talent...

If you want me to say who's a better DJ, I'm gonna plead the 5th.

Posted: Oct 29, 2003 10:16 pm
Naw, nigger, I's just bustin' yer balls. I know Spazz be rockin' ill sounds, I just likes my Cheater Slicks shows noisy even when the band ain't playin.' Plus thats MY band...comprende? Lemme know when you book the Country Teasers.
Posted: Oct 30, 2003 9:27 am
and the black lips are playing a house party, and there will be lots of beer.
I think everybody should make a weekend out of this.
Posted: Oct 30, 2003 4:20 pm
decadent.... is this the party that I'm thinkin' of?? yer kegger? Yup. Gonna need directions to this one....
Posted: Oct 30, 2003 6:16 pm
if anybody really wanted to see metal urbain, you can see them for free at the record fair on saturday...
where's this party the black lips are playng at?
also guitar wolf is playing on wednesday!
Posted: Oct 30, 2003 8:13 pm
its on meserole ave in brooklyn(i forget the number) i think theres gonna be free 40s. Hopefully the cops wont show. deerhunter, the spooks and the Alphabets also play
Posted: Oct 30, 2003 8:14 pm
oh yeah, its on november 6th
Posted: Nov 1, 2003 11:26 pm
the cops wont take me alive. No it isnt the kegger. Im still waiting for the check for that bad boy.
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