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Posted: Jul 8, 2003 1:27 am
everybody i know who's been to memphis lately comes back talking about some awesome little vietnamese place they found. each of them seems to find a different place and nobody can remember the names of these places. i'm heading up there soon and was wondering where some of these little asian hot spots might be.
Posted: Jul 8, 2003 3:16 am
Siagon Le is my personal favorite. It's on Cleveland between Madison and Poplar.
Posted: Jul 8, 2003 8:47 am
Pho Hoa Binh is good too, I calls it the Hoa Bling Bling, it's across from the Piglywiglie on Madison. The cook is a vietnamese gangsta complete with gold medallion and basketball jersey.
eric o
Posted: Jul 8, 2003 9:50 am
jay's little spot on cleveland is good. i like pho saigon on poplar... the soup's great.

if you're gettin crazy, the 2 fried pork chops with 2 fried eggs on top are insane!

Andrew Earles
Posted: Jul 8, 2003 9:46 pm
The doctor is in.......
Andrew Earles
Posted: Jul 8, 2003 9:46 pm
Posted: Jul 9, 2003 4:01 am
I put in another vote for Pho Saigon. Try the caramelized catfish!
Society Paige
Posted: Jul 9, 2003 8:41 pm
caramelized hot dogs not yet available, huh?
Posted: Jul 9, 2003 9:15 pm
fuck saigon le.. what's the deal with that bitch, she acts like she's really doin' you a favor by taking your order.. and then she gives you that 'fuck you' look when yer done..emerald out east 'thai' is moving next to tsunami in cooper young..good stuff..pho pasteur accross from saigon le is really good too.. the word on the street is that pho pasteur is the other side of the pho saigon family..my favs bbq quail,, fried spring rolls with lettuce and herbs ya wrap up...or the frog legs ' taste like chicken without the calories..for the do it yerselfers theirs pho ho bein your one stop asian market.. with the the best fish market in town.. and the cheapest..plus they have singha.. shit will fuck you up.. bon appetit..shag.. ps for the adventurous check out vans .. there's some real heavy shit going down in that motherfucker..deerhunter style.. it can get real scary real quick..
Posted: Jul 9, 2003 9:51 pm
She's probably just pissed that she lost 10,000$ the night before at the casinos. I've never seen a bunch gamble as fast & furious as her posse. They are there more than John Daly.
Society Paige
Posted: Jul 10, 2003 12:30 am
impossible. that's just crazy talk
Posted: Jul 10, 2003 3:01 am
Difference being they win sometimes. Daly seems to revel in his gigantic non-stop losses.
Posted: Jul 14, 2003 12:40 pm
Yeah, what IS the deal with the snotty bitch @ Saigon Le?? Give me Jasmine Thai Restaurant in Raleigh ANY DAY!
Posted: Jul 17, 2003 11:18 pm
amen. glad somebody else noticed what a nasty bunch of bitchy waitstaff they have at saigon le.
eric o
Posted: Jul 17, 2003 11:24 pm
scared me off.

anyone who eats there is a masochist who deserves the treatment, er, service.

Posted: Jul 18, 2003 9:10 pm
I found the bitchy attitude of the waitstaff kind of a turn on...Is that wrong?
eric o
Posted: Jul 18, 2003 9:45 pm
not fer me... but different strokes. do you tip more for bitchy service?
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