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Posted: Aug 27, 2002 12:57 am
I saw this guy this weekend at the Daisy. He was fucking awesome. Granted, I bought the CD and every song sounds kinda the same, but they're so fucking hilarious that it doesn't really matter. And the Homie song is kind of a Dynamite Hack rip-off, but still funny. Anyone know anything about this guy? What about the midget that runs around with him? I heard he does the midget wrestling stuff at the Daisy.
Posted: Aug 28, 2002 7:53 am
yeah some guy from shelby forest must of the beale locals suck that one man band play i wanna be your dog and a ramones song it was funny and it only cost a buck
Posted: Aug 28, 2002 7:54 am
uhh i can't type sorry
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