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Posted: Dec 3, 2003 3:12 am
After 3 years, if Gasol can't go up any stronger, whoever is the strength coach should be fired. Not only is Pau as weak as his rookie year, he hasn't quit whining about non-calls yet and he's practically given up on his sweet 12 footer from the arc. Refs hate this guy & I understand why. Eat more pork, dude! That said, I'm glad he's at least making his crzyeyes hook shot.

J-Will: Keep it up! You will soon be tradeable for someone who can take the Grizz to the next level.

Person: What do you do with a designated shooter who is shooting 30%??? I guess not much.

Battier: Sign this guy to a MULTI-Year extension & give him J-Will money. He deserves every dollar. He's gonna need it cause that "steakhouse" is about to flop if it hasn't already. Bad service, closes too early after the games too.

Lorenzen is having a monster year and Posey is an awesome pick-up. Maybe Battier can get in on the wing bar & make some nice Memphis restaurant jack?

It's good to be on top of San Antonio after 16 games.

Any chance of a Person/J-Will/Devlin 3 person trade for that guy in Detroit who is smokin' everybody?

Anti-Gravity: That invitation to hang at the Bo-Keys/Preachers Kids blowout this weekend was from Jughead, not me.

Posted: Dec 3, 2003 8:25 pm
Posted: Dec 3, 2003 8:26 pm
Almost as funny as the pic!
Posted: Dec 3, 2003 10:07 pm
Hement, that's genuis...

Sherm, I'm right with ya on everyone but J-Will...

Go Grizz! Let's sweep this road trip and come get some BBQ fer Pau!

eric o
Posted: Dec 4, 2003 1:30 am
did we just trade wesley for bonzi wells?
Posted: Dec 4, 2003 4:53 am
YES, you did.

Good luck--I assume Hubie won't take his shit, huh?

Posted: Dec 16, 2003 6:57 am
Has Pow ever looked worse or did I just hallucinate that asswhuping laid on him by nesterovic & duncan?
lacey underwear
Posted: Dec 16, 2003 9:15 am
Pau is slow, out of shape (comparatively to the rest of the NBA), dribbling too much, running like a sissy, and the only reason he gets any shots is because he's 7 feet tall.
You are not hallucinating Sherman. It's awful.
About the whining though...whining is expected in the European league, it's part of the game. He's just having trouble breaking that habit for NBA ball.
Posted: Dec 16, 2003 1:37 pm
Gasigh strikes again. Why do we even go to him in the 4th quarter? Duncan must think every time he plays us: "Here comes the easiest 5 blocks I'll get for awhile..."

You can't tell me J-Will wouldn't have helped last night. We scored exactly 0 points the last 6 minutes of the game...

Posted: Dec 16, 2003 6:26 pm
Pow played so bad that I even missed J-Will yelling at him and pointing to his head!
Posted: Dec 16, 2003 10:43 pm
I agree--Pau has GOT to get in the damn gym and get to GNC for some supplements.
eric o
Posted: Dec 16, 2003 11:52 pm
last night did it. Pout rhymes with OUT.

we got some closers on the team now. pau ain't gettin' it done.

shit, i'd rather see a stro dunk from the free throw line than a 23 second back-down/miss/flail/whine from pau.

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