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Posted: Mar 27, 2014 6:48 am
What are some old Memphis TV memories?

First, the original owners of WREG Channel 3 amassed a huge library of old 1930's movies and shorts. I eras, maybe on Wikipedia, that WREG had one of the largest collections of these old films outside of California. (Seriously).

So in the 1970's, on Saturday afternoons (outside of football season) there were these great old 1930's movies. Laurel and Hardy, Ma and Pa Kettle, Mickey Rooney, Three Stooges and especially Johnny Weismueller Tarzan films. The Tarzan films were really cool. Loved three shows. They used to have in Memphis a festival of all these old films, and I remember my parents and I went to see this event at least once.

Secondly, in the late 1970's, in the late Saturday mornings on TV 5.... Pink Panther....Sanford and Son.....and the. TV 5 wrestling! Best two hours on TV for a ten year old. Memphis wrestling was hilarious back in the day. Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Handsome Jimmy Valiant, Jimmy Hart, especially poor Lance Russell! We kids would watch that and we would go outside after it was over to "wrassle" each other. So much fun. I wish I could go back to my high school years so we could cheer for the Sheephearders. They were "heels", but it would have been cool for us to sit ring side, wave the Union Jack and cheered them to kill the redneck hero. Most of the audience did not know it was fake so no matter.

TV 5 also had Bullwinkle, a crazy late 1960's cartoon made for adults and kids.

There was also Magicland on Sundays with Dick Williams and his wife. I watched that show for the Warner Brothers cartoons. Dick was not from Memphis and when he retired, he moved with his wife to his home in Kansas. Probably passed away by now.

Another channel on Sunday, maybe 13 showed a show called Insight. Insight was like a Christian Twilight Zone. Even featured Bob Newhart as God. No s..t. Seriously. I used to watch Insight before I went to Sunday School at Broadway Baptist. The bus usually came before the episode was over. I would love to have DVDs of this show.

I have been away from Memphis for many years, do they still have telecasts of the Bellevue Baptist church? I remember when Brother Adrian died, I emailed Steve Gaines and told him that you will never be Adrian Rodgers.

Al Green to my knowledge never broadcasted. Sort of a shame maybe. Memphis is still so fixated on Elvis Presley who died over 35 years ago and does not celebrate the fact that....uh...WE have a living, legendary ROCK STAR alive now. Green probably eschews this, because he is not on local television. If and when I ever come back to Memphis, Tennessee, I would love to go to a service.
Posted: Apr 4, 2014 8:23 am
WHBQ House Party!
And, I do miss those old movies.
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