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The Lifeguard
Posted: Oct 1, 2002 1:36 am
Since I'm becoming more and more anti-social, or at least socially self-destructive, I watch a lot of TV to ease the gnawing pain of life. I was wondering if anyone can comment on the "It's All Good Auto Sales" ad? Or maybe we should discuss some Corey B. Trotz action. How about Tennessee Title Loans? Let's do this thing.
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 12:47 am
Isn't the Corey B. Trotz commercial the one where that chick says she got a check and it was the biggest number she's ever seen in her life. That one always makes me laugh. And what's up with Gatti, Keltner, Beinveau, & Montesi? It only shows two guys in the commercial, so where are Beinveneau and Montesi? Too busy to film their own commercial? Were they hurt in a car wreck on their ass awaiting that fat check from Corey B. Trotz? What's up with that? (I feel like that weird news guy that always like, "What's up with that?")
The Lifeguard
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 1:27 am
It's tough for me to forget this line from a very old Trotz advertisement: "I was hit from behind, and I got a bent bone in my neck."
lacey underwear
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 4:05 am
Now that's something everyone can relate to!
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 9:47 am
I like when the people from TN title loans gets lady, their jack russel terrier in a car driving.
eric o
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 10:23 am
i met the woman who does the make-up for the corey b trotz ads. very exciting. i love the on where corey knocks over all the cars. and the one where he hits the fastball out of the park. and especially the one where the dude says "he's a little guy who packs a mean punch," or something to that effect. corey rules. he used to shop at shangri-la, and when i was hanging out at the courthouse, he was always hustling like crazy between like 40 cases.

what about the rappin' white trash auto salvage ad- "just call dennis hall"? oh yeah.

The Lifeguard
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 12:11 pm
We can't forget the Gossett ads. How do they get away with that shit? It's like being forced to watch Jerry Lewis' "Hardly Working" backed by "Gung Ho" - a Michael Keaton vehicle....by the way.
eric o
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 6:59 pm
"We Gossett" is their slogan!

and----is Tennessee Title loans the one with the fake Ernest & his grammaw? that one is the worst.

eric o
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 6:59 pm
for a minute there i was a student of the local news and all its idiocies, but i guess that's another thread.
Womb Raider
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 7:57 pm
I don't know if they got 'em in Memphis, but here there are these great AM radio ads for "Jani-King", a janitor-for-hire service that implores you to hire them on the basis that their janitors don't have their asscracks hanging out, and won't steal your stuff.

It's more colorfully worded than that of course, something to the effect of "with us, the moon won't hit you in the eye like a big pizza pie".. eloquent.

Posted: Oct 2, 2002 8:46 pm
Ah, yes, the most famous shangri-la customers ever:
1) Beck--Leadbelly box set; good taste, sir!
2) Rich "Sniglets" Hall--looking for guitar strings for a Saturday night Looney Bin show; couldn't help him on this one...
3) Corey B. Trotz--didn't seem as intimidating in person as on tv, but Andria always waited on him, so you'd have to ask her. I think he was a "value" customer--looking for good used cds.
4) Courtney Love--disappointed that we didn't have the new Mark Lanegan, and mumbled some sort of junkie curse at me that I couldn't understand. Not an attractive woman in person.
5) Coen Bros.--Loved the "NY Style" treatment Andria gave 'em: "We're not open yet; wait on the front porch." Bless her heart, they still liked the store. I think they bought out our americana section for some Mississippi movie they were doing...I'd haveta check the receipts.
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 9:18 pm
I love to see Greg's guy's doin' it.
eric o
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 9:25 pm
on the actual goosebumps side, i'd say having sam the sham walk in unrecognized until jeff evans calls out, "hey- sam the sham, right?" ranks way up there.

plus lux & ivy. looking at her credit card that said "ivy rorschach" was awesome.

on the negative side- any japanese guy in 200 jeans buying 200 bucks worth of cheap records and demanding a discount. no good.

oh, but back to the hot topic- I LOVE TO SEE GREG'S GUYS DOIN' IT too!

The Lifeguard
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 10:49 pm
Boys.....have we forgotten famous producer Don Was purposely dropping his credit card on the floor? Just so he could call back and be an asshole when (I forget who had to deal with him) ask him his name? His puffy-pants wearin' ass had to begrudgingly "walked the dinosaur" back into the store! I should be on stage!!
The Lifeguard
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 10:51 pm
This commercial: The poorly animated, sentient cell-phone jumping out of a grave and going for a jog.
Posted: Oct 3, 2002 12:36 am
Has Dunn's hit hard times? I haven't seen any Jerry Lawler Dunn's Transmission ads in years...I can't drive by a Dunn's without thinking of Lawler. On a 'currently residing in the where are they now' note, did anyone see Keith "Dana Kirk paid me with a shoebox full of money to go to Memphis State!"* Lee last fall doing a Brim's pork rinds ad on tv!!! That was truly Memphis. Lee probably made over $100 doing that ad.

In the '80s, Jolly Royal had the best radio ads ever. Lots of southern non-sequitorial stories that went nowhere, using phrases like
'that peckerwood never knew the difference. Now, friends, head on over to Jolly Royal.' Kinda made me feel like it musta been to grow up here in the '50s.

By the way, advertisers, I'll buy anything Lance Russell or Jimmy Hart pushes.

True story!

lacey underwear
Posted: Oct 3, 2002 2:06 am
It is hilariuos/bizarre that the guys at Gossett use a charicature of Confucius and probably only know him as an archaic stereotype and have no idea he's a Chinese philosopher.I doubt Confucius' socio-political philosophies would approve of somebody buying their car at Gossett.Oh yeah "Confucius say, buy a car at Gossett",I think not.
Posted: Oct 3, 2002 5:31 am
let's talk about jesus..macon rd.baptist & pastor wayne"i need a new hairpiece" webb..that's a scary local commercial..but my local fave is Jerry Lawler sellin' fireworks with that fake godzilla..funnneee..
Posted: Oct 3, 2002 8:06 am
anyad with jerry lawler in it is riproaring fun
Posted: Oct 3, 2002 8:08 am
get dope out yo viens and hopeinyo brain !!!
Posted: Oct 5, 2002 2:10 am
you've all forgotten the genius Dobbs car dealership commercial: "Who Let the Dobbs Out?"
Posted: Oct 5, 2002 4:36 am
Tried to (forget)
Posted: Oct 13, 2002 9:43 am
New Orleans always has the best local ads;almost ALL of them are for ambulance-chasers,phone reconectors,and lay-away furniture stores,the backbones of the N.O. economy.
Everybody knows The Special Man(RIP),but The Credit Doctor was my new fave:
salesman:"Do you have any credit?"
mush-mouthed ebonics-speaker on crutches:"Ashgooobahgebuhsowauh!!!!"
salesman:"Then you have to see the credit doctor!!"
I must've seen that ad 100 times,and still couldn't make out a word the cruthes-guy said.
Posted: Oct 24, 2002 12:47 am
my favorite still is mo' money taxes. "it's on like a pot a neckbones". does this actually drum up business? seems hard to put your taxes in the hands of this sinbad lookin doughboy.
Posted: Oct 24, 2002 7:26 am
10:26 p.m. and i just saw a tennessee title loan commercial with mr. t in it abusing the waiter in front of two fizine sistahs. magic.
Posted: Nov 3, 2002 10:28 am
it's really funny to think that no matter where the fuck you live there's this geeky mother fucker in some tired ass outfit selling cars or divorces, but they all look the same ... corey b trotz or morris bart for you 504rs out there.. but who's the real heavy hitter? i swear to fucking christ i heard morris bart doing that sheeeeat when i was a kid but when i moved up here c. trotz was swaeting his style.. so who would win in a fight between trotz or bart? goubler?
Posted: Nov 5, 2002 10:02 pm
in 504 we also have E. Eric Guirard (Call 800-EEE-EEEE or something) and the fat guy who you can tell wanted his slogan to be "Shit happens" but had to settle for "Things happen" --- not as good. Basically whoever's name is easiest to remember gets the spoils. I can tell you everybody in N.O. knows the name Morris Bart. And he's on the back cover of the phone book...he and Emeril look kind of alike...like assholes.
Womb Raider
Posted: Nov 6, 2002 2:44 am
I think another good technique for a sleazy lawyer would be to change their name to something that sounds really jewish. I was in jail one time and all the lil' thugs were talking about how they were going to get a jewish lawyer, because "those mothafuckaz is ruthless".. True story.
Posted: Nov 6, 2002 3:59 am
A bit off the subject, but there used to be a Gynecholgy ofice on Pauline around Jefferson called Weiner & Weiner, I don't think it's there anymore.
Posted: Nov 9, 2002 8:18 pm
You're makin' that up.
Posted: Nov 10, 2002 2:22 am
I'm not, but no one believes me.
Posted: Nov 10, 2002 12:13 pm
What about the flamboyant-manic casino spokesman, "loose slot lenny." He is dressed completely in orange and white like a creamsicle. he has a hypnotic orange target on his cowboy hat. his commercials look like they were directed by G. Casale of Devo, and they might have been. one to watch.
Posted: Nov 13, 2002 3:05 pm
you will acasionally see Dennis*formally known as Joe Cool* do a PSA or something
but most of the time you'll hear him talking about kissing network ass at the Young deli
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