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Posted: Jan 19, 2003 9:36 am
The thing about Tav is the fact that in Memphis, in the 80's, his shows were the only place you could go to experience what you were seeing in films like Smithreens, After Hours, ect. A Panther Burns Show was a real eye opener, if you were 18 and coming out of the suburbs. You'd meet bizzare people, from Europe and NYC, all fucked up and groping each other. Naked women in the bathrooms. Art work and Film projections everywhere. Nino Rota soundtracks playing between sets. Pot smoke filling the room.
Tav was a catalyst for this culture and his shows were the backdrop. Most of the songs were good and maybe he was playing them good or bad, but while it was happening you were hammered and having a great time.
I never really liked his recordings, even hammered. It was about the experience.
Of course, we're all jaded now. It couldn't happen again.
Good nite Tav, where ever you are.
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