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Goner Message Board / Memphis / Toy Trucks/Ross Johnson Problem, Bucc, Saturday, 5/18/13, happy hour show
Posted: May 16, 2013 3:10 pm
Don't blame me. Richard booked it as a RJP gig and who am I to refuse a chance to abrooze some boozers who want to watch sports and drink Bud Lights at the bar? Good news is that Jeremy Scott's new combo, Toy Trucks, will debut that day. Yay, Jer! Not so good news is that I will have a microphone connected to the PA, but Richard will play stuff that actually resembles songs with chords and shit. And I plan to world debut a couple of new tunes myself: "Cuddles the Pill Clown" and "My Good Girl is Gone, Ya'll." I will do "Tranny Granny" per Josh's request (even if he ain't there and he might not be, ya know) with a lyrics update courtesy of Lady Chablis hisself. I have been told that my few visits to the Bucc so far this year have been very memorable...just not by me. Cuddles does not want to talk about it. I will bring my own Diet Coke from a place called home and you can drink whatever they serve that day. As always, you been warned.
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