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Posted: Feb 8, 2010 9:40 am
This is pretty dry reading, but it may be of interest to those in district four, or those who were hoping to put the skate park in Glenview Park. Wanda Halbert posted this on her Facebook page, but she took it down. I saved it before she told me a second time that she didn't know what park we were discussing.
"Yesterday at 9:13am

Lot's of talk about a MEMPHIS SKATE PARK: Let's see if we can stop the allegations of a racial element (unless you really want to go there).

I am a strong representative of my constituency. I will NEVER support any group of people outside the district making a decision such as this for us without our knowledge. Would they let us do the same in their neighbor(how about you)?

Parks Division improperly used money donated to another park in our district (right next to Airways Middle School). We've been waiting more than four years for those funds to be replaced and project completed. If District 4 is still waiting on what was taken from them to be replaced, how then has the City of Memphis found money for a new skatepark to put in District 4?

If the city has money for a skate park, why did the administration reduce the cleaning budget for parks claiming they lacked the funds (while you're wanting to build a fun/athletic plex)?

I'm not against a skate park. I do however question whether it should be a priority while many in the city of Memphis are loosing their jobs and homes while their taxpayer dollars are funding one.

Respectfully, ignorance is as ignorant does. District 4 nor its council representative(s) are ignorant. We not only expect accountability, WE DEMAND IT!

If you see anything other than good representation in this, then just maybe the problem is YOU!

There are issues/people/mechanisms in this city promulgating RACISM but we all must be careful to not allow ourselves to loose site of the issues while those things are deliberately used to create divisiveness.

To stay current on this and other Memphis government issues (including the tough ones), please join my "politician" facebook page: Councilwoman Wanda Halbert

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Scott Banbury
Scott Banbury
Wanda, seriously, the only people I've heard call you a racist are a couple of patently racist anonymous posters on the CA's website. I know it's not a racial issue because I know that black kids skate too or at least they do up here in North Memphis.

I'm sorry that you perceive the siting of the skatepark in Glenview as having been done behind the backs of your community, but it was a public process with several articles printed about it. If there has been a misappropriation of funds that were supposed to go to Charjean, we should do something about it.

I'm also sorry that you didn't give Skatelife an opportunity to show you why this would be a good thing for Glenview. ... See More

Like Aaron Shafer, I grew up in the Bay Area--he's from Menlo Park, I think--I went to high school and JC in Los Altos. What we both saw there was that public recreation opportunities, whether it be traditional athletics or newer sports like skating, provided focused outlets for youthful energy.

There may or may not be a lot of skaters in the Glenview neighborhood right now, but if the skatepark is built there, I guarantee that a lot of kids will take it up. This would be good--skateboarding is a sport that requires incredible balance and coordination and learning it well requires discipline and commitment.

Please give it a chance. The other options for the skatepark being discussed won't allow safe pedestrian access.
Yesterday at 11:07am Report
Councilwoman Wanda Halbert
Councilwoman Wanda Halbert
Scott: Absolutely not true! Glenview has a very strong Neighborhood Association, a CDC, etc. NONE of them knew about this project or the process! This community is also listed on the National Registry of Historic Community and Neighborhoods which means, the Landmarks Division MUST be involved in the planning process of any project in the community. I directly spoke with a representative in the office and there was ABSOLUTELY NO official documentation in the office making them aware of the project.

Mis-information "may" have been given to Skatelife but the belief you have it incorrect.

Finally, a statement was issued to Mayor Wharton by the Parks Division, I did not have this skatepark project stopped (the law doesn't allow that). I didn't know about this committment to begin with. ... See More

Prior to this issue, several administrators and I to began work on a major re-development plan for District 4 that will soon solicit its residents to be a part of the planning process.

I'm am most humbled to serve District 4, however, I will not back down from standing up for their rights.

Thank you for taking the time to post.
Yesterday at 11:21am Report
Scott Banbury
Scott Banbury
Wanda, all I'm saying is that maybe Glenview should still be considered. Really, it may be a good thing for the neighborhood.
Yesterday at 11:37am Report
Stefan Anthony
Stefan Anthony
Im all for a skate park....but @ Glenview????? That makes about as much busniness sense as a putting a Starbucks in Frayser. I remember seeing articles about a skate park in the Memphis Business Journal and also in The Fyer but it always mentioned Mud Island as a possible site. Im black and I use to skate...alot......but Glenview?????
Yesterday at 12:18pm via Facebook Mobile Report
Scott Banbury
Scott Banbury
Stefan, it went through process that looked at several other Midtown locations and for some reason Park Services liked Glenview best. In my opinion, the best candidate looked at was Tobey. The skatepark on mud island was a separate campaign.

Apparently somewhere the ball was dropped in terms of communicating with the Glenview neighborhood. When ... See MoreWanda became aware of it, I just wish she'd called for a meeting instead of immediately releasing a statement opposing it.

Glenview would have much better access than what's being offered now at Rodney-Baber.
Yesterday at 1:05pm Report
Councilwoman Wanda Halbert
Councilwoman Wanda Halbert
@Scott: Thank you for clarifying. Only mis-information, I never opposed "it" because I was not told "it" existed.

I was asked to a meeting in December which was canceled by my meeting with the mayor. Parks was CONSIDERING Glenview. I made a comment to the director there were other more pressing needs in that area that were more important than a skatepark and she documented, she agreed. I later found out, this decision was made and shared with Skatelife as early as last Summer - - Glenview residents knew nothing about it.

I never heard anything else about the project until I was being accused of blocking "it" by a gentleman representing the supporting team (whom I've never spoken to or met) and the Commercial Appeal. ... See More

I have the right and responsibility to stand up for the needs and inclusion of my district just like any other councilmember.

The reality of this entire "mess" those who want what they want are angry those with other interests/desires don't necessarily want (or may not support) the same. That really is our right as residents of the area. :o( !

Yesterday at 6:59pm Report
Stefan Anthony
Stefan Anthony
If thats IS the case then that is a big problem, Wanda.
Yesterday at 7:20pm via Facebook Mobile Report
Katherine Greenwood
Katherine Greenwood
I am in your district, Wanda.
My neighbors and I were not consulted when you refused a fully funded makeover for our park. You were not representing us, nor were the people outside our district undermining us. They pretty much tried to hand you a bag of money for our community, and you refused it.
Can you explain that?
Yesterday at 8:54pm
Katherine Greenwood
Katherine Greenwood
and as far as" pressing needs" go, could it be arranged to have someone go scrub all the slurs off the playground equipment? They have been there since the last presidential election. Is that within budget?
Yesterday at 8:58pm
Councilwoman Wanda Halbert
Councilwoman Wanda Halbert
@Katherine: It would help if you would state what park/area you are referencing. I've never had an opportunity to meet or speak to you.

If you have a concern about how my votes may affect your community and/or family, I would like to think you would have contacted me and expressed your concerns (if clarification is what you are seeking).
Yesterday at 10:34pm Report
Katherine Greenwood
Katherine Greenwood
I have e.mailed you about this issue and am still awaiting a response. Some of my neighbors have also tried to reach you via e.mail and haven't been successful.
Do you really not know what park this is about?
Glenview Park.
What is wrong with you, Wanda?
Yesterday at 10:59pm
Nate Sphar
Nate Sphar
Wanda, I know that it is tough being a politician and that criticism will always be a factor in decisions being made. I do not, however, understand why you seem to get so overly defensive and seemingly offended when you are questioned.
You talk a lot about how people were taking advantage of your district, which is definitely not the case.
We ... See Moreskaters have needed a park for years now, and now that we have finally gained approval for one, we get shot down just as things are looking to be in our favor. It is understandable that many involved in the project would be upset and slightly confused on why it was happening. We have moved on, however.
I'm just trying to say that the way you have handled rational negativity and frustration has been immature and slightly removed from how someone representing the people of his or her city should have acted.
Yesterday at 11:40pm Report
Councilwoman Wanda Halbert
Councilwoman Wanda Halbert
Nate: Thanks for the inquiry. Please note, I haven't been questioned, I've been attacked. Respectfully, I've moved on.
14 hours ago Report
Nate Sphar
Nate Sphar
Well, to say it as nicely as I c
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 9:54 am
don't loose site
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 10:05 am
The last bit got loost.

Nate Sphar
Nate Sphar
Well, to say it as nicely as I can, you are not very well liked by a good amount of people that I have mentioned the issue to. People that are not affected by the skate park one way or the other. Denying/delaying such a milestone in the "skate scene" and questioning its importance was sure to bring on said attacks.
If you have moved on, why have ... See Moreyou continued to feed the fire by posting the note currently being discussed, and why have you felt the need to further press the issue by attributing comments to a conversation that is obviously not in your favor.
I do not mean to come off as hostile, as I know that we will eventually get our park built, I'm just trying to figure out the reason that you have become so overly defensive over the issue, and what the reason was for your confusion over the response of the skating community.

To see what kind of community can be formed by the building of a real skate park can accomplish, I have found this recently uploaded video of the Knoxville skate park (built relatively recently):
13 hours ago Report
Katherine Greenwood
Katherine Greenwood
Does "moving on" mean you won't be answering my e.mail or cleaning off the slides?
7 hours ago
Katherine Greenwood
Katherine Greenwood
Well, this must be my only shot at communication with you about Glenview Park.
I am your constituent.
How do you expect your decision to reject a skate park in Glenview Park will benefit me and my family? How about others in our community? By our community, I mean yours, mine, and our neighbors'. How does the absence of a skate park affect your day to day life in the neighborhood?
Earlier, you referred to our community as if it were just mine and not yours.
... See More
"If you have a concern about how my votes may affect your community "...

Can you explain that?
I think District Four needs someone who has a stronger tie to its residents.
3 minutes ago
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Posted: Feb 8, 2010 10:06 am
[i]Then[i], she responded on more time that she did not know what park we were talking about...
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 1:31 pm | Edited by: robin
The reality of this entire "mess" those who want what they want are angry those with other interests/desires don't necessarily want (or may not support) the same. That really is our right as residents of the area.

Beyond just reading through the horrifying grammar, is this even true? Do residents of an area get to control what is put into the parks nearby if city/county funds and property are used? Example: could a community block, say, a playground because they don't want to hear screaming kids all day long? I am curious about this because, if Wanda Halbert is correct and the community is just so intensely opposed to the skate park, does it really matter? Or if it's true, couldn't you just go around her and have an open community meeting about it? I'm not saying that if the community hates the skate park so much there should necessarily be one there, but I think there's probably a lack of information there.
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 3:53 pm
Well, Wanda Halbert said later in the conversation that it was "Glenview Leadership" who told the Parks Commission not to erect a skate park. She did not name any specific person or organization.
That park borders three different neighborhoods, maybe more, and is big enough for use by all of them. I'm not sure why just the "Glenview Leadership" would be consulted or why they would not have names and/or titles.
I guess somebody living near the park could oppose a skate park there, but Wanda Halbert is the only one I know to oppose it, and she doesn't even live by Glenview Park.
So, whether a community has a right to block something may be irrelevant. I don't think that anyone tried to block it besides Wanda Halbert, and only on her own behalf.
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 4:47 pm
Wanda Halbert : "Black people feel like when other folks want something, they just do it," said Halbert. "If you try to buck what they are doing, or don't understand it, they get mad." commercial appeal

If a white dude said the equivalent, there would be a riot.
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 5:18 pm
Katherine, your response to her "what park are you talking about?" where every other word was Glenview Park had me rolling. You're awesome :-)
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 6:37 pm
If you see anything other than good representation in this, then just maybe the problem is YOU!

Priceless. I doubt Herenton could do better than this bon mot!

Only mis-information, I never opposed "it" because I was not told "it" existed.

I love how she keeps throwing this faulty logic out there. Yes, you did oppose "it", after you became aware of "it". Which, by the way, is typically when opposition occurs, Wanderrrrr. But I don't expect a half-literate councilwoman to understand how to phrase an elementary logic statement from a PSAT cram course.

So, whether a community has a right to block something may be irrelevant. I don't think that anyone tried to block it besides Wanda Halbert, and only on her own behalf.

I think this captures this "whole mess"--Wanda wasn't consulted --or she forgot she was consulted, rather--and then had a hormonal freakout and following this, because she is a proud (read: arrogant, stupid and willfully unapologetic) woman, she is defending herself because she absolutely will NOT eat crow.

Basically, she crazy.
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 6:44 pm
Didn't she recently try to interfere with the police when they arrested her son for weed?
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 7:55 pm
Um, yep. The cops called her though; after one of her ne'er do well sons yelped "My Mommy is a Councilwoman!!!!" to him. He got skeered and called in. You know, he feared bad grammar and an Action News 5 rant from her coulda cost him his $32K/yr gig.
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 11:34 pm
Yeah. I mean, Halbert even said it herself. People are "loosing" their jobs.
Posted: Feb 8, 2010 11:41 pm
Wanda Halbert said later in the conversation that it was "Glenview Leadership" who told the Parks Commission not to erect a skate park. She did not name any specific person or organization.

Also, could she be pressured to back that statement up with sources, paperwork, whatever? And have it be legitimately dated from then, not now, cos she could just go in and kiss someone's ass or cash in a favor and be like, "tell them you were against this then! i owe you one!"? It sounds like she's a liar. Using vague language like that is such a specific tactic that people resort to when they're desperate and know they fucked up somewhere along the line.
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 1:23 am
Its a shame that facebook doesn't have a "dislike" or "not a fan of" button. She is at the top of my hated list.
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 7:54 am | Edited by: saispas
She is at the top of my hated list.

I agree. Fullilove is a teddy bear in comparison. I cannot believe she can't just make a concession and have a conversation with Parks etc at this point; instead, she wants to continue to dig her hole by insisting on standing firm on a half-baked determination.

So, where else are they going to put this skatepark now? Is there a way to get it done this fiscal year?
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 11:22 am | Edited by: SAMBEAUX
Hold on.
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 11:28 am
Probably the most lasting and damaging aspect of Herenton's legacy is the "shake off the haters" mentality. It's like he and any other BLACK elected official is somehow there by divine appointment and doesn't have to deal with the criticisms and concerns of their WHITE constituents.

Maybe the reverse of this type of thing is implied by WHITE elected officials governing BLACK constituents but that shit ain't right anyways.

Herenton putting it into words, and getting away with it, somehow legitimized for future elected officials at all levels of local governement.
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 12:10 pm
It is also like the assumption is that the Divine Right of Appointment allows for speaking for entire races of people and making assumption that one neighborhood calls shots for all of a district/general area.

And, Wanda. Heard there was a double-murder on Glenview this AM. Might wanna show up for the cameras everywhere.
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 12:40 pm
Wanda Halbert has called a town hall meeting! She announced it late last night on her fan page. If you have any interest in Glenview or other District Four parks, please come. Glenview is the closest big park to Cooper-Young, so the issue is not really confined to District Four and certainly not just to fans of Wanda Halbert.

Thursday, February 11, 2010
6:00pm - 8:00pm
McFarland Community Center
4955 Cottonwood
Memphis, TN

View Map
Come out, voice your concerns, and hear about current redevelopment / I revitilization ideas for District 4!
(All Dist. 4 residents encouraged to attend)

Representatives from the following departments will attend to answer your questions:

Memphis Police Department
Housing & Community Development
Division of Community Enhancement
Public Works
Office of Planning & Development
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 5:16 pm
The Parks Division Director lost her job today...the one Who Dared Cross Wanda.
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 6:07 pm
Good riddance.
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 6:37 pm
dirtywhite...I give you huge props for trying to communicate with all that mess. I couldn't understand a word she was saying. Kudos to you for figuring it out, and still pitching.

somehow legitimized for future elected officials at all levels of local governement.
Yeah, but I don't think Wharton is playing that. I've been really happy with his "accountability" so far.
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 6:40 pm
No, you're right, I think Wharton is above it. I just meant that it's become a fall-back for the lazy and ignorant (i.e. Halbert, etc.)
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 6:44 pm
I work late on Thursdays but will someone--dirtywhite?--PLEASE let me know what happens here?

Saw that some local folks were upset Wharton reappointed Wain Gaskins...all that brouhaha over the so-called Overton Park "Mudpit".
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 6:50 pm
I'm hoping his intelligence is going to catch a fire, and that wackos who've bought into that Herenton thing (totally agree with you about all that, and was fucking floored he could get away with it) will no longer be tolerated on the City Council.
I've been really happy with A.C. I'm hoping he can go a long way in shaking off the haters.
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 7:06 pm
Saw that some local folks were upset Wharton reappointed Wain Gaskins...all that brouhaha over the so-called Overton Park "Mudpit".

Gaskins probably needs to "grow a pair". He caters to much to the CPOP who have no real power or understanding regarding what's really going on.

I like the final comment where legal action is threatened:
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 7:10 pm
Where did you find out about the parks lady, saispas?
Did they decide to fire her at the city council meeting?
I don't see this as a racial thing. If I thought Wanda Halbert was only looking out for her black constituents, I would be less frustrated than I am now. Right now, she is not looking out for any of us. If she were, she would have accepted a 600, 000 gift to our park.
She's not answering anyone's e.mails. She's all about Wanda.
Posted: Feb 9, 2010 7:35 pm
It was in the CA this AM--he reappointed most people, but not her and a few others. Apparently he is consolidating divisions to save some $$$.

Yep, all about Wanda and grandstanding is her game. Please tell me you saw her press conference with her 10 Point Plan (or whatever she called it) for her focus as mayor. Her two kids, who looked totally uncomfortable, stood there while she proudly passed out her plan, making note that "no other candidate had a plan"!

The list said things like:
1. The Economy
2. Transportation

Posted: Feb 9, 2010 7:42 pm

I like the final comment where legal action is threatened:

I love the use of the terms "busybodies" and "real jobs". Sorry, but I reallllllly do.
Posted: Feb 10, 2010 3:30 pm
Glenview Park is still in the running if we can get Wanda's blessing, so please do come out to the meeting(by the Mall of Memphis) if you are interested in having the skate park at Glenview Park.
Posted: Feb 19, 2010 9:57 am
So what's the update?
Kimble sent me an e-mail about some "tea party/town hall meeting", but I checked my e-mail too late.

Them boys you got need that park.
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