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eric o
Posted: Aug 24, 2002 6:35 pm
from Boston Herald

Ghouls to make ruckus

Aerosmith axman Joe Perry expects to create a ruckus Friday night at his Mount Blue eatery where his latest project - the Porch Ghouls - will showcase its own brand of Memphis music.

``Ruckus is a kind of a folk-punk sound,'' said Joe, who somehow found the time to start his own label, Roman Records, this year. ``It's like the `O Brother, Where Art Thou?' soundtrack on amphetamines.''

O, Yeah! But does head Ghoul Mick Walker look like George Clooney???
(Answer: Sadly, no.)

Joe said he met up with Mick in Memphis during a pilgrimage to Sun Studios, rock 'n' roll's holy of holies, where Elvis Presley laid down his first tracks.

``I wanted to show the boys (his sons, Tony and Roman) where the King stood, and one of the guys who works down there just handed me his demo,'' Perry told the Track. ``Turns out, it was a full album that was pretty incredible.''

Which, we think, makes studio tour guide Mick Walker, the luckiest Walk This Way man in America!

Because after the gig at Joe's joint in Norwell, the four Ghouls - Walker aka Eldorado Del Ray and Slim Electro on guitar, Lady Baltimore on drums and Randy Valentine on harp - will be spirited away to New York City to play the Mercury Lounge.

``We had to get them out on the road in order for people to hear them play,'' said Perry, who heads home tomorrow after his band plays D.C. ``Sony (Aerosmith's label) has agreed to distribute the record; now we have to make one.''

But are the Ghouls good enough to open for the Boston Bad Boys?

``I think that's a little too far in the future, since they're just starting out,'' said Perry, whose boys start their TweeterCenter trifecta on Thursday. ``But maybe, sometime. They rock.''

Of course they do.

Posted: Aug 26, 2002 4:57 pm
I saw Mick on the Travel Channel. The show was called Elvis' Memphis or something that was on during death week. Pretty funny to see a Porch Ghoul on TV.
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