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Posted: Oct 25, 2003 7:30 am
Here is the listing from the Young Ave Deli website.

I am Spoonbender (voted best electronic band in San Francisco and most innovative live-instrument electronic band around - the village voice) w/ The Nervous Patterns
Date: Monday October 27, 2003
Cover: $7.00

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Posted: Oct 28, 2003 5:51 pm
Hank the soundman has been replaced by a laptop and microphones have been replaced by telephones! I am Spoonbender had their shit together, to say the least.
That show was so amazing on so many different levels. Costumes, smoke machines, great music, ENERGY, synchronized dance moves.
Those who missed out are sorry suckers!

Posted: Oct 28, 2003 9:22 pm
they were really great. It was great to see their elegant musical perfection and then go over and see the dionysian debauchery happening at the "Tip Tops" show. Wow. I don't advocate fighting nd I'm not gonna take any sides, but it sure was a perfect night to end in a fight. Scott Rodgers needs a job as a personal bodygaurd.
Posted: Oct 29, 2003 7:30 am
can you give us the story without taking sides?
Posted: Oct 29, 2003 9:03 pm
it will be better embellished if you just get it through the rumor mill.
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