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Posted: Feb 15, 2003 1:43 am
Hey fellow alkys, does anybody know where i can find Sterling Beer in memphis? Gimme street names too. FYI, Sterling Beer is 12 oz of goodness that comes in a little squatty bottle like those little Mickey's except with a smaller lip opening. Brewed in evanston,ill. or maybe it's pissburgh now. would appreciate the help as i've been looking for the stuff for 3 years now.
Posted: Mar 1, 2003 6:58 pm
When I was in college, we could get Sterling in West Memphis, Arkansas, at the Walgreens. They have a HUGE beer selection. It was also the only place where I could get my favorite beer from Kansas City. Of course that was seven or eight years ago. Good Luck.
Posted: Mar 3, 2003 6:48 am
thanks for the tip! Yeah, i used to buy it up in fayetteville, ar. a few years ago, but i guess the pipeline dried up. The sterling website says the closest place for sterling is Tennessee, but i'll check it out.
Posted: Mar 4, 2003 12:35 am
Check out Memphis Smokes on union. We can order any beer under .5, we also have the cheapest smokes in scremphis with camels at 2.62 a pack and 'mercan spirits at 4$
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