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Posted: May 18, 2008 11:11 pm | Edited by: sherman
Less than 2 weeks to go...

Here's the totals so far for the Tops of the Memphis Pops Event!
Remember, voting for your favorite Memphis pop band ends May 31st at popsballot.memphisflyer.com

Top 4 Bands will play the Tops of the Memphis Pops July 25th.

1) Two Way Radio
2) Hi Electric
3) Shortwave Dahlia
4) Mike Dees

Don't let the Man take away your right to vote!
Posted: May 18, 2008 11:40 pm
That damn man. I need a username / password?
Posted: May 19, 2008 1:14 pm
The address to vote is http://popsballot.memphisflyer.com

No username/password necessary. No www necessary either.
Posted: May 19, 2008 1:24 pm
thanks for the link. i voted
Posted: May 19, 2008 3:46 pm
Good God, that was tough to pick one band out of that list. So many good ones.
Posted: May 25, 2008 11:19 pm
Last call! Voting ends at midnight Saturday, May 31st for the Tops of the Memphis Pops Ballot!

Vote here

Current standings for the Final Four:
1) Two Way Radio
2) Hi Electric
3) Mike Dees
4) Good Luck Dark Star

Happy voting!
Posted: May 27, 2008 10:09 am
The Charlotte BARBARA CATS
Posted: May 30, 2008 5:55 pm
Getting down to the wire & getting close! Voting ends tomorrow night midnight!

Great stuff!

Posted: May 30, 2008 6:34 pm
sherman, thanks for the running tally... no one i voted for is in the final four YET
Posted: May 31, 2008 2:20 am
Mike Dees?

Smells like ballot stuffing ala B.O.M.

just sayin
Posted: Jun 13, 2008 1:15 pm
Mike Dees?

Smells like ballot stuffing ala B.O.M.

just sayin

No ballot stuffing on my part, Booyah. It surprised the heck out of me too to see we were even in the running. All I did was put the word out. Hell, I voted for Hi Electric.
Posted: Jun 13, 2008 1:57 pm
so Sherman, how about the full line-up?
Posted: Jun 14, 2008 12:09 pm
Here's the line-up:
JULY 25 Top of the Memphis Pops
The Barbaras
Mike Dees
Hi Electric
Two Way Radio

Roy Head & The Bo-Keys
The Warble
Terry Manning
The Hombres
Posted: Jun 14, 2008 12:19 pm
Here's the line-up:
JULY 25 Top of the Memphis Pops
The Barbaras
Mike Dees
Hi Electric
Two Way Radio

Pretty sure this line up is incorrect considering Billy and Stephen form The Barbaras will be in Seattle on the 25th ?
Posted: Jun 14, 2008 1:28 pm
barbaras "late shift"!
Posted: Jun 14, 2008 6:06 pm
About a year ago I was hanging out behind the Starbucks stage @Bonarroo in the hospitality area. I saw this old guy sucking on a hookah for what seemed like 45 minutes straight. I couldn't believe it--where did he get the pipes?! Not to drop names or anything, but I asked Chan Marshall who it was and she said it was freakin' P.T. Barnum! That old coot was kicking the gong around for what seemed like hours. I sat down and introduced myself and told him how much I had enjoyed his show at Madison Square Garden in October, '74. He proceeded to tell me quite a few amazing stories about the biz and even let me in on the secret of how they get all those vertically challenged people into the funny cars. Inside scoop on the industry--what a night! Only at Bonaroo!

Anyway, as dusk rolled in, John Mayer was getting ready to duel banjos with Trey Anastasio so I had to bolt. I said my thanks & what an honor it had been to meet this legendary circus man and was about to be on my way when he grabbed my forearm, halfway up to my elbow, and stared manically into my eyes and said, "Sherman! The Show Must Go On." I said, "Say what?" He repeated himself even more emphatically, "The Show Must Go On!"

I wasn't sure exactly what he meant at the time, but, a year later, it's all coming clear to me. Fortunately, we have had Fedex as major sponsor of the Memphis Pops for almost 15 years now and that definitely has its perks! All musicians who need to be elsewhere that evening will play their set at the Pops and then take chartered rickshaws directly to Fedex and hop into awaiting jumpseats. They'll be wherever they need to be in time for your full 20 minute set, Jay! Thanks for your concern and tour logistics!

Tickets go on sale Monday!!!!! The show must go on!
Posted: Jun 14, 2008 6:24 pm
It's 40 minutes now Sherm but thanks for counting . Maybe Mike Dee will fill in for Billy ? Sure it will be a hoot. Smart ass :)
Posted: Jun 14, 2008 6:29 pm
Sure it will be a hoot

Agreed & thanks for noticing that this is our best line-up ever! Hope you can make it next year. It will be the last weekend in July, as always. (Plan accordingly and) Congrats on the new songs added to the set! Hope they are paying you double now.
Posted: Jun 14, 2008 6:39 pm
yeah both nights look fun wish I could be there ! Unfortunately I don't plan my own life anymore, working for the man these days . Go Barbaras !
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