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Posted: Oct 28, 2005 9:11 pm
Thought this might be of interest for some of the displaced goths/vampire fans from New Orleans:

http://www.commercialappeal.com/mca/midtown_downtown_appeal/article/0, 1426,MCA_17776_4186352,00.html
Posted: Oct 28, 2005 9:15 pm
its gonna take me awhile to realize that here CA means Commercial Appeal and not California.

There was a story in the paper (now I can't remember if it was LA Times or NY Times) about Anne Rice's new house in San Diego... so somehow, I thought this was about that. I was wrong. Newspaper photogs have to learn how NOT to use flash when shooting goths. Flash just ruins the look
Posted: Oct 28, 2005 10:28 pm
"sporting an outrageous leather bustier or some other sinister costume..."
Woo. Those sinister leather bustiers...

This was really funny. I half way expected her to start talking about the cucumber sandwiches and tea cakes that are served.
"No bad moon rising for friendly Goths". Nice little Gothies...
Posted: Oct 28, 2005 10:47 pm
It is Friday. And it is afternoon. In the Fall. And where the world dreams of their happiness that is about to begin for them for the next fleeting hours of the "weekend", I weep quietly for them and their ill-percieved notions; for it will die at midnight in the evening of their Lord's day...
Everything must die. Even if to be reborn again. To die. It is a diamond in darkness; only a cold rock, with it's brilliance suffocated by the void of light....
My soul. It hurts.
Posted: Oct 28, 2005 11:14 pm
Wow Jack, that's so dark and sinister. And mournful.

"As for wearing black, he said, "For many people I know it's a mournfulness toward the world and not so much their personality."
Posted: Oct 30, 2005 6:22 pm
Good afternoon, dear enemies.

One bite of the apple
It is your fate
And justice withers
Along with taste
To bite that apple
Is innocence lost
And ne'er shall I remember.
Nay, ne'er shall I remember

Today was both wretched and cursed. It is not a common occurence to experience such a day. Sure wretched days are commonplace and cursed days are no rarity, but a mixture of the two most despised emotions in the vast lexicon of human depravity all in one day is truly a remarkable event.

It all started when I was watching The Closer on TNT. It's a new cop drama starring Kyra Sedwick, a sassy southern cop who finds herself in New York City's infamous homicide department. I was completely enthralled with the boldly witty dialog and the stunning plot twist when fate disdainfully thrust a wrench in my spokes: a mighty flash of lightning laid its vengeance upon my cable connection. It was, without doubt, the workings of a cruel, sadistic God who delights himself in nothing other than inflicting melancholy on his woeful subjects. Immediately following this trauma, I rushed to Friday's with high hopes of attaining those elusive shrimp fajitas. I knew I hadn't much time to spare, for the hour of that blessed bastion of American cuisine's closure was indeed nigh. When I arrived, a beacon of blinding light flashed from the neon sign hanging over that blessed entrance into culinary heaven. I abruptly fell to my knees and read that mocking sign: "CLOSED". Though this tragedy was, by most standards, incomprehensible, it was only the beginning of the pain I would feel. Watching the waitresses and bus boys savor the sheer deliciousness of the left over quesidillas was salt in my already gaping wound. Weakened from my horrific nightmare, I trudged home and took a warm bath, Jacuzzi style. The bubbles soothed my aching head, but failed to ease my troubled mind. Alas, I lie here in my bed, nestled snugly under the covers, broken by the indifference of this cruel world.

Spiteful world, I bid you adieu,

Posted: Oct 31, 2005 9:07 am
In my slumber, a vision was berthed unto me. A vision of terror and doubt, of pain and passion, of love and spite. I was alone, buried 'neath the trenches of the atmosphere. A desert, red sky, hindering landscapes. In the distance, miles I could see, was a figure, a dark one, of an angel. Upon her breast was an emblem. A black heart. Though great distance separated us, I could hear her speak. She summoned me to join her. I was enchanted by her wish, so I attempted an approach. But the closer I came to her, her vision deteriorated. Until the only trace of her were her eyes of jade, gleaming with lust. Bereaved, I fell into the darkness. Horror was upon me and I knew that I was dead

Gracious Beast of the Land
Allow the winds to take your hand
Nature's bosom will carry you
Into the welcomed arms of MoodynBlew!!!

I woke up scareder than a turkey in November. What caused this horrific dream?....
Regenta, was she leaving me?
I did order double beans in my taco salad at Cozymel's.
and my tummy was an-achin' all night.

perhaps the future will explain it to me
or me to it???

For now the latest episode of Blind Justice awaits me.
- moodynblew
Posted: Oct 31, 2005 5:21 pm
if there was a full moon club anywhere near my house, i would have someone drive me past there so i could hang the ass out. probably a whole lot
Posted: Nov 1, 2005 1:23 am
For every sparrow
There is an arrow
To pierce its heart
And silence forever
For every man
There is a woman
That tears at the soul
Like the sparrow's arrow

Time has passed since the unfortunate news of Chili's closing stabbed deep into my heart like a hot dagger. Things between me and Lauren have pretty much phased out. It is safe to say that we are no longer bounded by the ties that usually define a so called relationship. It also gives me freedom to seek tidings with Regenta, the dark angel herself. I eventually convinced her to go on a date with my dark-ass soul. I suggested Bitches Brew, a club made for gothic dudes. We were unfortunate to realize that there were new age limits in the club, so we could not enter. It appeared to be falling lame to conformity however. I noticed a Pepsi sign on the outside. We ended up going to Denny's and I got the ham sandwich. FUCKING GOOD! After we ate, we talked a bit about our wretchedness and I kissed her. Our lip rings locked and we fell over spilling grape juice EVERYWHERE!! It was quite embarassing. After we parted I went home to watch JAG.

THe EnD of EtErnItY
Posted: Nov 1, 2005 2:32 am
My cat died today. Or maybe it was yesterday, I don't know. Only knowing that the familiar had slipped the dreary and pointless existence made up of a world of fools, this; this was the only warmth in my winter's blood. I am like a vampyre in darkness, looking to satiate my thirst for blood, but they will no longer serve steaks rare at Perkins. But the light there hurts me, gleaming down in putrid radiance, refracted and reflected by the cut glass bowls, dropp'd from the ceiling - this light, o' painful and exposing, cuts this shell of a man and leaves me as dry as the sugar cookies in their bakery. I could bear this no more and I went home.
I opened my door and out staggered Poonces, my feline, my familiar; and she was weeping. I knew where she was going. To the woods. To die. Alone. In the Rain.
Posted: Nov 1, 2005 3:34 am
Chicken,Chicken, Bird of prey
Prey upon my soul this day
Peck the evil off of my brain
My Chicken,chicken, bird of prey.

Chicken, Chicken, bird of prey
Day is night, night is day
You are evil, I must say
Chicken, Chicken bird of prey.

Chicken, Chicken, Bird of prey
Pain is life, life is hate
Still the winds of time must stay
Chicken, Chicken, Bird of prey.

It is time...It is time... I cannot hold this pain in any longer. In the journal that follows, I will pour my emo/goth heart out like it was honey sauce. The hatred of this world has now consumed my entire being. How, I ask, the world be in a constant state of indifference towards its inhabitants? I'll tell you how: it's the sorrow of a broken heart. I went to Chili's today, expecting nothing short of excellence, but what did I find?

"I'm sorry sir, but we're out of batter for the crispers. Can I interest you in some yummy southwest-style eggrolls?"

"NO you cursed bitch. Crispers are the only star in the darkened sky of my soul! I curse you and your vile attempt to hinder my savoring of yummy mutherfucking crispers! Now bring me fucking crispers NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!"

Despite my efforts, no crispers were served. I ended up ordering 'The Oldtimer Burger'. It would have tasted rather yummy, but the sweet reminiscent taste of criper was still on my tongue. I haven't eaten or slept since.

Tortured by a cold world and robbed of all that is good by the coldness of others,
Posted: Nov 1, 2005 10:22 pm
This Fall, this chill, this night coming sooner reminds me of death. If I had my cape near, I would use it to shield my eyes from the last burning rays of the sun. I ache, and my pain is compounded by the pain of the light. So bright, so lonely... Only a few hours more before I stalk these lonely streets; oh, they are full of people, but their heads and souls are empty. My soul is even more empty though, and even all of the chicken fries at Burger King can't save me now. Not even with extra catsup....
Posted: Nov 2, 2005 5:53 am
Flash just ruins the look
flattens the fangs
perhaps the camera
should be and a
dental flash could
be used to pick up
the bad makeup that covers the
Posted: Nov 2, 2005 5:59 am
She waited, Anne Rice, for her husband to die; it was an excuse they would believe. Her bereavement would leave her speechless, literally. So would end the masquerade that she was a deep well of story-telling. That was Stan. She fronted.

fuck it... i was trying to do this Henry James/Wings of the Dove thing combined w/ the vampire goth and i just can't stop laughing enough to sustain it.
Posted: Nov 2, 2005 6:02 am
You. Wound. Me. Never speak of Red beans Anne Rice, again, lo', she moved. To the Fog. Of the Frisco Bay....
Posted: Nov 2, 2005 6:04 am
To whom it may discern,
Life's sorrow of Forever's Burn.
Walk a lie, a path of "Fate,"
I spill blood, peace generates.
Talk of This,
Talk of That,
Is it White,
Body cries,
Drink the Wine.
Body Burns,
Soaked in Lyme.
Casket lays in ground so damp,
Basket weaved of my contempt.

Today, i experienced the most pleasurable, utterly delicious thing to ever touch my tongue. It was....... the sonic coney. YUMMM, fucking, Yummm. I', telling you, dude, coneys are the best fucking thing ever!!!! First, you take an all beef frank....FOOOOT LONGGGGG! Then, you smother it with fucking yummy chili and cheese. Finally, you eat it fast as shit. After I got done eating it, I fucking jerked off... It was that good. NEwayz, I'm getting a job at PUTt Putt. My old man always told me," Son, if you get a job at Putt putt, you can buy a whole shit load of chili cheese coneys." I hope he's right cuz I gots a jonesin' for a coney, dog (no pun intended). If I get a job there, they won't let me wear my gay gothic-ass clothes, but I don't give much of a shit. I can taste the coneys now

Later guys,
Posted: Nov 2, 2005 6:13 am
Time is loss and pain is gain
When the Darkest angel spreads her wings
The darkened sky kills a beacon of light
A terrible day turns worse with the night.

That was a poem I wrote about my girlfriend. Earlier today, she forced me to go to the oasis of consumerism: the mall. Yuckidy yuck yuck. My anger boiled hotter than a witch's brew, but unlike our witchly friends of the night, I could not escape on a magic broom. Lucky for me, my magic broom came in the form of the most beautiful star in the food court sky: smooth motherfucking mooves. From the moment that yummy smoothy crossed the threshold of my lips, my tongue was briskly taken to ethereal joy. The dark lord himself could not concoct a more divine, or dare I say... merciless onslaught of yummy taste power. My girlfriend could see that my spirits had risen, so in a dastardly attempt to rob me of my joy, she took me Dillard's. At first I saw no harm in accompanying her on her mundane shopping spree, but I soon realized the drastic consequences of her ruse. On the window was a sign, a mocking sign, a sign of unforeseen discord, a sign of sheer darkness: NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE STORE. The sign mocked my momentary bliss, laughing at my misfortune, and I simply watched. As I dropped the delicious SMooth MOoves smoothy in the waste receptical, I lost something. Not just the yummy smoothy, but a piece of my very soul. Never againg shall I be taken in by her evil charm. Never again shall I waste a smoothy.

From the very essence of me,
Moody N Blew

P.S. Fuck you.
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