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Goner Message Board / Memphis / john wesley coleman and limes @ poplar lounge 2/25 fri
Posted: Feb 23, 2011 8:19 am
thats right with greg and dan from spiderbags backing him up john wesley coleman plays poplar lounge oh and limes there too
Posted: Feb 23, 2011 5:33 pm
can't wait. crazy weekend.
Posted: Feb 23, 2011 5:42 pm
After Manatees I'm gonna bring as many lactose intolerant people as I can from the dairy.
Sunday... John Wesley vs Spider Bags 3 on 1 basketball shoot out at my house. Shirts vs Beards.
Posted: Feb 23, 2011 5:45 pm
We gotta try to play early, Buck. Gonna be awesome if we don't die in a structural collapse.
Posted: Feb 25, 2011 7:37 pm
needed a bump
Posted: Feb 26, 2011 9:17 am
i want in on this basketball game. Dunk contest!
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