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Goner Message Board / Memphis / Griz can't unload loathable Devlin
Posted: Aug 22, 2003 9:35 am
Posted: Aug 22, 2003 8:44 pm
At least you are only worried about unloading announcers. We have Damon Stoudamire to attempt to unload. HA. Like the Blazers GM said, "I couldn't get a chair for Damon right now."
Posted: Aug 23, 2003 1:54 am
Devlin is from the Chip Caray school of broadcasting, lame style, no substance - he sure can call those dunks though! "POWWW GASAULLL WITH AUTHORITY!" One of the lowlights in broadcasting history has to be when they let Devlin call a PLAYOFF game on TNT. I think every other announcer in the league must have had SARS that weekend...
lacey underwear
Posted: Aug 29, 2003 9:54 pm
Bring it on, I'm ready for those basketball games to start. I scheduled my evening classes around the home games.
Posted: Sep 1, 2003 7:26 am
We have an old drunk who does the Blazers' local radio broadcasts who is PRICELESS. His name is Mike Rice. The young butterball who is his co-announcer is a total one trick pony whose claim to fame is that for every dunk, he yelps "BOOM CHAKA LAKA!" Mike Rice, however, wanders off into dreamlike forays about "upcoming events at the Rose Garden", audibly licking his lips when discussing BOTH Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.
Posted: Sep 1, 2003 7:37 am
We have an old drunk who does the Blazers' local radio broadcasts who is PRICELESS. His name is Mike Rice. The young butterball who is his co-announcer is a total one trick pony whose claim to fame is that for every dunk, he yelps "BOOM CHAKA LAKA!" Mike Rice, however, wanders off into dreamlike forays about "upcoming events at the Rose Garden", audibly licking his lips when discussing BOTH Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.
Posted: Sep 1, 2003 7:38 am
apologies...it wasn't interesting enough the first time.
Posted: Sep 1, 2003 12:33 pm
Don't know if you have the authority or not, but I'm authorized to make this deal happen:
Will trade Devlin for Mike Rice. Will throw in J-Will and his pathetic shooting. Trade contingent on finding someone dumb enuf to buy his Cordova house (as seen on Espn cribs) for what he paid for it. Comes with lots of roaches.
Posted: Sep 1, 2003 5:55 pm
I'd gladly trade Devlin, but leave J-Will out of it! Sherman has dogged him from day one. It's funny, but when J-Will was a King I couldn't stand him, but you could argue he was the most improved player in the league last year, and easily in the top 5 passers. Just because he doesn't make half his shots doesn't make him worthless (and just how many players in the whole league shoot 50%- maybe 1 out 10?). Now Stromile Swift is a different story, lowest "b-ball IQ" out there...

BTW, there was a rumor earlier this year of Rasheed for Gasol (this'll get Sherm fired up)...

lacey underwear
Posted: Sep 1, 2003 6:55 pm
Get Gasol out of here! He's a bad shooter, especially at home and he runs like a sissy who just ate a tray of pot brownies. Maybe we could tell him good job on being a great rookie, and send him elsewhere. I agree to keep JWill here! He's a great passer and really understands the game. Plus I still find him to be very attractive (although I've never heard him talk and did not see the much talked about episode of ESPN Cribs that he was on). I know he's a transparent meatheaded wigger but there's something about him.
Posted: Sep 1, 2003 9:01 pm
There's something about him, for sure! He's a LOSER. As long as he's on the court, the Griz will never win. Gasol has the best shooting touch of any big man in the league. Just cause he looks a little confused on the court doesn't mean he is. Once he eats enough ribs and johnny cakes, he'll be fine. Caliente.

You two J-Will lovers/Pau haters are both right, to a point! J-Will was the most "improved" player in the league last year and Pau was definitely off from his surprising rookie year. However, J-Will had a loooooong way to go to catch up with pro ball players. The sad thing is J-Will still wasn't worth $300,000 per year let alone 7 mil. He's being paid to be at the top echelon of the NBA, and he's nowhere near that level. Pau's a bargain and will get better. You two haters get back on your fantasy league chat rooms and leave the analysis to someone with color tv.

eric o
Posted: Sep 1, 2003 11:06 pm
hey now... I'd trade Pau for someone who can win, but his numbers are great. this year is the year to see what he's made of.

when stro shows, he's awesome. but the wheels in his head move sloooooooooow...

whatever you do, don't trade no shane or no lorenzen wright. those guys are the team right now, and memphis doesn't understand all about the ruthless "do anything to win" aspect of the NBA. good. we don't wanna know. the clippers can be the clippers, we don't have to be the clippers. (actually, that's "do anything to make money," i guess.)

j-will actually has gotten WORSE if you ask me... hubie's keeping him from full-court behind-the-back passes and all the stuff i loved when he was a king. i know we're not gonna win... but winning's for loser who can't handle defeat. we want ACTION!

trade the rest of 'em for someone huge. i love C-Section, but Treebanski ain't gonna make it.

kevin e
Posted: Sep 2, 2003 3:07 am
The Grizzlies have bigger personnel problems if they missed out on the #2 pick in the draft for Wesley Person (I think that's who it was).
lacey underwear
Posted: Sep 2, 2003 3:21 am
Knight was'nt traded was he?
eric o
Posted: Sep 2, 2003 4:04 am
not yet. nobody wants him.

i love the BK broiler, but Early Times earl watson has proven to be tough to beat.

Posted: Sep 2, 2003 6:06 am
I haven't the authority for that trade but I think we have something cooking for each other...unfortunately, it would be painful for all of us. If J-Wil were to leave, I would gladly take him over Damon Stoudamire any day. Damon could move into the Cordova home and smoke the roaches. Damon's presence in Memphis would also GUARANTEE better weed in the City of Mem.

But, since we'd get the better point guard outta the deal (and not much better at that), you guys would end up with the better power forward in Rasheed, while we would take Pau. Face it, he'd be happier out here while Sheed will have died and gone to heaven living in a city with actual black folk again.

I know I am going to hear a chorus of boos coming from the Mississippi on this particular trade offer, but we are DESPERATE. I don't want to see Sheed go anywhere, though. But Lacey, you would certainly enjoy Rasheed Wallace...he NEVER looks clumsy, he just looks INSANE. And he has an unexplained white patch on the back of his head.

Posted: Sep 2, 2003 6:16 am
7 mil in salary for 20 mil? No thanks! We're trying to get rid of problems--not add them. The only redeeming thing about stoudamire coming here would be the certain drop in wholesale weed price(& aforementioned increase in quality). Dude would bring enuf to drop prices in Memphis as well as all sec cities. He doesn't know what a dime bag is.
P.S. Rasheed is your problem! Caliente.
Posted: Sep 2, 2003 9:16 am
DAMN! You Griz peeps are smarter than I thought! I thought I could pull one over on you--oh well...yeah, I know, I know...we are FUCKED. The only thing(s) I am looking forward to this season are (1) LeBron at the opening home game (2) Travis Outlaw (they wanna clean up the team image and that is the name of our rookie!) (3) Zach Randolph and his BFF, Qyntel Woods.

Speaking of weed, Portland and a Memphis connection, did you hear about Qyntel's brush with the law last Spring? CLASSIC beyond belief.

lacey underwear
Posted: Sep 2, 2003 8:32 pm
Fiery drunk,
If you come into town during a home game call the Earles and you can come to a Griz game with me. I've got great seats behind Pau's Parent's in the center.
Posted: Sep 3, 2003 5:25 am
Where were YOU all those years in Dave's apartment when Andy would simply HIDE and then come in when there was about 8 minutes left in the 4th...he would ask how much longer we would be and we'd all not look away from the TV and mouth, "8 minutes..." I will never forget Andy's reply, "Is that HUMAN TIME?"

I shall be taking you up on your offer!!!!!

lacey underwear
Posted: Sep 3, 2003 8:58 pm
I was a mere twinkle in his eye I suppose at that time. But definitely come to a game with me. An inside family friend is a Grizzly executive and he lets me and my dad sit in his seats. Sherman will tell ya, they're good seats! My dad usually teaches classes from 5-7 so I gotta fill that seat when he's educating the youth of America and making dinner for my mom.
Posted: Sep 3, 2003 9:31 pm
What Sherm doesn't realize is that 7 mil is not upper echelon in the NBA anymore, it's barely upper middle class. So if J-Will was makin' over 12 mil a year Sherm would have reason to gripe. Hey, Dickerson got the EXACT SAME contract and he's been on the BIG COUNTRY plan for the last 2 years. I realize that anything over a million a year is too much for any of these pituitary cases, but that's the state of the league, blame Garnett.

And I never said I hated Gasol. I'm giving him the same deal I gave J-Will last year. Show me some heart and some game by the All-Star break, and yer on my team...

Ok, one last thing. Do y'all think Jerry's gonna pull out his wallet for Mike Miller? Post Dickerson, I'd be scared to death with Miller's back probs...

eric o
Posted: Sep 3, 2003 9:35 pm
it is scary.

miller had some serious moves in the open court while he was healthy, but the spectre of Bryant Reeves back injury inaction looms large.

maybe we need some Voodoo Village ceremony to get rid of this Canadian Curse!

also good to watch this year- is marc gasol still trying to play for the tigers??????

Posted: Sep 3, 2003 10:32 pm
Doesn't Lil Gasol play hoops for LAUSANNE with Jerry West's kid??? Oh man, if only that school was as tricked out as that when I was forced to attend half my life. They didn't even have BOYS in the "Upper School" when I was there.

Lacey--you have yourself a deal!!!!!! If you ever come to Portland, I'll take you to the $10 (now $9--thanks new GM!!!) nosebleed seats for a Blazer game. Hey, no problem, it's on me!!!

Posted: Sep 3, 2003 10:36 pm
i begged my parents to send me to Lausanne the year it went co-ed -- it was 9 girls to every boy!!!
alas, that didn't appeal to my parents and their campaign to keep me from getting laid (the tuition thing probably worked against me too)
Posted: Sep 3, 2003 11:43 pm
Marc Gasol is walking on with the Tigers this year. He almost went the same pro route that Pau did in Spain, but I guess he changed his mind...It's funny, cuz Pau did an interview this summer saying he had to get his brother out of Memphis because he was getting too fat. Tell Mama Gasol to put that extry BBQ on yer plate, Pau!
Posted: Sep 3, 2003 11:58 pm
What does Pau DO in Memphis? Any gossips?

Also, I am sure Lausanne was a young boys dream. Even when I was there (all through "Lower School"--I got kicked out), there were only like 4 boys in my class of 16 total. But then when I consider how fucking geeked out all the girls were--myself included--it could have been torture. We were all total tomboys.

Posted: Sep 4, 2003 2:50 am
My bad! Ok, now I get it! You're supposed to be a mediocre player who can't defend, shoot less than 40%, and not enhance your teammates play when you're only paid $7 mil. a year. I missed that course in econ.
Posted: Sep 4, 2003 2:58 am
Sherm, you putz, I bet there's not 10 players in the whole league that could live up to your ever-changing standards. Why do you even watch, hater?
Posted: Sep 4, 2003 3:01 am
Battier opened a restaurant last year on the "mid-america mall" that has been panned by every review. He opened it cause he was tired of having no restaurants to eat at after Griz games. After a win last year, I tried to go to have a drink there and the host apologized saying they just had last call 15 minutes after the game was over. So much for post-game celebrations...

I was working on a documentary on Beale St. late one Wednesday night in March. Caught Battier, BK, Trybanski, and a new guy heading down Beale to do some post-win partying. Only other Griz sightings I've seen in town are Fotos at Rhodes gym and my brother-in-law saw Battier buying a coffee machine at Walgreens in mid-town his first year. They're round town circa Cordova, I guess...

Posted: Sep 4, 2003 3:23 am
I'm a putz? Whose sex life were we talking about- yours?

I was just trying to get some table scraps for Devlin. Thank goodness poirer's still on the radio.

eric o
Posted: Sep 4, 2003 3:38 am

as anyone who plays that NBA Live videogame knows....

Hasseltine is kinda a baby, but he is young. Plus, our ace pyramid a/v crew mighta unplugged him at least once last season while he was still doing his post-game show, so it's kinda understandable he's a bit testy.

I love me some Don Poier. he's good enough to listen to while you're at the game.

TV definitely needs to switch to a constant picture-in-picture "Hubie-cam." Hubie is the greatest.

lacey underwear
Posted: Sep 4, 2003 7:27 am
Someone called me and said that Jason Williams was up at the Hi-Tone during a Buck Wilders DJ night about 5 months ago. I have a feeling this was not true.
But, I do know that J Will rolled up in his BMW (not his new hummer) to an undisclosed 20 something Girl a few of us know, one night downtown and said "HEy girl, you wanna take a ride in my shit?"
Posted: Sep 4, 2003 8:06 am
Did you go?
Posted: Sep 4, 2003 9:07 am
AHHHHHH! The suave and comely J. Will!

As for Hummers and the NBA stars who love them--there was a list in our weekly here of all residents of Portland who owned Hummers...Damon Stoudamire owns one, Arvydas Sabonis owns one (I guess he will be shipping that back to Lithuania) and Sheed...well, Mr. Sheed owns THREE HUM-V's.

eric o
Posted: Sep 4, 2003 9:17 am
saw suave Wesley Person pulling out after the last game in a NICE gold H2... hubie drives a toyota corolla or something. there's tons of expeditions behind the pyramid during games, usually only one or two hummers...

where's our big man?

Posted: Sep 4, 2003 5:25 pm
Dead on about Poier, too bad he can't do the Tigers games, too. Then Woloshin can concentrate on what he does best, shillin' Dilday's and servicing Cal.

I hope when Jerry inevitably trades Wes and BK he sends them to a winner. They deserve better than the Clippers or Golden State...

eric o
Posted: Sep 4, 2003 7:10 pm
yeah, the broiler's got a little temper but Wesley seems to be a class act. he was out shooting with shane a lot before games when he first got to town. how does it feel to be the best 3 point shooter in the league and just be used as trade bait? ahh, the nba...
Posted: Sep 4, 2003 8:50 pm
Who is BK?

Wesley Person is awesome...send him our way. It is so sad, because the Blazers have this awful rep and things aren't THAT bad...in fact Zach Randolph (Z-BO) almost single-handedly beat Dallas in the playoffs...I have hope for our lil team. But PLEASE GOD, get us a point guard who isn't terrified of driving in the lane or a decent guard who has basketball smarts, no injuries and some desire to win.

Posted: Sep 4, 2003 9:16 pm
BK is Brevin Knight. He's very tough, very smart, and injured quite a bit. Most think he's trade bait because he's in the last year of his deal (jes like Wes) and the Griz now have a major log jam in the backcourt. J-Will, Earl Watson, Troy Bell, and BK all play point...

So, the consensus is BK, Wesley, and probably Stromile will likely get moved for a big man, but if all of 'em were still on the team next year, it wouldn't bother me. I got Stro puttin' it all together this year! Either that or becoming the world's best Slam Ball playa - have y'all seen that shit? Why have a 10 foot goal if you've got trampolines? They oughta play on a 50 foot goal! (And then take a trapeze back on D)...

Posted: Sep 4, 2003 9:24 pm
That SlamBall is some serious "OOH!"& "AAH!" shit--I would love to be at a game to see them flying around in person.

YOU have Troy Bell????? Oh my god...the Griz are STACKED.

Well, I bet at some point this season one of those cats moves over to Portland. We can't afford much thanks to Damon and the 23 mil he will be getting paid this year. I am fairly certain this is his last year of his contract. It is definitely Sheed's last year.

The only "moves" our GM and Prez (we have two useless bodies in the home office) have made are (1) Making a "25 Points of Light" plan to the fans and (2) Made a statement saying "We plan to invite all the free agents left to come work out and try out for a spot." I think I am living in a nightmare.

Posted: Sep 4, 2003 9:56 pm
Yeah, if the NBA stood for "Nothing But Athletes (under 6'8" tall)" we'd be world-beaters, but it's hard to get the break goin' with just Lo' and Stro' down low (omigod, and new marketing campaign!).

25 Points of Light? Is that how many they plan on scoring every game? I don't get Portland. Y'all overpay every malcontent and thug in the book, and the fans keep on coming. Why doesn't everybody vote with their feet?

Wish we could have gotten Sabas from ya...

Posted: Sep 5, 2003 1:50 am
I am as big a sucker as any other Portland fan...but they years of bad management and thuggish ruggish behavior has taken its toll and the games didn't sell out as much. Usually, ALL games completely sell out.

Things are supposedly going to be "different" this year, but I don't see how. We still have Damon, Sheed and Ruben Patterson, a registered sex offender and recipient of a broken eye socket on behalf of Zach Randolph (ZBo was standing up for his sweetheart, Qyntel, which happens a bit too much for comfort). Pippen, as much as a total arrogant weird-looking jackass that he was, was a calming guy when everything was going to hell and now he is gone.

Not to mention Sabas.

And (finally) "the 25 Point of Light" are "promises" made to the fans by Blazers management...it is a document also known as "Total Bullshit".

lacey underwear
Posted: Sep 5, 2003 3:00 am
I was'nt the young lady J-Will propositioned. The answer would definitely be NO if I was.
I don't think I'm the type he'd approach anyway. He likes the trophy girls...you've seen his "shorty's" mama.

kevin e
Posted: Sep 5, 2003 8:38 am
I thought college football ruled the South. What's everyone hyped about the NBA for in the middle of the off-season?
Posted: Sep 5, 2003 9:13 am
Have you watched the Memphis state tigers for the last, say, 25 years? Nuf sed...
eric o
Posted: Sep 5, 2003 9:23 am
J-West was completely after that "total arrogant weird-looking jackass"... i'm glad i don't have to look at him all season.
Posted: Sep 5, 2003 7:56 pm
Eric, you would have hated Mr. Central Arkansas University with a passion. He is STILL more of a whining baby most of the time as Rasheed. He would blame the team (everyone but himself) in the media everytime we were losing a few. Then when we were winning, he would take credit in the media for being a "leader" of the young team. I can assure you most of those guys never listened to Scottie Pippen. It will be interesting to see how the Baby Bulls react.
Posted: Sep 5, 2003 7:58 pm
And, sorry to pull an Alienator with the feared "double post", but Sherman is on the money with why no one in Memphis gives a shit about college football. What is odd is I didn't even know about the Tennessee Volunteers until I went to college up there--Memphians just can't be bothered.
Posted: Sep 5, 2003 8:24 pm
Man, I'm glad we didn't end up with Pippen. He's done...

James Posey is supposed to be a monster on D, supposedly he's one of the few in the league that can stay in front of Kobe and T-Mac. Lock 'em up!

Tigers better beat Ole Miss tomorrow if they wanna get in the Big East...football is my least favorite sport, but I don't wanna see the Tigers left holding the bag when Louisville and Cincy bolt for the Big East.

Posted: Sep 5, 2003 8:41 pm
Is that for real? If the Tigers move to the big east, will calipari move out of town with them? GET THAT IN WRITING, if so...Oh, happy happy joy joy.
Posted: Sep 5, 2003 8:48 pm
Hey, just had a brainstroke...if we can really pull off getting rid of Calipari (throw in that brain-dead, grecian formula haired a.d. too), how bout a package deal to the Big East with Devlin as the kicker? Big hair for the Big East. Let's light that candle.
Posted: Sep 5, 2003 9:10 pm
And one more thing...

Sheed has 3 Hum V's??? Let's see, one to drive cause the other one is always at General Dynamics getting fixed and the third one--to drive the team weed around so that no player has to get arrested? That's probably money well spent if that's the case. Do you think Paul Allen smokes up with the team or just with his bandmates?

Speaking of hasseltine, he's ok, could be good...BUT! if he continues to be an apologist and a homer when fans call and axe about the Grizzlies suckin', then he will definitely become the NBA Woloshin. This is Hasseltine's big year too. Tell it straight, young man. I know his salary has got to be paid by the Griz, but please, dude, have a realistic take on the situation. Memphis folk know ball and if you keep pretending that we can't see what's on the court, give it up. Call a shitty game/player/play as it is. Might as well just hire a p.r. rep to take calls if that keeps up...

Posted: Sep 5, 2003 11:11 pm
Methinks you have figured it out, Sherm.

Damon and Sheed were busted in Damon's bright yellow (DUH) Humvee going 85 in a 70 in Boondocks Washington State coming back from a Sonics game. They were all stoned and Sheed had a bud in an Altoids tin. He got diversion. It was Damon's 2nd of now 3 busts for the weedout.

Qyntel was busted going 85 in a 45 in his Esplanade on the dangerous Terwillger Curves. When he opened the window, pot smoke neary gagged the cops. He admitted he was high and that he had a "medical condition known as 'Addicted to Marijuana'". For ID, he gave them a Visa and his Blazers rookie card. THIS IS A TRUE STORY!!! Carver High's FINEST!

Posted: Sep 6, 2003 1:39 am
That Qyntel story is priceless! He coulda been a Tiger. Hey, is it true that when JR Rider was there he got busted for smokin' dope out of a coke can on the side of the road?

Since the Big East lost Miami and Va Tech to the ACC, they're on the hunt for 2 or 3 "football" schools to make up for the damage. They're trying to retain their BCS status, but they need more schools. Louisville is all but in, leaving Cincy, Memphis, S. Florida, E. Carolina, and maybe Marshall fighting for the other spot/s. But you're in luck with Cal. If we don't get in, he'll be gone the next day...

Never liked Haseltine, he calls every single caller "my friend".

Give me Don Poier and Tony Kornheiser on the radio, don't need nobody else...

Posted: Sep 6, 2003 1:41 am
You're so memphis when you give your rookie card as i.d.! That's awesome. I think I have that condition too--esp. when I get around loud music and particularly cold beer.
Posted: Sep 6, 2003 1:56 am
I haven't laffed so hard in awhile. Did the cops get to keep the rookie card and was it fleer, topps (not the bbq!), or upper deck?

Funniest sign seen at NBA game lately, right after Webber got busted for wacky tobakky: "Light it up tonight, Webber!" Immediately taken down by NBA imagemakers, of course.

Posted: Sep 6, 2003 3:01 am
Strangely, the Q story endeared him to ALL. Naturally I was won over, but the entire city seemed to just wanna chuckle and give the young chap a lil tousle of his braids. I think the cops actually asked him if he'd autograph the card and you know what, I haven't heard another word about the incident since it was one of the lead stories on the news the week it happened. People LOVE him here.

Jug--YES the tin can is true. JR is the source of so many great Jailblazers stories. He was also arrested for selling cloned cell phones outta his TRUNK on MLK Blvd. Yes, when he was making millions as a Blazer.

Here is the best Blazer sign from last year: "WE LOVE RASH-WEED!!!!"

Chris Alienator
Posted: Sep 7, 2003 5:07 am
yeah, Petrino won't let us down....we kicked UK's butt too...and didn't even brag to hard like those fucking hicks like too.
Chris Alienator
Posted: Sep 7, 2003 5:11 am
I remember they crucified Robert Parish for smoking weed....Brian Gumbelt even went as far as to compare Kobe to Parish, I can't see the connection...they were too hard on Parish and not hard enough on Bryant...not that I give a fuck about what he did, I just realy hate the Lakers...
Posted: Sep 7, 2003 6:20 am
Now, Alienator, there's something we both agree on! Motherfucking cheers.
kevin e
Posted: Sep 7, 2003 10:38 am
Nice win for Memphis over Ole Miss. I hate the Mannings. I can't believe UF blew a 23 point lead against the stinkin' Hurricanes. This hurt worse than a girl.
Posted: Sep 7, 2003 11:01 am
HUGE win for the Tigers! This is gonna be our year, I can feel it! (Slap me when we get spanked by Southern Miss. next week).
Red Sox killed the Yankees yesterday, too, making it doubly nice...
Posted: Sep 24, 2003 9:23 am
So...Jerry's been promising a center all summer and BIG things before the season starts. Anyone axed him what time it is lately?

Speaking of big things, saw the chee-zee new Grizzlies ad on the tube tonight. Mike with the bad back & acne is serving grits at Barksdales! Genius.

eric o
Posted: Sep 24, 2003 10:26 am
hey now, gym rat mike miller is gonna destroy this year. he ain't no dick- erson. this guy can play. no tracy m to hold him back. this year is gonna be hot for m-mill.

for our other questionables: stro has to show for a contro, pau has to grow, j-will has to have a fro. let's go!

but yeah, what the fuck? the season starts in a month and a week and NOTHING has been news besides Pau almost getting in a fight in some european championship rinky-dink game. do we still have the bonny scotsman? do we still have the stick-figure Pole? what's lorenzen been up to? how high can earl watson jump? is rodney buford on the short-list for call-backs? are we getting vlade after all? besides getting married in a wedding sponsored by Oakley (sunglasses, not Charles Oaktree, unfortunately), what has shane been doing? is his restaurant toast? has he eaten at Deez? WHERE IS THE GRIZZ NEWS? is batiste out? is humphreys in? what's up with good-guy wesley persons? dammit!

i miss poier, too.

come on, grizz. i'll post how much those box seats in the new arena cost if you don't give out some morsels for us little people.

we'll take our 5 dollars and go to a punk rock show if you're not careful.

Posted: Sep 24, 2003 10:18 pm
Good article that addresses most of yer questions, Eric:


Even if we don't get a big man, I'm happy with giving this team/Jerry another season to improve. If he trades Battier, it better bring an All-Star caliber player in return...

The fact of the matter (a scary one for wthe NBA) is that there just aren't many big men even capable of playing in the league. Ren and Stromile might be the best we can get...

eric o
Posted: Sep 24, 2003 11:50 pm
indeed it did. thanks jug.
Posted: Sep 25, 2003 12:16 am
Now someone gimme an article like that for mah boyz out here in Portland.

At least you guys did some stuff last season that will add to the team this year, unlike the Blazers. The management is actually saying RASHEED will have to "play the middle some". Oh right. There will be some serious fight club action at the Rose Garden this year!!!!

I think Memphis is really gonna show up some teams, including the Blazers, this year!!!!!

Posted: Sep 25, 2003 12:19 am
Thanks for humoring my Blazer talk in the Griz forum. Hey Eric--start a Griz section!!!!

Oh by the way, in the latest edition of The Blazer Blotter...Sheed may be doing some jailtime. He got pulled over and ticketed the other night for (1) driving with an expired license (his North Carolina license!!!) and (2) Driving a car with plates from another vehicle of his on it...he is on diversion for another week for he & Damon Stoudamire's weed bust in the Hummer last fall and he has now officially fucked up.

eric o
Posted: Sep 25, 2003 12:28 am
being "bandied" about with some folks in the ad world: full-on GRIZZ page with heckles for opposing players, GRIZZ mistruths and rumors and all-out celebration of the mighty GRIZZ.

stats each game showing categories we won, ie: left-handed dunks by guards. anything to make us look good. a FAN'S page.

whether this gets up and running is a different question... it's gotta be soon!

Posted: Sep 25, 2003 12:40 am
Can Griz fans who also talk about the Blazers participate on the page?

I am willing to take the abuse.

I will educate myself this year more on the Griz...esp. if the Blazers suck as bad as I fear...

Posted: Sep 25, 2003 1:55 am
There's a guy who posts a report on The Blazers every week or so at Hoopsworld.com. (Here's his latest:
http://www.hoopsworld.com/article_5350.shtml). It's got some Griz trade rumors in there, too. I love that site, it's a ridiculous goob-fest for NBA fans, granted, but it's the ONLY site that posts stuff about yer team during the off-season. Some of the writers are awful, but there's a few who should be getting paid, especially the guy in Orlando. His commentary on the league is just withering, but hilarious...

Eric, make that Grizz page happen!

Posted: Sep 25, 2003 2:40 am
Many thanks Jughead--another page to waste time at work with! It really annoyed me though when he broke away from Blazers talk to chat about the OREGON DUCKS and WASHINGTON HUSKIES. Ho-hum, you know?

He gave props to the "genius of Jerry West"...I know many true believers around here are excited to see what the Griz come up with this season...draft day everyone was jawing about the Griz out here!!!

Posted: Sep 25, 2003 3:43 am
Well, if he trades battier, he ain't no genius I know. Battier's the soul of that team. Captain of the team who comes out to introduce the team to the fans and welcome the new season last year and didn't start or even play in the 1st quarter of the 1st game. No respect!
eric o
Posted: Sep 25, 2003 5:11 am
Next to all the grizz bobbleheads in the window of the Tea Shop next to Mike's downtown, a picture of Jerry West, scribbled on it "Still a Laker."
Posted: Sep 25, 2003 6:52 am
C'mon give him a chance, Mem. I have to say, he's doin' better for y'all than most GMs anywhere else are doing.
Posted: Sep 25, 2003 3:56 pm
Yeah, I still believe in Jerry. Alot of this GM stuff boils down to luck. The right combination of some ping pong balls and Jerry's picking 1st (not 13th). It's not his fault his predecessor's made possibly the worst trade in NBA history (Otis Thorpe for what turned out to be the #2 pick). He inherited 2 monster contracts from guys who can't play (Big Country and Dickerson). He's made some questionable moves (Miller for Gooden and Giricek, and drafting Bell and Jones in the 1st round), but Gooden and Giricek were bad fits here, and who knows how good Bell and Jones will be? People forget Giricek wouldn't even be in the league
without Jerry! The only out and out mistake you can pin on Jerry is that he didn't draft Stoudamire last year, but 9 other teams passed on him, too.

Here's what Jerry has produced from a bare cupboard: Mike Miller, Earl Watson, Wesley Person, Bell, Jones and James Posey. Jury's still out on Trybanski, Humphreys, and Archibald (unfortunately all big men).

eric o
Posted: Sep 25, 2003 8:41 pm
i think jerry west is great.

love the laker-hating, though. it's disgusting to go to lakers/grizz games and it's a sea of pea-yellow jerseys oohing and aahing whenever Shaq gets the ball. that adulterous maybe-felon, too.

Posted: Sep 26, 2003 7:49 pm
Now that IS disgusting...what is UP with all that Laker pride? Such a joke. This year I predict a full-on brawl b/t the Lakers and Blazers...do the Griz and Laker fans get into it a la the Razorbacks & Tigers?
eric o
Posted: Oct 1, 2003 8:21 am
here we come! Jake the T and Bo Outlaw for the Broiler, the Scotsman, and the Pole... Jerry West is again a genius, ex-Laker or no.

Posted: Oct 1, 2003 8:33 am
I'll say this much: we didn't give up shinola for Pyschedelakis so if he's worth a dunk or two, more power to him. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing...I always wondered why treebanski was still around the nba and Bo Outlaw at least looks good in goggles. What's up with Brevin asking to be excused? He was the only Grizzly I saw around town!
Posted: Oct 1, 2003 8:39 am
Pschedalikis is a Georgia boy. He'll love Memphis' home cookin'. What was Archibald doing in the NBA anyway? So far so good.

Are we gonna have another Memphis telethon at the Mid-South Coliseum hosted by John Malmo to raise the money to pay for Outlaw's salary? That's a lot of Pyramid valu paks!

Posted: Oct 1, 2003 4:40 pm
Like this trade! 2 serviceable players for 2 stiffs and Brevin. I wonder if Dickerson for Penny was discussed again? If so, and the Suns passed, then Dickerson must really be done - they've been trying to unload Hardaway for 3 years now...

I'll say this for Tsakalikis, he's big but he's slow! Watched him alot during the Backcourt 2000 days and he's in the top 3 plodders in the league, makes Sabonis look like Jesse Owens. He'll lean on Shaq, though.

If Outlaw's got anything left in the tank, this is a steal. He's a blast to watch and has the most ridiculous free throw technique this side of Anthony Mason...

Posted: Oct 2, 2003 12:45 am
y'all are so cute talking about the trades...you sound like I did a couple of years ago when I would puff up any old hack we picked up ("Mitchell Butler RULES!!!")--that is TRUE FANDOM!!!!!

Now I am a jaded old broad: Q got picked up two nights ago for driving w/ a suspended license and the biggest Blazer news this AM was how ROBERT PACK won the "Player of the Day" award (a bottle of Gatorade) from the Strength & Conditioning coach in yesterday's camp. Oh my god!!!!!

Posted: Oct 2, 2003 1:03 am
Hey, small victories...

How 'bout this all-D line-up
Earl Watson
James Posey
Shane Battier
Bo Outlaw
Lorenzen Wright

Who's gonna get the ball past half-court against these thugs!?! Trapper Hubie...

Posted: Jul 31, 2007 3:43 pm
these were the days!

Posted: Aug 2, 2007 7:26 pm
We can bring them back, can't we? Iavaroni-ball, anyone?
Posted: Aug 15, 2007 12:48 am
go grizzles!
Posted: Aug 15, 2007 2:57 am
the title of this thread just kills me... every time.
Posted: Jan 26, 2008 4:15 pm
Posted: Feb 1, 2008 1:54 pm
However, Gasol is not unloadable! Good riddance, pasty white boy. Go play for Spain all summer now! He'll probably start getting all those calls when he falls all over himself in the lane now that he's in l.a.
Posted: Feb 1, 2008 2:28 pm
not high hopes for pau in the Los Angeles media glare.

or Kobe's.
Posted: Feb 1, 2008 2:37 pm
yep, can't wait til pow drools one off his leg and kobe stares & pow gives him the 'i did not mean to do this thing' look back at him!

Saw some old school grizz fans at the wed. nite debacle: husband was wearing a Michael Dickerson (!) grizz shirt & wife was wearing j-will shirt. 2nd funniest thing at grizz game this year! Those weren't the daze!
Posted: Feb 1, 2008 4:21 pm
Cap room homey...cap room! At least we have the rights to Paus younger brother Marc Gasol. Geesh!
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