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Posted: Jan 29, 2004 9:39 pm
(1) Thoughts on last nights Griz/Blazers thang???

(2)Opine on the Calipari/Memphis episodes of THE SEASON???

Posted: Jan 29, 2004 9:53 pm
Worst grizz of the season I've seen. Due, unfortunately. No one showed up.

Good shots of Soulsville on espn reality tv.

Posted: Jan 29, 2004 11:49 pm
Is THE SEASON going to be about Memphis every week? I just saw last night's and most of what you saw was the field house or wherever theyahve them practicing now and the lovely iger high campus.

You're right--Grizz looked like crap and the Blazers were due a road win. Pau is so soft. I'd be embarrassed.

Posted: Jan 30, 2004 12:24 am
Pow (ow!) is scared of rashweed, literally. Should be interesting negotiations for his next contract. Team shot 31%. Doesn't matter who your coach is or gm if that's what you shoot. Portland didn't play much better but they didn't have to really.

Tigers are on for 3 episodes. Only saw the 1st but that's it, I think.

kevin e
Posted: Jan 30, 2004 1:11 am
Didn't know the Tigers were going to be on The Season. I need to see that.
eric o
Posted: Jan 30, 2004 6:34 am
where's jake?

grizz were grizzly.

both teams sucked. portland just sucked and made more shots. and beat up pau. bonzi went for 20. stro did a spectacular missed dunk.

we're still in good shape if we keep winning more than losing.

Posted: Jan 30, 2004 7:07 am
At least you (Eric and Sherman) can keep a POSITIVE MENTAL OUTLOOK on your team. I will give you that.

I don't wish the heartache I have experienced of the last few years on any NBA fans.

dutch hercules
Posted: Jan 30, 2004 11:59 am
didnt really watch hoops much that year, but when i/we, stumbled into Erics pad as complete strangers, and drinkin like all of his Budweisers the day after the big Oblivs Hi- Tone Halloween gig, I have a soft spot for the Grizzlies because of that, good times indeed. Pau Gasol is my dude. Matter of fact i traded him to the Pacers in EA sports NBA 2003 gamecube. Gotta get 2004.
Posted: Jan 30, 2004 6:37 pm
I was ambivalent toward Pau for awhile and maybe even gave him some credit where it wasn't due for the simple fact he is from Barcelona...but the guy has weak, boring game. He's a letdown.
lacey underwear
Posted: Jan 30, 2004 8:17 pm
Sure that game was depressing. I flipped back and forth between that and The O.C. But we had a franchise record breaking month and I'm still proud of the Grizzlies. I love them, actually. But I've never been a Pau fan. I think a lot of people are still hoping to see him play like he did when he was a rookie. His whining doesn't bother me at all, but his shitty shooting sure does and his lack of game. People always say "but he scored the most points last game." Well, if I was 7' tall and stood under the basket I would score more than the rest of my team too. Put any 7' fucker under there who can shoot decent and he'd do the same or better. Big deal. He also fucking flops up and down the court like a big sissy. He's got no strength either. Compare his muscles and energy level to any of the other players on the grizz (I prefer to compare to J Will's muscles) and it's ridiculous how he falls so short. Fuckin'pussy.
Posted: Jan 30, 2004 8:47 pm
Lace, you described every nuance of my frustration with that pasty tapas monger to a T!

Seriously, there is no excuse for him to not have more muscle definition/strength at this point in his career. There are countless NCAA dudes with stronger bodies than Pau who will have to continue to work far harder than Pau for a multitude of reasons just to get to the NBDL. Finally, he only intermittently even tries which is the most frustrating thing about him.

Posted: Feb 1, 2004 2:22 am
Pau's a wus, you'll get no argument here, but he's not the only culprit here. How many rebounds did Lorenzen get? He cries ALOT more than Pau. He should be spending all that energy that he uses up stamping around the court after every call that goes against him and BOX OUT! Also, he's got stone hands...

Memo to Bonzi: catch the ball first, genius...

Posted: Feb 3, 2004 11:29 pm
Went to the game last night. Pau got booed! But he showed up again in crunch time, made a couple buckets and his free throws!
Posted: Feb 4, 2004 1:41 am
I wonder if Pau is a Eurosnob and will react to the booing in a Spanish version of Rasheed Wallace and Bonzi Wells "How DARE you boo ME?" fashion?

Como se dice (sp?):" How DARE you boo me, Pau Gasol, 2002 Rookie of the Year???"

eric o
Posted: Feb 5, 2004 9:16 am
the wizzards were getting boo'ed BAD while grizz took 'em apart in the 4th tonight... gotta love it. pau comes through with 6 big points to seal it.

(then tries to give it away by throwing the ball away out of bounds after a wizz basket, but you can't have everything...)

kevin e
Posted: Feb 5, 2004 10:20 am
Just came across a picture of Mike Miller where he looks like Jay Reatard. Hopefully I can figure out how to post it.

lacey underwear
Posted: Feb 5, 2004 5:46 pm
I always thought that he looked like Jay. But only at certain angles.
<img src="http://www.nba.com/media/act_mike_miller.jpg" alt="title or description" />
Mike's a good player. I so glad we have him.
lacey underwear
Posted: Feb 5, 2004 5:54 pm

Cut and paste the above link and look at the picture on the right of Mike going in for the basket. He looks so much like Jay. But the little photo of his head on the left looks nothing like Jay.

Posted: Feb 5, 2004 7:49 pm
2 Big wins for Memphis, yeah! That Grizz comeback was ridiculous. Can we give Mike Miller's contract to Posey? He's earning it. Miller's back probs at this point would have to be classified chronic - take some Doan's dude! How 'bout Gasol showing up again in the last 2 minutes! That's like 4 games in a row!

Went to the Tigers last night, got out of there around midnight - thanks ESPN!

eric o
Posted: Feb 6, 2004 6:29 am
Just in: Portland signs ex-Grizzlie Fast Eddie Gill to multi-year contract!

But now where's Rodney "The Sheriff" Buford?


Posted: Feb 6, 2004 7:36 am
shit, for a minute I thought I was on the grizzwolds web site. when did we move to portland????
eric o
Posted: Feb 6, 2004 8:13 am
hey, just keeping up with the exes...
Posted: Feb 6, 2004 9:04 am
speaking of x's, my favorite sports talk radio in memphis lately...local yokels calling in and not questioning jerry west & hubie, but... wondering out loud if the grizz need a "superstar"??!!! The old nash/atl. inferiority complex is still alive & kicking -- even when they got a winner. The original grizz (wfl) won with no names john huarte and danny white (as punter!--before he became staubach's qb replacement in dallas) and then they brought in czonk, kiick, & warfield and weren't nearly as good. When will this town learn to love the nobodies its got like battier, posey, & lorenzen & his hot wings?????

& on an unrelated topic, I'd trade Pow for anything of value asap while he's got trade value--somebody who can play for more than 2 minutes a game. His time is up...

dutch hercules
Posted: Feb 6, 2004 11:19 am
So.. who do ya think is gonna win it? I'd like to see Pacers just cuz of Reggie Miller (he's gettin old ya know) but im in Memphis territory, plus i aint been keepin up on NBA stats. Just as long as LA lakers stay the fuck out! To hell with shequile o'kneel! fuckin sellout mikel jordan ass PUNK! (cross eyed goon).
Posted: Feb 6, 2004 8:37 pm
Thanks, Eric. Sherman, you know there is me over here that can ride the fence and the Griz-Portland connection continues to be mysteriously strong.

But Eddie Gill? I woke up to this happening and I had JUST heard about Omar Cook last night...oh its all too much for me. This is why I keep my eyes on Les Tigres.

Posted: Feb 6, 2004 8:38 pm
Y'all write to D Dunlap and ask him to tell his story about meeting the guy from Memphis at the Griz-Wiz game the other night--hilarity.
Posted: Feb 9, 2004 6:27 am
Keep doubtin' Pau, Sherm! He ain't listenin', just schoolin' KG with BOTH HANDS down the stretch! IMHO, that's gotta be in the top 3 wins in Grizz history...

Shane is sooooo clutch!

Posted: Feb 9, 2004 7:41 am
I'll take some of that POW! Wow! Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive he is. Whatever he's eating, keep it up. Big time win. Shane, Earl, J-Will, Pow, Nasty Bo on the steals & clutch free throw, Mike Miller & his S. Dakota posse & even Stro with his 15 ft. jump shots (!) combine to hit 51% & the Grizz are the 9th best with a chance for 31 wins going into the break! I had 'em picked for 35 for the whole season. Who woulda thunk it? Team is shooting 44%--everyone is over 40% except for Watson (& Person, but he's gone) & he's coming on. Ouch!
lacey underwear
Posted: Feb 9, 2004 5:34 pm
J WIll's new 8X10 is tough.
<img src="http://images.art.com/images/products/regular/10109000/10109286.jpg" alt="title or description" />
I accidentally posted in ???? first
lacey underwear
Posted: Feb 9, 2004 6:16 pm
I can't get images to work in the memphis section
Crazy Dave
Posted: Feb 9, 2004 7:56 pm
I wish I liked basketball. Y'all seem to have so much fun talking about it. The Pro Bowl was actually fun to watch last night. But now, it's 6 months until any respectful football is back on the tube. Oh Well.
Crazy Dave
Posted: Feb 9, 2004 7:56 pm
make that 'respectable'
kevin e
Posted: Feb 10, 2004 10:14 am
Did everyone see Nene's spin n dunk? That was sweet.

NFL draft is coming up Crazy Dave. Best of both worlds: college and pros.

Crazy Dave
Posted: Feb 10, 2004 8:23 pm
Oh yeah, the draft! I always forget about that. Everyone's saying that Eli Manning will go #1 in the first. I wonder. Sorry fierydrunk, not trying to shanghai your b-ball thread.
Posted: Feb 10, 2004 9:27 pm
I thought this thread was fer Hoops talk, peeps!

I think Hubie is gonna have a fit and keel over on the court if we don't start getting some calls. Carmelo is great, but how does a rookie go a whole game without fouling somebody?!

I'll take a split on that trip any day, tho...

Posted: Feb 10, 2004 11:01 pm
crazy dave---i will accept yer apology but only if you start your own NFL thread...I am not averse to the NFL at all (well, there are some rather embarrassing things about it) but it pales in comparison to the hoops.
Crazy Dave
Posted: Feb 12, 2004 5:32 pm
No Problem, NFL thread on the way!
Posted: Feb 12, 2004 6:17 pm
how 'bout them hogs?
eric o
Posted: Feb 12, 2004 7:28 pm
hey now, back to the GRIZZ... anyone go to the game (or see it last night on nba package?) that norman fell-looking ref was horrible. horrible.

ugly game, but a good grizz win to get 30. i think elton brand and that freaky huge white kid (Kamen?) coulda beaten us by themselves, though.

Posted: Feb 12, 2004 10:53 pm
Listened to Don on the radio, he seemed to be exasperated that the Grizz couldn't put 'em away: "and here come the Clippers, AGAIN!"

I'll take all the ugly wins...how ugly could it be, we scored 110 points!

Posted: Feb 12, 2004 11:15 pm
Grizz front office knew that would be an ugly win & didn't want anyone to see it.
Posted: Feb 13, 2004 1:36 am
Haven't been able to see any of the Griz games lately--who is playing well and having the "will to win" (a la Calipari's PR mouth)? The Blazers Redux play tonight against Carmelo etc and he/they killed us last time with Sheed...should be interesting!
eric o
Posted: Feb 13, 2004 8:53 am
all right:

pau: has been stepping up whenever he's not just overpauered. moves quicker to the basket, not whining over fouls.

j-will: solid passing, not going to the hoop as much as he should, still tries step-up 3s in transition, still j-will.

earl: solid defensively, spotty on offense. loves to run the break all the way into the key before he knows what he's going to do.

ren: solid even against bigger guys than him.

stro: missing some spectacular dunks, but seems to be getting better at timing on his jumps for rebounds and blocks. does not need to be dribbling the ball. nice 18 foot jump shot makes everyone cringe, but he hits it.

mike miller: back pain, but ready to ball. hitting some 3s... his 3 pointer ended it for clips.

bonzi: out of synch a lot of time, but there's streaks where it looks like every time down he could score. i don't know if he needs a team where he just runs and guns more, or if he'll figure the grizz out. memphis still loves him. we want him to be good.

james posey: suffocating defense, been hitting some 3s, too, and doing some post-up action.

battier: you gotta love shane, beating minnesota with a jumper after coming in off the bench with 5 seconds remaining. also solid.

bo outlaw: man his arms get in some folks' way. actually, since people don't think he's gonna score, he gets open near the basket and gets some good layups. bo is great.

jake: hasn't gotten his lips around much playing time lately.

dante jones: been subbing a bit when jason's got a migraine or is hurt or earl's trying to throw the game (mike hunckley's new theory- earl's the mole). great on defense, guaranteed to get called for an offensive charge within 20 seconds of coming into the game.

hubie: great as ever, though recently it seems like he hasn't been pacing the sidelines as much as he used to. maybe doctor's orders? hubie on tying last season's win total so early in the season: "we don't talk about that. besides, if we have goals, they're much bigger than something puny like winning 27 games in a year." great.

Posted: Feb 14, 2004 4:46 am
Yes! Yer dead-on down the line...

Earl's been better on the break the last few, but you're sooo right: "Ahh, I'll figure it out once I get in mid-air..." Also, isn't it hilarious that on Earl's breaks, Bo always ends up with the ball? I guess that's good scouting...

Bonzi's the biggest enigma on the team - that must sound familiar to Blazer fans. He goes through spells where it looks like he's just gonna kill someone. You can just tell he's pissed and gonna run over and foul somebody as hard as he can. And what's with all the turnovers? He'll go a half dozen possessions in a row where it looks like he's incapable of catching a pass. With him, Earl, and Bo all on the court together, it's a wonder we even get a shot up sometimes...

Posted: Feb 14, 2004 4:47 am
You forgot for Bo: the human lane violation. He's old school NBA - 3 to make 2...
Posted: Feb 15, 2004 3:23 am
Looks like Conference USA champ will be Charlotte
Posted: Feb 15, 2004 3:57 am
No--Memphis will do it. I know it! Charlotte will NOT.
eric o
Posted: Feb 16, 2004 8:20 am
i know... and the coaches must scout BO's great free throw shot... "just wait longer than you think humanly possible, and then wait some more, and then he'll probably shoot soon." but they can't do it!

i've watched bonzi bobble every pass to him in pre-game warm-ups... not reassuring to your hopeful fan.

Posted: Feb 16, 2004 8:50 pm
I am tellin' you--Bonzi IS insane. I think maybe your assessment is right on, Eric. Maybe he's got some lil demons and bon-bons with faces running around in his field of vision as he is trying to play hoops...yeah, schizophrenia is nothing to joke about (hello Eddie Griffin), but seriously...
eric o
Posted: Feb 16, 2004 9:29 pm
yeah, i can go with the bonzi is insane bit. and i could be wrong, but i think if you treat the mentally unstable in the right way, they'll respond. hopefully the "controlled" atmosphere of the grizz will work for bonzi.
Posted: Feb 16, 2004 9:29 pm
Tigers were ridiculous at Marquette. Just couldn't miss! Doc Rivers said Burks will be in the league next year...
Posted: Feb 17, 2004 7:28 am
Wasn't that crazy? "Skiles" was watching with me and had to admit at one point, "If they shot like this every game, they could beat any team in the NCAA."

On another, far less entertaining tip, my dad sold a bunch of expensive men's clothing to Mrs. Dick Vitale last Saturday (from psychologist to men's furnishings in 10 years).

eric o
Posted: Feb 18, 2004 11:10 am
[/newtopic.net/newtopic/idn.org/bulletinboard/]allasareloserswhotriedtobuyachampionshipteamliketheyankeesandwehatemarkcubanjustlikewehatethemaloofsbring onpeja.com/

allas you got beaten down.

great that you took your "stars" out early to play your next game against CLEVELAND.

i guess cuban sent the word down... better to not get injured in such an obvious loss.

and re: outside of league play, i know that cuban doesn't want anyone on "his" team to represent their country in the olympics, but what about the "all-star" game?

how many all-stars are on the grizz?

answer: NONE.


we repeat. FUCK ALLAS.

come on back sometime. we'll be glad to beat you again.

but we'd still rather beat the kings in the first round. we'll take allas in the second.

Posted: Feb 18, 2004 11:32 am
Confusing transmission:

Grizz paved mavs. very nicey.

Hornays lapped the pacers. maybe 2 laps.
all downcourt from here.

glory. for Mem and NO.

eric o
Posted: Feb 18, 2004 6:53 pm

i think celebrations were taken a bit far.


grizz win. yay.

Posted: Feb 18, 2004 9:55 pm
Great win! Stro either upped his trade value, or kept his job - guess Jerry'll be deciding that today. Glad I'm not making that decision...

I can't take another game of seeing Miller crumple to the court, then hold his back and wince the rest of the game - time for the ol' back replacement surgery...

Posted: Feb 18, 2004 10:06 pm
J Wil got TWO of his passes into today's Sportscenter Top 10! TWO OF THEM!

So OK Skiles and Lacey--I'll give it up for the (white) dude!

Posted: Feb 18, 2004 11:01 pm
Lemme guess - the pass to Stro for the dunk on Nowitzki, and the behind the back to Posey (that was sick! J-Will's the only guard in the league that'll even attempt that pass...)
Posted: Feb 18, 2004 11:28 pm
There was the behind the back but the one at #3 was this CRAZY long spinning bounce pass...I was too amazed to even see who it was to and what happened with it.
eric o
Posted: Feb 19, 2004 12:33 am
if stro played like that every night... whoah.

after jason's behind the back, in traffic pass to posey, j-will turned to andy rodick and said something like- "damn- you see that?!"

Posted: Feb 19, 2004 8:30 pm
Here's hoping Jerry holds his cards at the deadline today. The latest deal I've heard is Stro and Battier for Dampier. I like Dampier, but not that much...
Posted: Feb 20, 2004 1:24 am
talk is Rasheed is only going to be in Atlanta until this season finishes. Where is Sheed going next? Does he have ringworm on his head?
Posted: Feb 20, 2004 1:27 am
Sheed will be receiving ringworm treatment in Detroit after today's trade.
Posted: Feb 20, 2004 2:27 am
thanks for the info Fiery- I saw that soon after I posted that question he was going to Detroit. I'm glad I'm sure they have some 1st rate dermatologists to help that ringworm.
Posted: Feb 20, 2004 2:35 am
in Detroit, that is
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