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Goner Message Board / Memphis / Ross Johnson's Panther Burns/Klitz show at Hi Tone, Saturday, 5/17
Posted: May 11, 2014 11:40 am
Well, why? No good reason really except that Johnny at the Hi Tone asked me to book something there again a few months back. After the 12/28/13 Like Flies on Sherbert live redux show/debacle (on my part, at least, it was if you saw me nod out on stage more than once), I had this bad idea to play a RJPB show after recently finding a contract signed by Tav, the late Alex Chilton and myself in December of 1980 incorporating ourselves as something known as the Panther Burns. My less than keen legal mind got the idea that I might once have owned part of the name (the part that goes Panther Burns, not the part that bills itself as Tav Falco's Unapproachable...) in some quasi-legal sense. But that's kind of like owning partial interest in a porn shop or swinger's club (they did exist in this town in the late 20th century...anyone remember Ernest Lunati's short-lived carnal venture known as the Treehouse?). Not exactly something to be proud of, one might say.

I get bored in retirement and people ask me to play sometimes and this is what happens. I know it will likely irritate Tav and his current incarnation of touring Burns. That kind of appeals to me after the little backstage fracas I had with them in late 2012 when we played together at Minglewood Hall. Tav may be staying with his mom at Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs so I might invite him over to play the show and to celebrate an upcoming bday of his (a hint: I will be 61 ruined years old if I live to see June 5 and Herr Falco will be celebrating a few more years than that in late May)

Let's see. So far I have, um, verbal commitments to perform from: Joe T, Alex Greene, Lorette Velvette, Kip Uhlhorn, Marcella Simien, OGPB alum Rick Ivy, and Gail Elise Clifton (of course, none of them may show up, but I will...for good or ill). Speaking of the sisters Clifton, they will be debuting a new look Klitz which is pretty close to the original 1978-80 original incarnation of Memphis's first real punk band. Gail has already put up flyers around town billing the show as Panther Klitz. I kinda favor that name over Ross Johnson's Approachable Panther Burns and the Klitz may end up closing the show like they used to do at PB/Klitz double bills at the Well.

And no conceit ala the Like Flies redux show about trying to raise enough money to send a cash honorarium to Mary Lindsay Dickinson, Laura Chilton or even Tav's mom for that matter. Admission will be just (just?) $5. I will attempt to pay the musicians something if they or an audience shows up.

Per usual, you been warned. Geezerbilly, anyone?
Posted: May 14, 2014 2:10 pm
Okay, so no Lorette. She has some kid stuff to do that evening, but husband Alex Greene will be de facto band leader (you like that idea, Alex?). And, of course, Tav won't be there so if somebody happens to show up hoping to see Tav Falco's Unapproachables he or she will be subjected to Ross Johnson's Approachables. It's a gag gig...sure is if I am involved. Looks like we will have a bass player too that night.

However, the almost original (so nice I had to misuse that adjective twice in my previous post) Klitz will open the show playing their late 70s club set with original members Gail Elise Clifton, Amy Gassner Starks and Marcia Clifton on drums (one of my favorite tub thumpers...think Moe Tucker but simpler...that's a compliment, by the way).

So come yell at and make fun of my faux Burns Saturday night if you got nothing else to do.
Posted: May 15, 2014 4:03 pm
Wait, Panther Burns will open. Klitz will close. We begin playing when club management tells us to start. Maybe way after the 10 pm showing of Mike McCarthy's newly reinvigorated and rereleased Cigarette Girl at the Malco is over. I hear his new movie has nekkid stuff in it. All his films do or so I have been told. No nudity at Panther Klitz show though...so be glad.
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