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Posted: Jun 3, 2003 8:43 pm
yo. kirby high school yearbook scandal:

An x-rated yearbook isn't sitting too well with some mid-south parents.

A number of students at kirby high school are quoted in their yearbook saying some pretty profane things.

Some of them said they want to grow up to be pimps, strippers or drug dealers.

Tempers flared at last night's school board meeting.

The quotes were so raunchy that the board ordered Superintendent Johnnie Watson to conduct a full investigation.

The staff at Kirby High reportedly defended the yearbook.

Claiming the students have a right to free speech.

But one angry Kirby High parent told the school board last night, quote: "People think the school system is a joke...and you wonder why!"

Here are excerpts:

Eunice and Brandon are the students most likely to "buck in the hallways".

On one page cheerleaders, pom pom girls and the homecoming queen are pictured doing it "the senior way". The only problem is that "senior" is spelled wrong.

Then there's the page with student pick-up lines.

Including, "You must wash your clothes in Windex because I can see myself in your pants."

Class of 2003 quotes include:

From Vanecia: "Light that Green, Smoke that Green, Pass that Green."

From Billy: "Pimpin' is life...the rest is details."

Kenyatta says: "Just put it in your mouth."

Travis says: "I got money so tall, all the b****** wanna fall."

And from Mario: "Closed legs don't get fed...and I'm hungry."

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